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  1. If specs are important for help: Windows 10 Home 64GB of Ram (overkill, i know 3rd gen Ryzen 9 3900XT 4TB of total storage Asus RTX-3060 Log dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jg13ygtp3wuk5q1/KSP.log?dl=0 KSP Version 1.8.1, alot of the mods i use aren't supported on later versions, and a few straight up don't work or bug the game to unplayability. Now to the meat of why i'm posting here. So i have this issue where my lights dont work correctly. They're on in the VAB or SPH and turn on in off while in there building a craft. When i launch, they're on by default and when i turn them off, that's it. They're off for good and i can't turn them back on again. If i go on EVA and attach lights on a space station or whatever via KAS, i cant turn them on at all and i wasted time putting it on during the EVA. I tried installing new Module Manager directly instead of through CKAN and nothing i've done so far seems to do the trick and i'm confused to what is causing it. I'd really appreciate the help and thank you to anyone who takes their time to look through my issue.
  2. I have a tiny issue, KSC 2 doesnt show up. Did i do something wrong or is this a bug? Edit: I use KSP 1.8.1, alot of the mods i use dont work on 12.3
  3. Which version do you use for 1.8.1? The base mod version, cause it's confusing with how the base mod and textures versions are labled differently.
  4. Which version of ksp are you running? I primarily stick with 1.8.1
  5. Parts generate lift, which is how the lifting body concept with the space shuttle development came to be. Not as much as wings obviously, but when you move parts forward, the lift will move forward a bit too.
  6. So i'm having this issue that i am stumped and completely clueless on how to fix. I have this issue where lights turn on and off in the VAB or SPH while building. Cool, ok. Issue is when i click launch and go to flight mode, the lights are on by default, but once i turn them off they are off permanently. Spamming the light button does nothing, right clicking and pressing turn lights on does nothing, EVA and do it with a kerbal, still nothing. I have plenty of electricity, so it's not that. IVA screens still work, lights on cockpits and other modules still work and shine on other things like a space station or whatnot. It's only the lights themselves that have this issue and it has my confused to no end. Any help and i'd love you forever. It's on KSP 1.8.1, i stay on this older version cause alot of the mods i love that are working on here aren't supported/don't work on later versions. My KSP log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jg13ygtp3wuk5q1/KSP.log?dl=0 My Gamedata folder, my dropbox is full and already used up my other emails on it.
  7. Not sure tbh, all the other engines work, it's just those two. I have realplume for the non-waterfall engines such as KWRocketry, and restock/restock+
  8. My issue is and idk how to fix it. But the skipper engine has no plume or sound, dead silence with no plume. All that happens is the inside of the engine bell lights up, and i have thrust... just not the above issue. And the mainsail engine has thrust and sound, but not a plume like the other engines, just a pillar of smoke. If that's what the mainsail (bottom pic) is supposed to be like, my bad.
  9. Does final release 1.0.0 work with KSP v1.8.1? Or if there's a way to make it work, cause the loading bar stops but the rest of the screen still functions. 1.8.1 has alot of mods i love using that aren't supported/don't work in 1.12, plus... the black blank interior is a bit maddening of the version that does work lol This is where it freezes
  10. Would like to see a double sonic boom implemented for Space Shuttle landings.
  11. I went back to 1.2.2 until i get a stronger PC and FAR comes out. Harder to design a Shuttle in it for me, but when i get it right, it's a majesty.
  12. This is where i start getting confused. I re-enter at a 30' AoA, with my direction of travel is 10' below the horizon line. When i re-enter, the force required to keep it in a 30' AoA climbs as re-entry continues, and i either tumble and fly backwards into the ground, or flat-spin into it trying to fight the forces and keep it straight, even with RCS helping. Then when i adopted and straight in re-entry, components start to over-heat on re-entry and i explode about 28-23,000M in altitude. Also take note this was my very first space shuttle design, my shuttle has many mods on it and this was a COMPLETELY stock version, but my tumble on re-entry problem still exists.
  13. Crap, i accidentally put a strut in there from KW Rocketry. Should i remove it and re-upload? https://kerbalx.com/Alpha_Gametauri/Kerblantis/parts
  14. I finished rebuilding the Shuttle, what now? How do i share it?
  15. K, i'll just have Mechjeb on it. FYI, i have to rebuild the Shuttle since i got angry and deleted it, but i remember exactly how it was built.
  16. Alright, give me a bit. Ksp version 1.3, Mechjeb and Near Future electrical and Hullcam VDS mods are on the shuttle, should i remove them and make it completely stock?
  17. I would, but my laptop is broken when it comes to the F keys on KSP. Gotta wait for my new PC.
  18. @GRYPHUS-01 Looks pretty dang close to my design, though i don't know how you get the AoA in re-entry without summersaulting and either fly backwards or flatspin into the ground.
  19. @selfish_meme I'm going to guess that Shuttle mod is Cormorant Aeronology. But what is the decal on the wings and the launch pad stuff? @GRYPHUS-01 Pics?
  20. Wish there were letter with this so i could name my fleet of Space Shuttles.
  21. Thankfully, i have my OMS engines positioned in a way where i don't really need to add any special stuff. Just wish i didn't have to flip around to slow for a Space Station docking or a Satellite/Space Telescope servicing.
  22. I think it was for better orientation for the gravity turn and it was more even, idk.
  23. Nah, it's alright, i quite like them, especially the breadbox, XD. I'll adopt the really tiny shuttle (2nd pic) as an emergency shuttle, like space station evac. I like how you said "aaannd back on topic" I love how a small discussion went from improving gameplay to a PC Part Picker forum. Also, i never had luck with an interplanetary shuttle. I'd test it on Kerbin, works perfectly. Then i go to Duna, shatters on Re-entry, if i survive, no matter my speed or how shallow i come in, i always land hard. Plus it's hard for me to find a flat tundra on Duna... or any planet/moon.
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