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Introducing For Science! - Major Content Update Out in December

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Hello Kerbonauts! 

Some exciting announcements as we enter the chilly months. 

In December, we'll release a major content update for Kerbal Space Program 2! In past dev diary posts and video dev chats we've referred to the update as Dot Two or Science. We're thrilled to officially dub this update... 

For Science! 

(Yes, the exclamation point is part of the update name. It’s the most important!) 

KSP2_Science Key Art.jpg

We’ve been sprinkling in sneak peeks of For Science! at the end of dev chats for everyone to digest. While we have more to share in the coming weeks, here are some features to expect from the update: 

(Please note all images are work in progress!) 


Exploration Mode 

The For Science! update introduces a new game mode called Exploration Mode. In this mode, you collect and transmit Science from unique biomes across the Kerbolar System; and then redeem Science to unlock new part technologies. 

Why is it called Exploration Mode and not Science Mode? In future updates, this mode will allow for resource collection and utilization, as well as the establishment of automated resource delivery routes. We want you to be able to continue the campaigns you start in December through all future colony, interstellar, and resource-gathering updates. 



Science Collection Parts and Interface 

As the name states, all new Science collection parts help collect Science. These parts are physically consequential, meaning shape and mass should be taken into consideration when building vehicles. 

Screenshot 2023-10-10 13-06-07.png

The Science collection and transmission interface gives you the heads-up when there's an opportunity to take measurements or collect a sample. The research inventory gives a detailed view of all Science collected during a flight with clear information about what's been learned and what conditions need to be met to claim Science rewards. 



Tech Tree 

The Research and Development Center is open! Science can be used to unlock new categories on the tech tree, allowing the creation of more advanced vehicles. You can scout and preview future nodes to plan through dozens of part families. 

Beauty Reel.00_41_56_17.Still037.png


Mission Control 

Mission Control is also open for business - meet Dr. Keri Kerman who will send you on increasingly-challenging quests from learning about basic rocketry to attempting to build and maneuver an entirely new kind of vehicle. 

Beauty Reel.00_41_41_00.Still035.png


Heating and Thermal 

The days of stress-free atmospheric re-entry will come to an end with atmospheric re-entry heating and thermal behavior for parts. When For Science! releases, take those heat shields seriously! 

Beauty Reel.00_42_06_24.Still039.png

Wobbly Rockets Improvements 

We've been hard at work improving the wobbly rockets issue. An enhanced joint system will dramatically reduce wobbliness of large vehicles. 

Aaaaaand More! 

We can’t tell you everything, that’ll ruin the surprise! 

With this update there will also be significant improvements to quality of life and performance! As we continue development, we strive to make KSP2 playable on a wider variety of PCs. 


In other exciting news, today we’re at Space Creator Day – Creative Director Nate Simpson gave a first look at For Science! to space enthusiasts and creators. He also chatted with creators about the update and answered their questions. 

Check out their channels in the coming days for exclusive interviews and gameplay (and because they make great content!): 

Thank you for your patience as we gear up for the update, look forward to more information soon! 

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Hey this is nice. December is quicker than the majority of expectations, if this is good this can start to change the tide of public opinion. 

Excited to redownload and give it a spin.


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i am so, so proud of everyone at Intercept. It took some guts directly adressing the game issues on stage for everyone to hear, rising to the challenge of doing something about them, and then going above and beyond to make the game truly come alive. incredible work from everyone, cannot wait to play this come December!

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I watched the livestream, and then read this post.

It is still unclear to me how these systems are not just KSP1 science. Like not even a remix, just two small gameplay changes: Some parts are bigger and have mass, and there's a button to collect all science at once.

As for the wobble fix: First off YAYYYY. Second off, sadly the "fix" is not a deletion, which would be the real fix. Wobble is nothing but bad game and engine design showing through the cracks.

On hiring blackrack: Hell yes.

Also Nate said "This weeks 0.1.5", something to say about that?

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