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  1. Quick Q if I may. The bundled tweakchute In the plugins folder. Can I delete it and install tweakchute as an independent Mod? I just prefer to keep mods as a separate Entity instead of a mod within a mod. Thanks
  2. Sorry to be a pain but I have zero mini AVC installed and get a warning about scale_redist.DLL being in multiple mods folders eg Now should I keep it in the FAR folder I do have latest Tweakscale installed. this is also the same for the infernal robotics mod I get a warning about the same .dll file. Thanks in advance
  3. Yeah the IR question was separate from the first I know its not connected. i have just installed FAR and get the same warning about scale.dll will FAR need the scale_redist.dll or as I have tweakscale installed can I delete the one in FAR? Thanks
  4. Hi yeah I installed it and from this thread its been updated to 1.12.3
  5. Hi Sorry to bother you but should I take note of this warning or can I ignore it? Yes I know its telling me to delete duplicates but should I? I also get a warning for duplicates of this file Yeah I have tweakscale installed but should I delete the scale_redist.dll from infernal robotics? Thanks so much in advance
  6. Hi I am getting huge log spam when placing this part in the VAB ThrottleControlledAvionics does not like this part for some reason. I was wondering if you may have any idea what could be the issue?. I dont intend to use ThrottleControlledAvionics to control this craft. Thanks :)
  7. yeah I am currently not using FAR as I want to mess with subs but I must admit I really am missing FAR physics for planes and stuff. vanilla plane physics just seem to easy can pretty much make any thing fly but with FAR you need a bit more planning. Really want to install FAR but at the same time I want to mess under water but cant if FAR is installed
  8. KSP 1.12.3 latest SXT I am getting odd lift with these wings it seems to like the reverse set on the controls for lift. these are the foldable wings. EDIT EDIT EDIT FIXED thought I would come back to say fixed it. the mod retractable lifting surfaces never had a plugins folder no idea how that happened I shall look back over my mod downloads and see if where I got it from never packaged it correctly but I am sure it was from your github but I shall take a look. EDIT 2 yep spacedock sorry it has the folder in the SXT downloads but does not contain the plugins folder with in
  9. I am currently just using KK with JNSQ which works so it must be GEP or GPP?. Any ways I was wondering if KK allows me to build more transmitters around the planet I use Remotetech and once I get past the base HQ I loose connection. Can I land at lets say other side of the world and use KK to build another transmitter?. Thanks
  10. No never restarted the game I shall reinstall them all and try. Thanks
  11. I am not using scatterer so can I leave it enabled? Thanks p.s any ideas on the other issue which is when I install KK with JNSQ,GEP and GPP and its dependancy it never loads.Linux did mention it a few pages back. With out KK all the planet packs run fine I followed a post by ohiobob it just hangs at loading screen and eats all the ram till it crashes
  12. So I am dabbling now with these setting within KSP main DIR the file is called physics.CFG I seem to be able to change the way water works in KSP when FAR is installed. as it stands now though I am only changing things and seeing if they make a difference but if any one knows of values that should be used when FAR is installed that would at least bring the water some where near to stock with FAR installed that would be great
  13. To add to what Linux said a few pages back I to am having issues with JNSQ,GPP and GEP. every thing works untill I add KK and its reqiured mod. the game hangs at load memory goes through the roof till it crashes. my combination of mods work great untill I add KK. Did any one figure out the issue? Thanks in advance
  14. Hi all I was hoping some one could help with a few issues I have please I am using JNSQ,GPP and GEP I have set them up correctly EG JNSQ + GPP + GPP_Secondary + GEP with the 2.5X mod for GPP and GEP.I have confirmed they work and every thing loads fine.But if I add KK the game hangs at load screen and the RAM resources go through the roof till the game crashes to desk top. secondly is setting for terrain detail to max JNSQ_HIGH seems to cause the terrain detail to reset and not save its setting. When I go back into the options this is what shows The planets and textures look great in flight but in the map view kerbins textures look low res Thanks in advance
  15. I am back after a long time away...life and what not. I am wanting to get back into KSP again and would like to ask the same question DA299 asks about water. You may remember (probably not though) that I was having crazy problems with water physics when using FAR and was dabbling with trying to remove water interaction from FAR and keep stock water physics but I have no idea what I am doing. So plus 2 from me if its possible to add a switch in FAR opions to retain stock water physics Thanks
  16. Ah fair enough sorry then. TBH I am pretty new to all this stuff
  17. Complete guess but did you install the CTTP dont think that would cause that issue though but?
  18. I had issues like this during time warp (nothing to do with this mod) Basiclally when time warping the front of my intake on my plane would sag down reason was the parent part was way back meaning it was not connected to any thing else solid. I had to right click it and select parent to heavyiest part. once that was done when I time warped no more sagging. Go through your parts and right click the and make them a parent of the heaviest part bet that fixes your issue. what I am thinking is happening is you have not done any of that and as the parts get further away from the main part they start to sag and time warp amplyfies it
  19. Yep thats what my comment above was about again I to was like oh its not working
  20. You also must press v once to get intio free camera mode then press tab. I found it does not work if you get on runway then just press tab which I think the camera is defaulted to auto it must be in one of the other modes. so recap get on runway press v and get into free mode you will see it say so at top middle of screen then press tab take off it should centre on rear of craft.
  21. NM did not help. The problem I have is under water the fins dont actually work as in they seem like they do not deflect water there for dont allow any control. If I look at the aero data by pressing F12 I dont really see any arrows like I do with out FAr EG this is a sub without FAR installed I understand FAR is not made for subs but if you could maybe suggest a way to even for now revert what FAR does to water so I can keep FAR installed for planes because I love FAR its awesome and I cant play with out it but I now want to also dabble with subs and under water stuff but I cant. Please dont take this as arant over this awesome mod nor am I demanding any thing I am just kindly asking for some help please. Thanks in advance
  22. OK I am pretty sure its not possible but please please is there a way to disable FAR messing with water? maybe a MM patch? EDIT Just see this in the CFG file wonder if adjusting them will help to make submerines easier when using FAR
  23. Does any one else have FAR installed and able to use helicopoter blades from this mod?. They just done work if I press w it will go backwards instead. I have downloaded a few which also dont fly so its not my designs its probably a mod conflict as I have a ton of mods. Though some of the choppers that use the robotics parts as rotors seem to work better so no idea why these dont work?. Shall get logs later as just popping out
  24. Hmmm is there a way to tweak what FAR does with water because as it is on latest version using KSP 1.10.1 if a wing even goes near water it instantly freeses movement and the whole craft stops So as you can see this dont work becuase even if the winglet at the back is not actually touching the water it still acts like it is and instantly freezes the craft EG red arrow but if I raise the craft up high like this I can just about get it up in the air JUST as long as a wing stays well away from the water Any chance there is a MM patch to say HALF drag when a wing is in water ETC? no idea if that would work though no idea about this kind of stuff I just play
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