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  1. You would be pleased to know then that the terrain has been fixed in the pre release, and was explained in the KSP Weekly's as an issue related to floating point changes made in the game engine. vertex overlap had nothing to do with it.
  2. Why don't you take the challenge? I can divulge no further information on these rarities. They are after all an Easter Egg.
  3. If you follow the instructions in this post to collect and share your log files then people will be able to help you:
  4. I'm not following. But anyway, Good Luck!
  5. GameEvents.onVesselChange is fired when you switch vessels. GameEvents.onVesselWasModified is fired when a vessel is modified for various reasons. One of those reasons includes when the fairings are deployed. When that occurs, you could check the vessel passed in. Then you could look at the Part Modules and the ModuleProceduralFairing.Panels list. If it's empty, guess what?
  6. The best way to work with how it works would be to create a partmodule that upgrades change the stats of and the module then acts differently based on those stats. So at first it does nothing, etc.
  7. No logs. No bug report. See OP. No logs. See OP. Nope. There's a reason for it in stock. and no it does not address it.
  8. Yes that could happen. Particularly on command pods as they would have TAC LS resources defined in them. And if you have CRP installed without TAC LS and load them then yes they would appear.
  9. No. I don't see the point in that. Any list would be quickly out of date. Mods get changed daily. Mod code is not tested with all other mods (obviously) and mods in general do not get rigorous testing (even this one). So bugs occur and problems in one mod can quickly cause problems in other mods. I am not saying a mod is incompatible. I am saying a mod is causing an issue. I am unaware of any 'incompatible' mods. Having said that, it makes no sense to me to have more than one life support mod installed in one install. But that's not what we are talking about. this is something that happens all the time. What I am suggesting is the old method of halving the installed mods with TAC, and repeating the problem. If it still occurs, halve again and so on. If it stops look at the ones you removed. Add them in one by one repeating the test. Eventually you will find which mod is causing the problem. I can certainly look at any issue that is found between this mod and another mod. Once it's found.
  10. You have bunches of mods that are not compatible with KSP 1.2.2 installed. There are many errors. I would suggest you review your install, what mods you have installed. Refresh your KSP steam cache files, etc. Hard to say... I see nothing obvious in your log before this occurs. You do have a lot of mods installed. I will harden TAC LS to handle Null Refs but that will not fix your problem. My guess is a mod interaction and can only suggest trying the old half my mods and try again method until you can narrow down which mod is causing the issue.
  11. "Part Action Window" is correct.
  12. You can't add PartModules via the Part Upgrade system. You can change the stats of a PartModule though.
  13. Correct. For last build changelog: Fixed null reference errors when mods use Custom Difficulty Parameters without a tooltip.
  14. You will be pleased with the enhancements and fixes I hope. It is in the latest build prerelease that went out earlier today. (Build 1764)