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Bwhwha. I love mods!


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I love mods. I love them so much! I just designed a spaceplane that uses Infernal Robotics to tilt a docking port so I can retrieve and service old satellites. No longer do I deorbit them, they're all designed to fit into my spaceplane so they can be brought safely home. Goodbye Kessler Syndrome!

Seriously, I love the modding community for KSP. I love the amazing ideas they come up with and all the wonderful things we can do with it. Upon landing, I decided: Hey, I could use this and KAS, and I could make a crane to service the spaceplane, to remove the old satellite. Now, I have a spaceplane I refuel, I keep it sitting on the tarmac just off of the runway, ready to roll out and go save my Kerbals. I kinda wish there was a 'Rover' hangar, (it'd work just like the spaceplane hangar though, so kinda redundant) but it'd deploy rovers over inside the KSC, so my little Kerbals could roll out and load up onto things, or go do things, without having to launch on the runway or launchpad. Ohwell!

Hmnh. Perhaps a new mod idea there.

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In my opinion, there is a special kind of satisfaction to be found in being a complete purist, achieving something by being crafty without picking easy solutions, or simply by being skilled, such as redocking a satelite into a cargo bay.

Of course, it is entertaining to have new toys to play with, but i think achieving as much as possible, with as little or simple components as possible, yields my kind of satisfaction, in the end, it is just personal taste, of course.

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