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Logs of KSECA: The Journey of a Space Program

Arecibo Kerman

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KSECA: Kerbal Space Exploration and Colonization Association


Kerbin, KSC, Mission Control

Gene: Good morning. (smiles)

Wernher: (looks up, looking tired) What you look so happy about we've just been up all night.

Gene: We just got the license to start launching Kerballed missions.

Wernher: (shocked) Really. (steadies himself) Ok I'll get making some blueprints. You phone the others. (runs out)


Basically this is a series of missions that will be centred around colonizing planets and moons using MKS and the Near Future Series of mods. With a few others from USI, Nertea and some others. I will post a mod list later. This will be done in 1.12.1 with both expansions. 

This will mainly be a series of missions with some story in-between. I will try to do this with some form of realistic progression but without testing. And skipping everything before Gemini I the ISS construction. 

Hope you enjoy


Kerbin, KSC, Administration Building

Jeb: Gene, I've already flown plenty of sounding rockets for you. (yawns) I'm not flying more. 

Val: (Ignoring Jeb)  So what is it?

Gene: What?

Val: Why are we here, Gene? I was enjoying that holiday.

Gene: Well, we have got...

(Wernher and Mortimer walk in)

Mortimer: A licence for launching manned rockets that's great.

Gene: What a way to ruin my moment! (Walks out looking huffy) Val, Your flying the first rocket.

Jeb: What have I done? (confused)

Mortimer: Well goodnight. (leaves looking awkward)


The headcanon is that Gene started a space program 50 years before recruiting his best friends to join him. But when they came to build new designs to land on the Mun they all failed and the government of Kerbin stripped the of their manned licence for safety reasons. Gene was too nervous to launch anything more than souding rockets.  But then it was given back and a new age of space exploration will begin.


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