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  1. That would be 10 000 times more flux - such beam could have such high intensity near source. 13 MW per square meter is a lot - that comparable with Sun's 63 MW / m^2 Temperature would be around 3900 K (for emissivity of 1) meaning you can't stay too long under such beam. Instant fires and stuff could actually melt and collapse when hit with it. Black body would glow in orange light if stayed long enough in beam. @FreeThinker can we model "Deadly Reentry" conditions, when our ship gets hit with powerful beam? Meaning it would heat up if we had for example had 2 receivers (beam would try to hit them), or if beam is too spread out. Lets pick 3 wavelengths: Microwaves, green light and extreme UV. Thermodynamically there wouldn't be much difference - emissivity may wary for each wavelength, but stuff would melt/vaporise. Wonder if ozone would give up if such powerful beam passed trough atmosphere. And what we would see on moon/earth, while standing far enough to be safe and close enough to see its effects?
  2. Question inspired by KSP Interstellar mod. Lets say there is 2117 year. We have colonies on Moon and Mars. We already have established fusion powered beam network sending a lot of energy - most powerful generators creating around 100 - 1000 GW of energy. What happens if such 100 GW beam misses target and lands on planet - lets say such spotsize is in between 100 - 10 000 meters. Of course there would be difference between microwave beam sent from nearby station (low atmospheric absorption, but spreads out easily) and extreme UV one (almost 100% atmospheric absorption, but can travel far without spreading very much) Can it cause forest fires/sunburns? Can few second exposure actually melt something?
  3. I flew around my 2 TW powerplant. It outputs so much wasteheat when producing laser, that surface of nearby sea should melt ;^) Also RIP KSC. Assuming emissivity of 1 and no convection radiators can't get rid much more than 10 MW of waste heat per square meter. At 1 MW/square meter radiator has temperature of around 2000 kelvins - assuming ambient temperature of 3 k - deep space, if ambient temp is like 100 K then radiator would heat up to 2100 K At 10 MW/square meter temperature would reach 3644 K - near upper limit of upgraded graphite radiators! Even if upgraded radiators have emissivity of 1.4 (nanolathing), then 15 MW/square meter already is too much. Also what about radiative heating of spaceship, when beam is too spread out? Also nice radiator cheating: Can we just remove surface bonus and allow tweakscaling radiators up to 100 meters (radius/longest side of rectangle)? Deposing 1 000 000 MW of wasteheat (beaming extreme UV created by beam producer powered with 20m sized QSR can give you these numbers) requires radiator surface of ~100 000 meters squared (well sligthly less but still below 15MW/square meter). That is square of around 316x316 meters. Or circle of 178m radius.
  4. Something not working then. That powerplant has 20m base radius and around 350 meters in height. Even KJR cant support that - had to use gravity hack (alt+f12) or to zero gravity or unbreakable joints/no crash damage As you can see on pictures LiD isn't used at all
  5. How to deconstruct Lthium-Deuterium componud so I can use it in Stellatron?
  6. Saw your post when I was editing my post. What about other fuels?
  7. It would be nice to have fusion fuel tank since resource consumption isn't 1:1, if there are 2 different resources used in reaction. Such tank would have fairing, so you wouldn't have to design tanks for each reaction - part of it would keep solid material and other part - liquid material. Here are fusion modes from your table that uses more than single resource (removed singhle resource ones) Fuel Mode Reactors Types Tech Requirement Reactor Power Reaction Energy Reaction Rate Power Requirement Multiplier Neutral Plasma / Non Neutral Fuel Products Charged Particles Brems-strahlung Neutron Energy Ratio D-T Fusion MCF / MIF Fusion Power 1 1 1 1x LqdDeteurium + LqdTritium Helium4 19.3% 0.7% 80% D-He3 Fusion MCF Advanced Fusion 0,884 1.04 0.85 2x / 4x LqdDeteurium + LqdHe3 Helium4 + LqdHydrogen 79.13% 15.87% 5% D-Li6 Fusion MCF / MIF Exotic Fusion 0.889 1.27 0.7 6x / 9x LqdDeteurium + Lithium6 Helium4 18.2% 81.8% 2.5% He3-Li6 Fusion MCF / CBF Exotic Fusion 0.672 0.96 0.7 6x / 9x LqdHe3 + Lithium6 Helium4 + LqdHydrogen 0.1% p-B11 Fusion CBF Exotic Fusion 0.3458 0.494 0.7 6x / 9x LqdHydrogen + Boron Helium4 + LqdHydrogen 36,3% 63.6% 0.01% p-Li6 Fusion CBF Ultra High Energy Physics 0.154 0.22 0.6 10x LqdHydrogen + Lithium6 Helium4 + Helium3 41.9% 58.1% 0.1% p-Li7 Fusion MCF / CBF Ultra High Energy Physics 0.6839 0.977 0.6 10x LqdHydrogen + Lithium Helium4 75% 24.9% 0.1% p-N15 Fusion CBF Ultra High Energy Physics 0.1704 0.284 0.6 10x LqdHydrogen + Nitrogen15 Helium4 + Carbon 60% 40% 0.1% p-O18 fusion CBF Ultra High Energy Physics 0.1363 0.227 0.6 10x LqdHydrogen + Oxygen18 Nitrogen15 + Helium4 Since there is something called Lithium Deuterite can we have other fusion mixes for other reactions? Deuter-Tritium or Deuter-Helium3 fuel could be stored as one gas for example. Can this Lithium6/7 be mixed with Hydrogen/He3 just like LithiumDeuterite? What about fusion methane/water (containing N15/O18 respectively)? Also can Hydrogen+Boron be stored as one compound? Oo LithiumHydrate exists
  8. Why universal tank set on compressed air doesn't refill from air intake?
  9. I managed to achieve around 50% efficiency of turning energy into beam: 21 GW generated, 11 GW sent to Earth.
  10. Structural parts still aren't resizable including heatshield radiator.
  11. I managed to accelerate up to 20 000 km/s with EM drive! I would get higher speed if I took more He3 for tri-alpha QSR + EM + 20 ton of Hydrogen = relativistic DV, astronomical ISP and fairly low thrust. Is there any combination, that allows you to reach >10% speed of light while accelerating at 1g? Why I can't switch between all possible fuels in wakefield engine using infinite propellant cheat? Edit: you need to remove all tanks to make this cheat actually work - activated all cheats and now my craft is just engine + probe core + SAS Is it possible to make magic tank, that can contain any fuel/propellant with adjustable mass? Such tank would work only when infinite fuel cheat option is on. All thermal engines doesn't work without radiators with thermal cheat on, while they should.
  12. What reactor/generator/radiator setup produces most energy per kg of dry mass? Lets say everything is fully upgraded. I want to make tiny EM drive powered craft ------------------------------------------------------------------------- If I wanted to make highest TWR ship what I should pick?
  13. Why pure Hydrogen fusion mode was removed from table? Even though it wouldn't be very efficient, reactor could work forever when orbiting low enough for air scoops to be able to gather enough hydrogen.
  14. Not even theoretical design of antimatter rocket capable to send 1000 humans into nearest star? This one still would achieve lower exhaust pressure?
  15. I wonder what rocket could recreate conditions in Jupiter core - pressure of 3 - 4.5 TPa and temperature of 36000 K Sadly wiki doesn't say anything about density of mostly hydrogen core. If nozzle was one meter sized I bet we could roast marshmallows in middle of Antarctica hundreds meters from such exhaust, if you don't mind thunderstorm, hurricane winds and heat (probably hydrogen could burn somewhere nearby such blue-white plume)