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Diagnose These Symptoms Of A Coworker


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I am just curious, and I think it impolite to just walk up to him like a child and ask him what is his affliction. So I ask the forums.

So I have a coworker who I notice tends to scratch his back often (daily). His cheeks have many pits in them, and reddish swollen acne on his cheeks is not unusual. It's either gone, with only the pits remaining, or there is a bit of noticable swelling acne among his pitted cheeks.

When talking to coworkers, if there is a metal railing shelf nearby, (there are plenty in the warehouse) I notice he will  lean his back against them and roll it side to side, as if scratching an itch.

I can say honestly that unless he is super busy, without fail I will see him scratch his back at some point if I cross paths with him or he needs my help at work.

So what do his symptoms indicate he has?


Is it like eczema on steroids? Or something else?

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