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Workaround for docking port overheating in atmosphere

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I am attenpting to launch a rocket with a docking port at the top and a fairing surrounding that last stage. 

On previous rockets (100 hrs since For Science launched) i have only seen this a few times. By the time I get to 15-20km and 400m/s, i see the temp warnings. I try multiple launches, dialing back thrust till its barely gaining speed. Others i try to punch straight up further before beginning my gravity turn. I've tried bumping out the fairing to better protect its contents. Ive tried the protected docting port.


In the end, once it gets to 450 m/s the part explodes. Anyone else have any workarounds? Its tough cause i don't consistently see this, even though most of my crafts have docking ports at the top, you know, in case of emergency. 


Any tips are appreciated! 

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I solved my issue. I had a regular size docking port on a large probe. I am guessing the size mismatch was creating an issue during launch. Once I replaced the probe with a small one in-line with the docking port, all the heating issues went away during launch. 

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I’ve been putting nose cones on the docking ports, even when inside a fairing, and jettisoning before circularization. Shame that it’s necessary and I hope it get cleaned up in future patches

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