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  1. I think a semicolon would work well in this case.
  2. KSPNameGen 0.2.0 is live! Now with a much-improved menu-style interface! Navigate the menu with the cursor keys. Configure the program to your liking during runtime with the new options menu! Additionally, the program can now write to text files. Specify an accessible file and tick the "Write to File" box in the options menu to enable file output. Note that this is a beta feature, and should be used with caution.
  3. [Beta testers needed!] You, the up-and-coming author of the Forums, are writing the next Great Kerbal Novel. Only problem is, you can't think of any names! Perhaps you turn to your favorite name-generator, only to find that it has died off or does not support female names! The Great Kerbal Novel will be a flop without inventive, non-Jeb names. What a tragedy! Does this describe you? For you, dear customer, we have the perfect thing: KSPNameGen! With KSPNameGen, generate up to 2^63-1 kerbal names at a time*! Male or female! And, should you wish to write a work in the Kerbae ad Astra storyweb, or simply throw off the oppressive chains of the Kerman surname, generate diverse surnames with the Future option! KSPNameGen is a joint project between myself [0111narwhalz] and @TotallyNotHuman_. Its only requirement is a piano with a few black keys**. How to use: 1. Download (below) 2. Extract 3. Run KSPNameGen.exe 4. Specify desired gender, surname type, and name count via the menu. 5. Get back to writing! [Download] (source included) Changelog: 0.2.0 * Much improved interface * Added ability to write to file 0.1.3 * Added customization of buffer size when run in non-interactive mode 0.1.2 * Optimizations for large quantities of names 0.1.1 * Command line arguments 0.1.0 * Initial Public Release 0.1.0-rc3: * Fixed bug in which 0 names would be generated when "0" was specified 0.1.0-rc2: * Nuked unnecessary whitespace * Nuked Help() nonsense * Refactored types to suit their role * Refactored variable names * Added help array to replace Help() function (see above) 0.1.0-rc1: * Rebuilt in C# *Generation of billions of names not recommended. **Db pianos not supported.
  4. Thank you. How about the other case?
  5. Granted, but it's the force of gravity and nothing much has changed. Since, you know, you already have that force. I wish for a heisenbug.
  6. I would like to replace Kerbin, say, with a molten orb after my plugin says so. Separstely, I would like to load a persistence (via my plugin) with a system consisting of one body. Then I would like to load another persistence with the original system (again, via my plugin).
  7. Can I trigger a "reload" of Kopernicus via a plugin? Or would I need to hack/recreate Kopernicus to make that possible?
  8. This may be an unusual request, but… I would like to change the system during runtime. That is, I want to change both the properties of a particular planet (atmosphere thermal characteristics, texture, and so on) and the collection of planets (replace the entire system with a single body). I know both of these kinds of changes will result in explosions from existing ships, and my plugin will account for that. But I need to know if this is possible.
  9. Can blood type compatibility be changed? That is, can you either lyse the protein flags from existing blood, or add the flags to the leukocyte "whitelist?" Basically everything short of gene therapy of the entire subject is fair game.
  10. What can I say but "Hot damn I love wigglin'!" I wish for something mundane, yet pleasing.
  11. I do not think that word term means what you think it means.
  12. Granted, but they are taken away. I wish for a lack of need for sleep.
  13. Do you mean "Launchpad" as in "rocket launchpad" or as a general term which describes both the Launchpad and the Runway? If it's the former…
  14. Note the distinctive lack of a denial.
  15. KSPNameGen 0.1.3 is live! The optimization mentioned earlier is now tweakable! Specify a buffer size which works well for your system. Available in non-interactive mode by appending a number to the command line! Default is 48 names per frame.
  16. Rather, in context of a series that aims to engage the whole of the community. That means easy challenges for the newbies and hard challenges for the veterans.
  17. Ooh, worldbuilding. Atomic Rockets advises that you start with effects (based on the kind of story you want to write) and work backwards to their cause. But that's not as much fun, I feel, as starting with causes and letting the resultant world tell its own story. That's why I started Warped Stars, in particular. I also enjoy making a world, and then telling the story of that world through the eyes of a normal person in that world. Which is why, in Kerbal Future, Wehrcan is just a gunner instead of an officer and Edrim is just a businesskerb rather than the CEO. It doesn't mean that person has to stay average, though–if so, you'd have no story. You might also note that I seem to enjoy making a world more than actually writing in it, given the large quantity of stuff in the Kerbae ad Astra Wiki.
  18. First: This seems like it should be in the TS thread, or in Add-On Discussion or Support (Modded). Second: Images of your GameData folder are next-to-useless. Logs are significantly more useful. The logfile is KSP.log. As sarbian has said: Third: You should not have GameData in GameData. Ever. Some mods depend upon their directory hierarchy. TweakScale might be one.
  19. Solid fuel is self-oxidizing, right? Or is it fluorine-based?
  20. Would wheels with very small travel have problems with physics stability, since they're usually at the extremes of their travel? If not, would such wheels be viable for "composite suspension" like the kind I've been developing? All the suspension is handled higher on the tree, by elements that are very small in mass compared to the complete vessel. Would this be equivalent to giving the wheels large travel?
  21. Granted. Oh, wait, it's now a very rapidly expanding cloud of fission fragments. Well, it was beautiful while it lasted. I wish for a Nicholl-Dyson beam to which I have full targeting and fire control.
  22. When you are excited by interesting new failure modes..
  23. This looks a bit like a perpetual motion machine. Whence does the energy for electrolysis come? If it's from combustion, then the Second Law of Thermodynamics would like a word with you.
  24. The only right amount of boosters is "a couple more than you have."