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COL moves with COM but should not?

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Hi all I got an odd issue if I move lets say the engines from




surely the COL should not move like this?

no if I drag the engines and not let go of left mouse button the COM actually acts how I would expact it to but as soon as I let go the COL also moves


if some one could take a look for me that would be great.I am using a load of mods though but I have zipped up every thing needed below

thanks in advance :)



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im also thinking some thing else is wrong as some wings dont effect the COL EG

COL never moves with this setup


but with these wings the COL moves up which is what I want




Hmm also noticed a lot of wings dont show the up arrow EG no arrow with this wing

yet this wing show lift direction



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1.12.3 using latest verion of FAR and other mods.
I use a mod that creates and packages debug info cant remember the name of the mod now but all mods used and stuff should be in the zip on first post.

I would look through the MM pacthes and other things but I really would have no clue what to look for :(



another example using stock wing COM moves inline with COL


but using this wing COL moves independant of COM



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