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  1. Seems like this is the Last Valid. You can't just go off the operation; the cardinal has to be contiguous as well.
  2. 19-
  3. cackles madly @Aero
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  6. If two black holes "collide," wouldn't their potential wells level out near their barycenter and thus create a sort of "tunnel" within which time is not dilated?
  7. Deliberate taco-based confusion seeding. 0+
  8. Banned for confusing science fiction with science fantasy.
  9. Tacos?
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  11. So it is a ping which you desire... @SpaceplaneAddict
  12. Would it be correct to say that a black hole is actually a shell at the event horizon, rather than a single point?
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  14. yawn Wha? @XyB0
  15. Hah! You think yourself absolute? If reality is wrapped in a shell of greater reality, the aggregate must too be itself wrapped in further reality. Where does it stop, you ask? At the end of your vision. I cast off the foolish search for great truths and hold the tangible cookie close.
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  18. The garage disk spins again! And it brings you: I think this was my Eve rocket. Interestingly, I went to Eve three times before ever even flying by the Mun. Priorities! (Also, yes, those are canards. On a vacuum vessel. At the nose.)
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  21. 3- Amend to 4-
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  23. Magic. And participation. 3-
  24. (+)5- Sign (implied), cardinal, operation
  25. Error: Invalid result Last valid: