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Rocket Sounds are Delayed and not Making a Sound When reactivated in Map View


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KSP2 Version:
KSP2 Version:
KSP2 Version:
Operating System: Windows 10
CPU+GPU+RAM: i9 9900K+3070ti+32GB
Mods Used: None

It's a regression because seems to be working as it should but and are not. (video down further for difference) Regression:
I hit my YouTube upload limit but it is basically identical to Regression:
https://youtu.be/iv_0ekZ7rBg (38 Seconds)

Things of note here are:

  • Sounds have a delay before they can be heard.
  • If turned off and on quickly the sound gets more and more delayed before its heard (with a quiet rumble sound)
  • Throttling to zero then going to Map View then throttling to 100% the engines make no noise
  • Going back to Flight View the sound is still missing but turning off and on in Flight View the sound returns with the delay

Quicker Way of Just Having the Engines Quiet on Staging the Engines in +

  1. Load 0100SoundTestLaunchPad
  2. Throttle to Zero
  3. MapView
  4. Throttle to Full
  5. Space Bar

Save File From Videos:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/sdkkisofbc8qbsx/0100SoundTestLaunchPad.zip?dl=0 How it was originally:
https://youtu.be/6OUCXdMNblI (20 Seconds)

Things of note here are:

  • Sounds are relatively instant when turning off and on engines quickly 
  • Sounds do change their sound a little bit when turning off and on engines quickly
  • Sounds work if the engines were off in Flight mode and turned on in Map View
  • There's a quieter rumble in Map View that goes back to full sound in Flight View

Additional Information:
Any reference above to turning engines on and off is actually Z and X to throttle 0 to 100 to 0 etc.
If actually launching the rocket properly sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't on its way up in regards to the sound completely turning off in Map View (a little more intermittent)
It happens in space as well. It's not just a launch pad issue. Save File attached below for that as well.

Save File for Orbital Rocket Testing:

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