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  1. There has been reports of this issue. But no one in QA has been able to reproduce it. I just tried on my client and it works fine. It seems to be steam related but we need to gather information on those affected to submit a report to valve. Things to check and try: Version of client. Download region. Clearing download cache in Steam Download Settings. Do you have automatic client updates on? Are you using steam client beta? Verifying cache. Set auto downloads to high priority. and yes please submit a report to the bug tracker with as much information as you can so we can gather as much as we can to report to valve. Please include the content_log.txt from your steam folder in the bug report.
  2. For everyone to be aware. If you are using old saves from previous prerelease versions in each subsequent build you may not be seeing all of the localized text that has been changed or added. this is particularly evident in Contracts text in-game. This is the nature of a prerelease. It is recommended you start new saves for each build version during the prerelease phase.
  3. Pretty sure it will stay in that format. but we are in pre-release and anything can change. I believe MM is being worked on just like a lot of other mods in a pre-release.
  4. New Build has been released. See opening post for changes. Plase note in a lot of cases you need to start new saves to pick up some of the localized text etc (especially contracts).
  5. Indeed there is that and so much more.
  6. Found the final issue with the Rescue Kerbals on the ground. v0.13.0 published with a fix for that and a couple of other things. (Chagelog in the OP).
  7. Ah ok. thx. I'll take a look.
  8. Works for me.. two things: Have you selected the "Save to File" button to the left of the Take Picture button? Pictures are saved in \GameData\TarsierSpaceTech\Plugins\PluginData\TarsierSpaceTech
  9. Sounds like your save is the problem. How it has frozen kerbal entries and no vessel entries is a mystery. Can you supply your save file? Can you reproduce the problem at all? Can you supply a save file please? although with that long list of mods.. may be difficult for me to get any idea what is going on here.
  10. Thanks guys. I finally reproduced the problem ith this save. I'll look into it tomorrow. Nope not normal. But if you can provide a save and logs where it occurs I can take a look. Not a lot to go on there. I see the error. But nothing else in the log to help. Although I see scatterer errors. Can you supply a save file where this ocurs?
  11. This should be fixed in build 1730. But you have to scrap your saves and start fresh. Nothing can be done about that.. that's Pre-release.
  12. Yes All you do is define your resource as per the new standard. RESOURCE_DEFINITION { name = LiquidFuel displayName = #autoLOC_500999 abbreviation = #autoLOC_6002095 density = 0.005 unitCost = 0.8 hsp = 2010 flowMode = STACK_PRIORITY_SEARCH transfer = PUMP isTweakable = true volume = 5 } name is the internal name for the resource. displayName is the Localized tag for the resource (full name) abbreviation is the Localized tag for the abbreviation More details will be presented shortly in the prerelease modding sub-forum on how to do the localized tags. That's it. <EDIT> Forgot to mention you don't 'HAVE' to localize it... so you can just put strings in any language in displayName and abbreviation.
  13. All of the implemented languages in 1.2.9 are left to right. Switching it would require further changes. More info on how to localize mods will be forthcoming. It is quite easy, but a very laborious task (I can attest to that). And of course the mods will require code changes.
  14. I do not see the point in making this mod like my mod? Why don't you kep this mod the way it was? AmpYear is a different mod and I don't understand why you would want to make this mod like it. Seems to defeat the purpose. I'd also prefer you didn't use my code in this mod. Of course licenses permit, but I prefer you didn't. This mod should be it's own.
  15. Build 1730 of the Pre-Release has been published. Changelog can be found on the Pre-Release sub-forums.