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MechJeb docking in low gravity

Zosma Procyon

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Can mechjeb handle docking maneuvers in low gravity, for instance on the tiny moons of Jool and Eve? I have a plan to build multipart tower bases on Pol and Bop to fulfill exploration contracts. And as I am on the spectrum, my peripheral nervous system was wired by someone with a degree in business, and my hand eye coordination is crap. If it can't I'll dock the segments in low orbit and then land them.

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2 hours ago, JaredTheDragon said:

I've never had a problem docking with MechJeb really, that I myself didn't cause. Still playing 1.45 here however so I couldn't say for newer versions. It's not always flawless but once you try it a few times, you should do fine.

That is for low gravity bodies?  

I haven't tried it, but if your RCS has enough oomph to lift your parts around, and MJ doesn't try to fly through the moon, it should work, but I'd keep my hand on the stick....

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I mean is Kerbol considered a low-gravity body? There are no places in the system I haven't used it, that I can think of. Sure, they get the dynamics wrong a bit (there's no Charge Field in the game, and Pi is wrong)  but for the most part it's pretty good. Still better than every other game ever made, you know? ;)

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1 hour ago, JaredTheDragon said:

I mean is Kerbol considered a low-gravity body?

I suspect you're misinterpreting the question. 

Can MechJeb successfully dock with a vessel currently landed on a low gravity moon like Pol? 

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