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  1. We had to deal with that for the languages in 1.3 and we have made allowances where we can for possible future languages.
  2. I would guess more if you want to use any of the new API features.
  3. Mods will work even if not localized - once they've had other necessary changes mad to them to align to the API changes.
  4. Crashes are mostly related to upgrading over a modded install with mods that are not updated for the new version.
  5. The API documentation has been updated for KSP 1.3 and moved to this thread. Locking this thread.
  6. Here are the Doxygen docs for KSP 1.3 These replace the old KSP 1.2 API documents.
  7. Yes they are in the zip. I just checked. Did you import the unity package as a custom package and ensure they are selected?
  8. Yes it is. We are investigating.
  9. What config file did you change? you have to change it in your save file for an already started game.
  10. What file? and no. KSP 1.2.9 is built on Unity 5.4.0p4. No engine change.
  11. Build has been released due to issues with the new merged dictionary.cfg (localization texts) that were causing lots of issues with build 1796.
  12. Yes it's in the process of being changed... you can still click.. but there are also contracts now (i've struggled to find the time to complete it). But I will after 1.3.