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  1. Hi again all I was hoping is there a mod or app I can use to profile the game and see what mods are causing the most FPS,lag etc. I have managed to do a few by removing mods then starting game and checking if it has improved if so I then readd the previsuly removed mods one by one till I find the mod guilty of causing to much lag or FPS hit. This takes forever when load times are high. Is there a KSP profiler I can use that will list also mods usage ETC. thanks in advance
  2. I am getting a pretty hefty performance hit using latest version Rocket Sound Enhancement v0.9.6 and Rocket Sound Enhancement Default v1.2.4 160fps without mod 130/140fps with mo Thanks in advance
  3. ahh I wondered why the contents of the SPD folder was not like all your other mods..I see now Thank you
  4. Open a new text file best with notepad++ copy paste that text into it save text file with any name ya want does not matter but make sure its saved as a .cfg place the text file inside gamedata folder or create a folder inside gamedata folder called custom patches or any thing you like and place it inside that if ya want to keep things tidy or download the file from https://github.com/kopernicus/kopernicus/releases and place it as mentioned above
  5. Hi Using the special parts division mod if I place this part plus other parts from this mod I get red warning spam when I right click the part. The PAW menu kind of opens but is bugged. It then prevents me from right clicking any thing else till i reload the scene (exit to space centre etc etc). My logs are below thank you https://oshi.at/ehjh/KSPBugReport_2022-12-01_155530.zip
  6. Is there an MM config that removes reaction wheels from lets say cockpits of planes and also reduces them on other parts to more realistic values. I have seen mods like Mandatory RCS ETC, but they seem to be very old mods now. I know I can turn off the reaction wheels manually VIA PAW menu in editors, but I am looking for a more real play through Thanks in advance
  7. Hi would this error be coming from this mod?. I can remove this mod and retest but it takes forever to load a game Thanks EDIT Does this overwrite stock items or just use them as a template?
  8. Does any one have a config for JNSQ that adds the footprints please. I am using the example footprint CFG for the stock planets but JNSQ adds a few more. Thanks in advance
  9. Not that I know of. I dont even know what would be needed to get latest scatterer to work with JNSQ but if you do find out let me know to please Did you test with version 772? if so any luck with your previus issue?
  10. That's the reason then matey jnsq does not work with latest version it has to be version 772. My bets are if you install that version all will be good
  11. @SpaceCube2000 what version of scatterer are you running?
  12. Playing this with JNSQ I get no waypoints showing up (I have waypoint mod) I am on the mission to do the temp experiments but get no waypoints at all. I assume its not going to work due to JNSQ? Thanks
  13. Just to jump in on what ToxicFrog said. Remotetech in my opinion is one of the biggest FPS killers. I am running about 200 mods and it runs "OK" but if I add remotetech then i can just forget it the FPS is terrible. Its a known problem that remotetech can cause huge fps loss. I have moved to commnet contstilations and if one day remotetech gets an update and performance improvements you best believe im back to remotetech. So @ToxicFrog remove remotetech and try again I bet its that mate.
  14. Currently using latest version of ohscrap and scrapyard and I am seeing a lot of flowgraph errors I am running a stupid amount of mods though. https://oshi.at/hTnk/KSPBugReport_2022-11-21_012720.zip Thanks in advance
  15. Hi I am looking at this mod as well as ohscrap. I assume KCT is also supported using all these mods if so should I use the recovery option of scrapyard and NOT KCT. Will I run into issues if I use the stock recovery options and also KCT recovery options?. Thanks in advance
  16. Thanks for looking. Yeah I am running loads of mods I wished there was some tool to help people like me understand the errors better I have zero coding background etc.
  17. Hi all So in a sandbox game if I load up a stock craft I get all these messages I also think this is part of a different issue I am having after loading a stock craft that does soemthing to resources (post in rational resources thread) and as expected my log files https://oshi.at/mhbp/KSPBugReport_2022-11-17_160422.zip thanks in advance
  18. I am getting an error if I open up this mod in flight or on runway etc it will spam this forever till i close the the window. Does not happen in VAB etc if i open up the window though I also never get an optoin to select nodes like in the first original screenshot you posted. https://oshi.at/kbWd/KSPBugReport_2022-11-17_152843.zip Thanks
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