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  1. Doesn't help me much. Can you supply full log thanks.
  2. It was mentioned in modders notes for 1.2. As DMagic says. The classes are public and virtual. There is nothing stopping a mod from doing what you suggesting except for the hours/weeks/months of free work required.
  3. I don't know. I use texture replacer (not replaced) and it works fine. as per the OP. No logs = no support.
  4. Can you specify which "Contact us" you are referring to? and what email address you sent your email to? Once the office opens on Monday I can follow it up and ensure someone responds.
  5. Oh you mean the text color in the UI? Feel free to submit a Pull request to add a color picker. Or, raise a request on github.
  6. I see errors... nothing AmpYear. I started up 1.2.2 with AmpYear 1.4.6 and it is working fine for me. I put a simple probe core with a few oxstats on it. and it shows producing EC. Have you changed any of the settings for AmpYear from the default? does it show EC production in the editor for vessels? You've tried without any mods at all? and removed everything except the squad folder from GameData? reinstalled AmpYear and tried again? If you do that and still don't see any EC production can you go to the AmpYear settings at the KSC and turn on Debug Mode then launch a vessel and send a link for the log from that please.
  7. I'm not sure what your problem is? Your power is at 100% and so the solar panels are not producing any further power from looking at the picture everything looks correct. Your vessel has a capacity of 10 EC units.
  8. This is correct. closed fairings use different colliders to interstage. Having kerbals EVA inside them creates interesting results. Hence, It makes the most sense to not allow EVA for closed fairings. Interstage fairings retain the ability to EVA inside them due to the different colliders.
  9. The light source is not far away. It is actually at 0,0,0. But the calculations to calculate the rotation based on the celestial bodies is based on where they actually are. Because a single directional light has better performance that point lights. And you have to consider the rendering paths forward vs deferred and all the pros vs cons of each. Dynamic multiple lighting support is not currently planned.
  10. Correct. It is fixed for the upcoming patch release whilst still retaining the shadow fix.
  11. Hmm I don't recall now... you could try or they were for KSP 1.2.2 (get the older versions from github).
  12. It would be amazing. But sorry. I don't support old versions. I can barely support current versions.
  13. @Crzyrndm @NathanKell So the question is the engineers report about vessel height yeah? and having possible negative values and IPartSizeModifier? Shall take a look.