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  1. Hi all as per title really I am after a mod that prevents air breathing engines from working under water I did see a patch in a very old thread but it seems to not work no more. It basically prevented the air intakes working. Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks for update. Just to say this is still an issue not sure if you remember me last post but in cockpit view as soon as generating data for (any Ast) FPS drops the below 30 and even lower after more messages like that. I can regain FPS by just going into external view or map view then its all fine again in cockpit view till that message shows again. This never happens if I just stay in external view. I also have another issue in the editor some times FAR seems to just be disabled (cant enable voxel overlay nor run sweep ETC its all grayed out). I have to keep choosing a different root part then click cockpit and move it then replace it before the buttons and FAR seems to work again. I am still looking into a way to reproduce this error though so will report back with logs once I can. Thanks
  3. Ohhh thats awesome news thanks linuxgurugamer EDIT Just an FYI I am not able to see the button in any scene
  4. OK a crap ton of other mods installed but here are my logs https://www.sendspace.com/file/fznegr thanks so much in advance p.s if ya want it with just the mods you suggest I can do that at some point to
  5. Lol yeah i see he maintains a crazy amount of mods. Any way awesome and thanks
  6. I also cant see ICON nor does control+w work for me. I have a stupid amount of mods so wondering if this is it. Shall try to get logs next time I am on PC Thanks
  7. Pfftt that it? And yeah the mod I am thinking of is not on that list so I am sorry I cant help any more than the one mod I had issues with sorry As said post logs and I am sure one of these very clever people will assist
  8. @Startpanikin1 ok what other mods do you have installed?. I had an issue like this but with some stock parts. when I placed them they would auto open EG containers and not allow me to close them again in the editor. turns out it was a mod that makes animated parts use electic cant remember name of mod but if you have that mod installed remove it and test again
  9. Hmmm I assume the latest consellation will not work right on 1.10.1? Is there a consellation version for 1.10? Thanks
  10. Oh you are one 1.10 I was under the impression this did not work with 1.10.1 ETC if so mind linking to correct version pretty please? Thanks
  11. Oh I see I was wondering why FAR was messing with them makes sense..it just dont make sense why its only in cockpit view that the FPS suffers. thanks any way for looking appriciate it
  12. DOH let me fix that now sorry. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dkohOiLfvXLogb6rK2HfQ--Ajy8uzS8N/view?usp=sharing thanks in advance
  13. Any one got any idea of the issue I posted (just curius TBH as its an odd one). Either way shall just stay in external mode for now
  14. Brill thanks I am pretty sure OPM dont touch Kerbin.
  15. Hi thanks for replying. Nope no log spam that I see just that one message about Far Vessel aero on Ast then it just lags till I press m for map view or press c to go external. As said if I stay in external view and that message pops up its fine no issues what so ever its only in cockpit view. Thank you
  16. As OPM leaves the stock planet alone (or at least I think it does) would this mod work along side it? Thanks
  17. Hi again this is an odd one So if I am in cockpit view and this pops up (arrowed in picture) The games FPS drops to about 10 fps (normally runs at 60) but to fix this I can press c to go to external view then FPS is perfect again. Now the odd thing is if I dont use cockpit view and that message pops up I never get an FPS drop it only ever does this in cockpit views how odd is that?. I have also attached log file found in C:\Kerbal Space Program and also the playerlog from C:\Users\STK\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dkohOiLfvXLogb6rK2HfQ--Ajy8uzS8N/view?usp=sharing Thanks in advance EDIT Ok just so I could be very sure I removed just FAR from my gamedata folder I even left in ModularFlightIntegratormodular and not one slow down. FAR seems to be doing some thing when asteroids spawn and only if you are in cockpit view.... I have no idea whats up this is after removing only FAR folder and I have no issues with FPS drop in cockpit.
  18. Thanks for replying. I shall have a play with it more. Yeah FAR seems to be killing movement underwater which is a shame. If i add a wing lets say to the sub it is like the craft is frozen in the water. I would mention it on the FAR thread but I think it has been mentioned before so the fact its still the same I assume its not an easy fix. Any way thank you.
  19. I am using this mod in 1.10.1 with a stupid amount of other mods. I am using FAR and from what I hear FAR messes with water as well?. My crafts seem to be very very buoyant I am also using a mod called MOIST https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/171383-moist-underwater-technologies/ which in side the folder contains a mod/folder called SinkEmAll https://spacedock.info/mod/1705/SinkEmAll. which from my understanding is trying to do the same as this?. Are they conflicting and causing me odd issues?. Thanks
  20. I seem to be having issues sorry. KSP version 1.10.1 modded to crap so I am sure its that. I think it might be because I am using Kerbal construct as on game start I get an error saying cant find ground station. If I click the CNC button itsays object referance not set to an instance ETC. I am using latest version made for 1.11 but I have tested a few versions all with same error. thanks in advance
  21. Thank you. Wish I knew how to fix some of these errors me self. I am currently trying to get a mod pack together for me and my bro and have a few red errors pop up but TBH I have no idea what they mean I just track the mod down by process of elimination then either remove it or try a different version of that mod...as said wish I could instead fix it but I have no idea about this stuff :). Thanks for helping though.
  22. Hi may I ask a question please. I am using KSP 1.10.1 and I assume I DONT use Kopernicus version release-38 I must use an older version release-34 is that correct? Thanks in advance
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