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  1. Ah, thank you for answering
  2. Who names a space battleship Michael!? Is it a comedy book?
  3. You throw the yogurt on the SSTO's windows. Now you can't fly it, as the windows are covered in yogurt. @JoE_BoT wins! Also, welcome on the forums Rock-paper-scissors-shoot, anything you wamt to do!
  4. The slice of lemon wrapped around a large gold brick turns the Super Hornet pilot's brain to mush, and he shoots a missile at himself. @Deddly wins! Rock-paper-scissors-shoot, anything you want to do!
  5. It seems that I get the role of the arbiter now, and i arbit that... The Heart of Gold teleports Kerbin on a collision course with Jool. The planets impact, and Kerbin is no more. @Deddly wins! *** It's my turn now. Here we go:
  6. Floor 4335: A monument to the first ever star to exist
  7. I am become clicker, the one who clicks threads
  8. Floor 4281: a control panel that lets you adjust the strength of gravity at will
  9. Co-operation? I was kind of expecting the soviets to pull a Kennedy and declare a race for Duna or something, but OK
  10. Floor 4245: a factory. They produce [REDACTED], which they call Çãëßž
  11. To ask them about slovaking, if polishing and checking are already words (to complete the west slavic trilogy)
  12. Helol theer, @ColdJ Is it @Aerodynamic Kerbal next?
  13. FIoor 4203: A school which teaches the loñapsE language
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