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  1. News from today's Weekly is encouraging.
  2. It is an analogy. The relevant parts of the analogy are as such: You have purchased a product. It contains certain components. When you purchased the product, you agreed to give the manufacturer/distributor money in return for this collection of components and their operation. Additional components cost more, because they are additional. Your agreement with the manufacturer/distributor did not encompass these components. Note that if you bought before April 2013, your agreement with SQUAD did encompass the additional components.
  3. Blame the number game
  4. -97+
  5. -97+
  6. "A few hours" ~= "A few days," right? Of note is this little thing here: I've seen this used all over the place to do exactly what I'm doing. However, "Age" seems to always return zero. You can see by the stream of particles that they never change color, indicating that the value of "Age" also never changes. I've created a new material to rule out any prior errors. Here's the .blend file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4z16gRI-C__US1Mc0RGWVF1T2M/view?usp=sharing
  7. Da. @CatastrophicFailure
  8. You can BBCode things, and it'll interpret them. There's also a preview button (second bar, far right). For instance, this bold text was assigned with BBCode.
  9. Banned for post count > rep count.
  10. Known for now having more than 50 posts.
  11. SQUAD must charge for the DLC. It is a business necessity. You, however, have no obligation to purchase the DLC, unless you want the parts and stuff. In other words, the DLC is a separate product with a dependancy. The "I already bought the game" argument makes me think of, say, buying and furnishing a house. You buy the house. It's a big investment. You also invest in the basic essentials of furniture. But if you want a new table, you have to cruise the neighborhood, looking for people who are giving up their tables. They aren't charging for them, but they'd appreciate a donation. Then a furniture store springs up. But, you cry, you already bought a house! You shouldn't have to buy the table too! Ah, but the purchase of the house promised you nothing more than the basics. If you don't like the tables the furniture store offers, you won't buy them. "Make better tables," you shout as you find a nicer table some hobbyist carpenter has built.
  12. If you look at it from directly above and turn to full lock (while not moving), you should be able to adjust things. Note the values and apply them in the VAB. Maybe Shadowmage could implement a "turn hard right/left" button, similar to the "show forward rotation" one, come 1.3.
  13. Known for having the same initials as SasquatchMarmalade.
  14. Because Sparrow was missing his rum. Why why?
  15. From my limited experience, it is never a good sign when the GM has this reaction to a roll.
  16. 3" by 5" index cards are great!
  17. Ludum
  18. While you're here, Shadowmage: Could you briefly elucidate on steering bias?
  19. I don't think KSPWheel is compatible with the old-physics model. You might be able to tweak the values into a degenerate form which approximates U4 wheels, but I think it's unlikely.
  20. But if one were to build a new heat pump, one would be able to build it to a certain mass and/or power. Your argument appears to invalidate rocket engines' N/kg because you can't stick a quarter of an engine on a ship. Besides, if you put enough units on, their specific power becomes a useful quantity. I just need a ballpark answer.
  21. The reason there's a mass there is for the mass of the heat pump. Per kilogram of apparatus, how much heat can be pumped up a gradient of a given temperature?
  22. What unit would you use to rate heat pumps in terms of heat transfer per mass? WK/kg? It's not just W/kg, because passive (and hence active) energy transfer depends on the gradient. What is the current ballpark answer for small consumer-grade cooling systems? Single-room-level. Also, what is the nominal skin temperature of the average human?
  23. I am Voronoi'd by the above puns.
  24. Banned for having less than fifty posts.
  25. "The prototype Orion drive will be hoisted to operating altitude by a team of highly trained Dragonborn shouting 'fus ro dah' at the pusher plate. Studies are being conducted regarding the possible benefits this and other arcane arts may yield to other areas of spaceflight, including engine reignition, thermal control, and attitude adjustment."