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  1. Radiator radiator? Which one is this?
  2. It would be nice if we had fusion turbojet/ramjet - essentially it would be one part in four: air intake + precooler + thermal fusion reactor (one that doesn't produce charged particles) and thermal turbojet/ramjet. Of course it would need external power so fusion reactor in it could work, but it would be lighter and more heat resistant. It would be rescalable like existing parts.
  3. There is bug in your Persistent Rotation folder - it comes twice: first is persistentrotation folder and second one is persistentrotation/gamedata/persistent rotation
  4. Can we get flat version of titanium or other radiator, that can function well in oxygen-containing atmosphere?
  5. Well its fault of AIM reactors for heating radiators to over 2000 K when using thermal turbojet - AIM reactors are far away from thermal turbojets (that will get fixed). When I gave fusion reactors thermal generators and disabled AIM reactors altogether radiators barely heated up in atmosphere. Also they heat up more in space than in atmosphere: 4x reduction of surface area on surface is lesser effect than no convention in space... This means graphene radiators still work better on surface than space >.> Is possible to cap their max temperature depending on oxygen partial pressure?
  6. Well it would be nice if it had tiny compressed air buffer. Edit: Thermal Turbojets cause even far away reactors by part connection distance to throttle up. Also flat radiators need to be flatter - they seem to cut trough wing if upscaled. Radiators are similiarly very hot when running on electrical engine. Wow these refrigators are really good compressors - I was able to have 2.5m WAKEFIELD accelerator run at full thrust and full power at 25 000 km altitude!
  7. And thermal turbojet was using thermal/charged power from AIM, when there was like 10 parts (including going radially twice in spaceplane, that I gave link to) between AIM reactor and engine, but not when there were 3 parts inline between AIM and Thermal Turbojet (charged gen. for AIM, thermal gen. for MCF and fusion reactor)
  8. Nope. I meant ability to limit engin raw power usage to only reactor, that is connected inline. Well apparently I got much different results when I did one fusion reactor with reactor and one antimatter initiated reactor with charged generator. Now AIM reactor produces only 0.76% of potential power instead of 46%. Edit: here is spacecraft: http://www52.zippyshare.com/v/KrVfBc6q/file.html It has action groups: 1 toggles thermal engines and 2 toggles electrical engine.
  9. Or make option for engines to use energy from connected reactor only. This way fusion reactor would power engine, and antimatter initiated reactor with generator will produce energy only to power fusion reactors without setting graphene radiators to blazing hot 2000 K.
  10. Sadly still doesn't work - when antimatter initiated reactor is on there is generated a lot of waste heat while producing power for fusion engine. Also it seems also some power is used by thermal turbojets. It seems like antimatter initiated reactors try to pump very uneffectively thermal/charged power to feed thermal turbojets, that are radially attached to many other parts in between.
  11. Im using less than 100 MW of power to power thermal engines using fusion reactors and ARCJET RCS and I'm getting around 7 GW of waste heat (I produce electricity in Antimatter Initiated reactor with charged particle generator)
  12. It seems like there is bug with wasteheat, if you use one reactor for electricity production (for fusion reactor) and other for propulsion. I turned off electrical engine - most of electricity (around 40 MW) goes to two small fussion reactors, that power atmospheric turbojets. When I turned on electricity cheat and turned off antimatter initiated reactors waste heat problem disappeared.
  13. You can make anything fly if you put enough boosters under it ;^)
  14. No I meant one without moving parts at all.
  15. ;^) This reactor produces antimatter ----------------- Suggestion: Make unmovable version of umbrella radiator, that would be even lighter.