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  1. as DeadJohn said needs to be a correct version of Scatterer or you will get planets that look very odd
  2. my Kerbals celebrated by eating turkey in zero G
  3. you need to install tweakscale and companion mod (you can I think just install the tweakscale files for just NeistAir) but Lisias is the person to ask though
  4. ahh fair enough just thought I would throw it out there. shame because if it was some thing that could be tweaked would gain a huge amount of performance. its very odd though as long as I stay below 150m i can have 50+ FPS constantly no matter where I fly or how fast but as soon as I hit 150 and above FPS drops. Thanks for the reply
  5. Sorry to keep posting this but any one got any ideas on this when I fly below 150m (ground hight its best to fly over the sea as thats level so makes it easier to do) I get a consistant 50+ FPS But as soon as i touch 150m FPS drops a lot around the 30 to 40 FPS the game does it on a completely vanilla game to you need to disable any FPS capping so V sync off and disable the FPS cap and you will see a pretty big FPS drop as well. EDIT if testing on vanila game the hight is higher I think its 250m or some thing but can be easily tested look for an FPS drop. Thanks in advance
  6. I might be wrong here, but if you have only two KR-14's on each satalite, then the satalite closest to earth can't relay to the second satalite because you have set it to ship only? Try setting the satalite closest to earth to connect to the other satalite, then the other satalite to receive on one KR-14's, then the other to the controlled ship. sat 1 closest to Kerbin 1 KR-14's mission control 2 KR-14's other satalite sat2 1 KR-14's recieve from sat 1 2 KR-14's controlled ship
  7. I got them to work for now by removing the tweakscale.cfg within the MM_patches folder
  8. Hi the Douglas DC-3 Cockpit does not act as a command pod. if I build a plane with it I have no control when on the runway there was another one as well but cant remember the name of it now Thanks in advance
  9. I to am still having issues running this with JNSQ and GEP using the reqiured rescale and setting this planet to secondery still causes the game to hang at load and leading to a crash after some time waiting. i see a few other people with the same issue Linux and one other reading back a few posts but no one has found out why
  10. Just more info incase it helps so adjusting the wings mass also effects the wings COL which is should not?
  11. 1.12.3 using latest verion of FAR and other mods. I use a mod that creates and packages debug info cant remember the name of the mod now but all mods used and stuff should be in the zip on first post. I would look through the MM pacthes and other things but I really would have no clue what to look for Thanks another example using stock wing COM moves inline with COL but using this wing COL moves independant of COM
  12. im also thinking some thing else is wrong as some wings dont effect the COL EG COL never moves with this setup but with these wings the COL moves up which is what I want Hmm also noticed a lot of wings dont show the up arrow EG no arrow with this wing yet this wing show lift direction
  13. Hi all I got an odd issue if I move lets say the engines from to surely the COL should not move like this? no if I drag the engines and not let go of left mouse button the COM actually acts how I would expact it to but as soon as I let go the COL also moves if some one could take a look for me that would be great.I am using a load of mods though but I have zipped up every thing needed below thanks in advance https://oshi.at/WFxW/KSPBugReport_2023-07-05_194408.zip
  14. Hi sorry to be a pain upon loading the game I get this error show Thanks in advance
  15. ok to add to my last post I have made a video of this issue. please note craft audio is muted but ambient sound is enabled notice the FPS drop at the same time an audio track kicks in (this also does it in vanilla) thanks ok just to prove me point I loaded up a completely vanilla game NO MODS and look same issue
  16. Hi all...I know I have mentioned this before but it would be awesom if some one could look into this as I think we could gain a lot of performance from it. So I am running a load of mods BUT this issue is also present in a very small mod build (FPS counter mod etc).Set your FPS to unlimted in optoins this gives best result my worry is this. if you fly a craft below 150m (set alt meter to sea level) so example 149m the FPS is very good see pic but as soon as you brush 150m the FPS tanks (its more noticable in a heavy modded game but its still present in vanilla but not as much) see pic of FPS drop (top right) the drop is about 20FPS which is huge considering I am only going above sea level by 1M. Why does it do this if we can figure this out and if its fixable a heavy modded KSP game could gain a huge boost. Thanks EDIT just added two more pic same issue first one below 150m second one at 150m Ok I have just found out something really interesting that might help if you go into sound optoins and turn OFF craft noise but leave the rest mainly ambient. now do the same test stay below 150m seal level and listen you cant hear much but touch 150m and BOOM you get a ambient noise playing as soon as you hit the 150m mark is it the sound causing the lag? let me see if I can find the audio file and delete it
  17. Thank you Linux sorry for the late reply.I did what you said and all was well after :). P.S you said in your last post to me "It was very hard to read the actual error message, next time, please try to get just the error itself. I was able to, finally, read it. " I did go straight to the editor and replicated the error and instantly uploaded the log..... is there a better way of doing this or could you explain what exactly you wanted as I am confused. P.P.S this is a genuine question I am honestly trying to understand how I can best help you to help me as i even use a tool that creates,packs and uploads the files needed or so I thought? Thanks
  18. Thanks for the reply here is the log i went straight to build hanger and went to load the bumblebee example then got the error mentioned and uploaded the log right after https://oshi.at/zLuN/KSPBugReport_2023-02-23_205007.zip the mod is installed correctly as I can add parts from this mod into editor thanks in advance
  19. Hi Linux I am trying to load the example crafts but I get this error for every craft. I have a large mod list so probably a conflict? Thanks
  20. I'm most excited for mulitplayer
  21. Ahhh yes I do have systemheat installed. Thanks for the reply I shall ignore and carry on
  22. Hi I am getting this errror when loading the game can I ignore it? thanks in advance
  23. Hi chap Did you have any luck finding the errors? just to assist you IF you was taking a peek this is the mods I use from Angel-125 thanks in advance
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