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Flight camera movement suddenly very slow

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I have a problem with the camera controls in flight.

I know that you can adjust the camera speed (rotation and zoom) for the "caption" cam mode. I also know that the speed change affects other camera modes as well (I will create a bug for that if it does not exist yet).

But at some point during my game, one of the camera mode which is affected by the caption-cam-speed-change, is stuck at a very slow speed. Increasing the caption camera speed did not increase the speed of this one cam mode, making this mode totally useless because the cam was barely moving.

After some time more and more camera modes became that slow. Now I only have the "horizon" and "caption" cam working normally, all the other ones barely moving and not adjustable.

Reloading, restart game, restart PC did not change that behaviour.

Is there maybe a setting in the config file or on the save file which I can try to change to reset the camera speed?

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