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  1. Hi all...I know I have mentioned this before but it would be awesom if some one could look into this as I think we could gain a lot of performance from it. So I am running a load of mods BUT this issue is also present in a very small mod build (FPS counter mod etc).Set your FPS to unlimted in optoins this gives best result my worry is this. if you fly a craft below 150m (set alt meter to sea level) so example 149m the FPS is very good see pic but as soon as you brush 150m the FPS tanks (its more noticable in a heavy modded game but its still present in vanilla but not as much) see pic of FPS drop (top right) the drop is about 20FPS which is huge considering I am only going above sea level by 1M. Why does it do this if we can figure this out and if its fixable a heavy modded KSP game could gain a huge boost. Thanks EDIT just added two more pic same issue first one below 150m second one at 150m Ok I have just found out something really interesting that might help if you go into sound optoins and turn OFF craft noise but leave the rest mainly ambient. now do the same test stay below 150m seal level and listen you cant hear much but touch 150m and BOOM you get a ambient noise playing as soon as you hit the 150m mark is it the sound causing the lag? let me see if I can find the audio file and delete it
  2. Thank you Linux sorry for the late reply.I did what you said and all was well after :). P.S you said in your last post to me "It was very hard to read the actual error message, next time, please try to get just the error itself. I was able to, finally, read it. " I did go straight to the editor and replicated the error and instantly uploaded the log..... is there a better way of doing this or could you explain what exactly you wanted as I am confused. P.P.S this is a genuine question I am honestly trying to understand how I can best help you to help me as i even use a tool that creates,packs and uploads the files needed or so I thought? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply here is the log i went straight to build hanger and went to load the bumblebee example then got the error mentioned and uploaded the log right after https://oshi.at/zLuN/KSPBugReport_2023-02-23_205007.zip the mod is installed correctly as I can add parts from this mod into editor thanks in advance
  4. Hi Linux I am trying to load the example crafts but I get this error for every craft. I have a large mod list so probably a conflict? Thanks
  5. I'm most excited for mulitplayer
  6. Ahhh yes I do have systemheat installed. Thanks for the reply I shall ignore and carry on
  7. Hi I am getting this errror when loading the game can I ignore it? thanks in advance
  8. Hi chap Did you have any luck finding the errors? just to assist you IF you was taking a peek this is the mods I use from Angel-125 thanks in advance
  9. Throttle controlled avionics really does not like this craft for some reason https://oshi.at/WuEb/KSPBugReport_2023-01-10_212933.zip Not sure why once on runway though I get even more red errors EDIT found the part causing an issue all three of these the others seem ok Thanks
  10. im gettong an error about RRScoop once I am in game what can I do to fix it please as I have no idea why. I am using latest version of the mod Thanks
  11. I get a warning that there is multiple versions of scale.redist because you have a scale.dll file inside this mod. I am under the impression this should not be the case? Thanks
  12. It does effect water unfortuantly and for the worst. making a stable submarine is very hard. I find if you install scatterer it will help as scatterer changes water physics which makes subs a little more easier to make along side FAR
  13. You need to place these two files in the root DIR of your ksp install
  14. Look at Lindor the blue planet or at least its meant to be but with latest scatter will show up all black I think. thats when I first noticed an issue as I to was using latest scatterer then reverted back and all seems ok now. give it a go let me know but yeah Lindor should be a blue planet
  15. @ellisonch hi cant help with your current issue but I can tell you that the version of scatterer you are using will not work correclty. If you look at some of the planets in say the tracking station some will show with no textures etc when using JNSQ you must use version 772 of scatterer also JNSQ does not supports parallax it may appear to work at first glance but could also cause issues later on. this is from main JNSQ post
  16. Oh ok hmmm I wont be able to do any of that its way above my skill level I just play the game . Any way thanks for the mods/contracts you create
  17. Oh damn thats awesome :O the idea of the blackbox is genius Quick Q if I may I use JNSQ could you see any issues running this mod I have not got around to testing the contacts out yet Thanks in advance
  18. Hi all I am trying to run a heavy modded KSP with Debug enabled following this guide https://gist.github.com/gotmachine/d973adcb9ae413386291170fa346d043 Now it all works I can profile the game with Unity but as soon as I add Module manager I get this error on starting the game So I am at a loss because the mods I use need module manager. any one got any ideas please Thanks
  19. U need to install the colour patch from kopernicus github
  20. I think that's an issue with a mod called Freeiva Its Apparently fixed in next update
  21. @Gotmachine sorry to ping you but I to am currently testing KSP (as good as I can due to zero coding skills nor do I have a way to test with a profiler like you have above) but I have 100% found some thing odd. So only mod installed is show FPS by linux and dependancys press F8 in game I do it at title screen prevents save popup showing once in game ETC you can now drag the fps readout any where you like so game 1.12.3 if you fly the Gull (my test craft of choice) in sandbox mode as this makes it easier to test....so take off BUT stay below 150m (set alt readout to land not sea) note FPS (I have my FPS uncapped or set to default in KSP setting it makes it so much easier to test for FPS drops) on my rig I get about 187fps. Now slowly raise alt and note as soon as you hit 150/153m your FPS will drop about 25frames or so.for no reason what so ever.But as soon as you go back to 148m boom instant fps increase of about 25fps. Game 1.10 same thing as before and note fps drop still happens but not as much on mine its about 10fps drop once I go above 150m. I am still testing currently I will now test with the KSP version before 1.10. on a separate note I would like to ask is there a mod or app that profiles even KSP mods would be so handy as I have lots of mods installed (please note not for the above tests the games where 99% vanilla except show fps and dependancys) and I am currenty trying to figure out the hardest hitting fps mods ETC. thanks so much in advance and I hope the above helps.
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