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  1. I think radiation hazard for Kerbstein and possibly Vista/Daedlius are bit broken: can't engage engine, when kerbal is infront of ship, but can thrust like nothing happened once kerbal gets behind.
  2. So I shouldn't get so much acceleration from antimatter reactor? Also these radiators are for antimatter reactors - they produce a lot of waste heat!
  3. Now it works. EDIT: WOW it made thermal turbojets with antimatter reactor so awesome, that I don't need Wakefield for upper atmosphere! My Jumper reached top acceleration of 7 G while speeding trough atmosphere. This means I can make ship much lighter which mean thermal turbojets will pull even more impressive acceleration!
  4. Well link says "file not found"
  5. It seems like thermal turbojets on antimatter reactor can't overcome atmospheric pressure, if they aren't in atmospheric mode.
  6. Well curved radiators are useless for TW scale.
  7. Well tweak scale exists for reason
  8. So cold bath is essentially after-cooler? In this pic cold bath is colder than ambient heat by around 50 kelvins - in stock KSC air temp is at 290 kelvins. There must be strong refrigeration. Wow it can cool down thermal generator by 900 kelvins, when radiator runs at 3700 kelvins! Molten salt reactor very quickly throttles down and up, when its cold batch temp is higher than core temp.
  9. Something broken is with cold batch temperature in thermal generator. Its much colder than air temperature of around 290 kelvins and radiator temperature of 332 kelvins. Also at max (cheated wasteheat) it gets locked at around 2000 K even though radiator can heat up to 2600 K
  10. i have suggestion: Can termal turbojets/ramjets generate electricity just like standard engines do? Or at least minature generator with reactor would be nice BTW 1.25m thermal turbojet still overheats with molten salt reactor on uranium burnup (1.25m) Edit: It looks like thermal fusion reactor+thermal generator has problem with feeding itself maintenance energy. It just starves itself and then restarts. Edit: It just causes short loss of thrust for thermal ramjet. But still it would be nice if required power production was locked, if only source of electricity is generator, that fusion reactor is connected to.
  11. Isn't here total drama of GTA V modding and Take Two? Or was that because GTA V had multiplayer and modding changed stuff in GTA V even when online? I heard rumors so just asking here. Hopefully KSP modding will be untouched.
  12. I like new radiators, also this Lithobraking mod is so awesome
  13. And what about other radiators, that are needlessly big, like in screenshots above?
  14. I think you need to review all radiators for their consistency between graphical size and actual size. Some radiators look bigger and other smaller despite setting them all on 50 square meters area. Not all radiators glow when hot BTW Only radiators I didn't place here Wrapped Graphene Radiator and Wrapped Microwave Thermal Receiver - they didn't want to scale town to 50 square meters On unrelated note, where I can find good ladders for this planet jumper? I managed to launch myself high enough to trigger epstein, moved a little then gently climbed down. I guess you don't even have to reentry - just slow a lot while above atmosphere wihth epstein and then land. Edit: this is so badass, that it can fly out of Jool. I guess it can fly out of any RSS gas giant and Venus, at first using only thermal turbojets, as only these engines work in dense atmosphere.