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  1. KSPNameGen 0.1.2 is live! We've made some optimizations to the code which bring you greatly improved execution time! Have fun generating more names than you could possibly need, without leaving the computer for hours! We still don't reccommend generating billions of names, however.
  2. [Beta testers needed!] You, the up-and-coming author of the Forums, are writing the next Great Kerbal Novel. Only problem is, you can't think of any names! Perhaps you turn to your favorite name-generator, only to find that it has died off or does not support female names! The Great Kerbal Novel will be a flop without inventive, non-Jeb names. What a tragedy! Does this describe you? For you, dear customer, we have the perfect thing: KSPNameGen! With KSPNameGen, generate up to 2^63-1 kerbal names at a time*! Male or female! And, should you wish to write a work in the Kerbae ad Astra storyweb, or simply throw off the oppressive chains of the Kerman surname, generate diverse surnames with the Future option! KSPNameGen is a joint project between myself [0111narwhalz] and @TotallyNotHuman_. Its only requirement is a piano with a few black keys**. How to use: 1. Download (below) 2. Extract 3. Run KSPNameGen.exe 4. Specify desired gender, surname type, and name count as per prompts. 5. Get back to writing! [Download] (source included) Changelog: 0.1.2 * Optimizations for large quantities of names 0.1.1 * Command line arguments 0.1.0 * Initial Public Release 0.1.0-rc3: * Fixed bug in which 0 names would be generated when "0" was specified 0.1.0-rc2: * Nuked unnecessary whitespace * Nuked Help() nonsense * Refactored types to suit their role * Refactored variable names * Added help array to replace Help() function (see above) 0.1.0-rc1: * Rebuilt in C# *Generation of billions of names not recommended. **Db pianos not supported.
  3. There's a swamp people aren't allowed to enter at one of the particularly narrow parts of the isthmus. It's called the Darian Gap, if I recall correctly, and it's home to some truly brutal violence. Drug wars and general anarchy. Details would no doubt infringe forum rules. My geography is not up to par, so I can't say for sure, but "between Panama and Columbia" sounds like as likely a place for it as any.
  4. Banned for very preindustrial post count.
  5. Is it on the bugtracker? No? Then nobody. Yes? Is it documented to the fullest, with logs, crafts, and screenshots as per relevancy? You could probably make it happen faster if you provided more information. Has it already been confirmed and assigned to a dev? That'll tell you who's fixing it.
  6. You must host the images on some external site (such as Imgur, Pinterest, or any other of the dozens of hosting sites out there). Then, you must get the "direct link" to the image. This is the one with the file extension (.jpg, .png, or similar). If the post editor does not automatically embed the image based on this link, use the Insert other media -> Insert image from URL at bottom right.
  7. Artists are allowed to degrade their own work.
  8. If I've interpreted this right, SQUAD is not a subsidary, but a contractor. This has some good and some bad traits. SQUAD's responsibility to T2 end with their contract, which probably means that SQUAD can do basically anything except re-release a KSP clone with slightly less kerbals. However, in the same way, T2's responsibilities to SQUAD end with the very same contract. As soon as SQUAD's exclusive rights to development (assuming there even are any) run out, T2 can drop SQUAD in favor of whomever they please, and SQUAD themselves will never work on "kerbal" again without licensing it back. That's at least a little different from "we plan to not," isn't it?
  9. "Pull back on the stick to make the houses get smaller. Keep pulling back and they get bigger again." -Unknown glider pilot
  10. False. It is only about 1.7E+308 meters in size. I like KSP because it allows me to strap moar boostahs onto various things.
  11. I do like my Blender. Its video editing utilities allow for all kinds of things, from placing multiple video tracks on the same screen to synchronising video and audio. You can also composite in other things, like 3D titles or objects, or those "filter" things that are all the rage these days.
  12. "Clean room" reverse engineering appears to be treating the article as a blackbox, and analyzing it by how it reacts to various inputs. Non-clean-room reverse engineering involves looking at the article's interior workings, by decompiling it or otherwise. Although both technically do fall under "reverse engineering," it seems to me that the clean room approach is simply how you approach the problem. Perhaps the problem is not supposed to be approached?
  13. I have no idea what this is. I just came for the free food. What, it's not free?
  14. Banned for conflating "ascending" with "descending."
  15. False. Try building an analytical engine. I like KSP because it has both decent physics and a good editor.
  16. Snip yo quotes.
  17. Integer overflow doesn't happen until 65536.
  18. Banned because banning is only the end if you assume the story is about you.
  19. Banned for describing a joke as "dainty."
  20. You call that a corruption? Granted, but Big Brother is always listening. I wish for moar monitors.
  21. Granted, but it's not your idea of "good." I wish for quantum morality.
  22. My new monitor is actually a very fast laser toaster. It throws a few dozen toasts per second in front of my face.
  23. Banned for being on the wrong page.
  24. 8/10 Cool, but scrollbar.