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  1. This is so insanely silly but so scifi looking, I love it! I’ll have to try it back home and well done on the release
  2. I really didn't think I'd be impressed but color me surprised and impressed, maybe it was worth waiting half a year :raisedEyebrows:
  3. I will exploit ksps aerodynamics and this mod to my full extent (this is a cry for help)
  4. I'm shaking and crying right now he finally finished fsd this is truly a ksp modding historic moment of all time, congrats! Lmao NRE drive
  5. This is so much more comfortable to look at then the stock ui, thank you so much!
  6. Q: What sort of ISRU system will be added eventually and how complex will it be? For example, if you were to want to refuel a ISV around a planet such as Jool, assumedly you'd harvest the gas giant for gas to refuel the vehicle - how would this work in KSP2
  7. That's no fun, this means that several things that were possible in ksp1 aren't possible in ksp2 anymore For example, I created a stock propeller test on release day and encountered the same problem where you couldn't switch vessels (video in spoiler) This also means I can't do funnies such as guided missiles or generally anything that includes target homing or otherwise Hopfully this isn't a feature (why would it be? I don't see a reason why) and it gets changed/fixed quickly
  8. Context NovaSilisko (iirc) originally came up with an idea for a *storyline* of sorts which never made it into KSP1, it's here in this pastebin https://pastebin.com/3vvjushy (Pastebin copy/pasted below) There's a few traces of it in KSP1, it's how we have the SSTV signal on duna Here's the interesting part - How does this relate to KSP2? Let's start simple From the pastebin, we know that some form of precursor civilisation would have existed before the Kerbals that we know and love We also know that they're *Significantly* more advanced then kerbals, knowing how to go interstellar (with more advanced systems then kerbals... they teleported their entire planet, lmao) So far the most well known artefact that's in KSP2 and KSP1 is the mun arch (Extended details in spoiler) There's also the Minmus monument - This one's rather interesting, more about it later I'm not sure about what else is in KSP2 avaliable right now, but there's been glitches leading people to discover more then they're supposed to (Below) There's also more models of anomalies in the game files, @Kerman Von Kerman's thread documents them very well (do read, its very good ) Linking ksp1 with ksp2 (speculation) From here on is pure speculation! With what little we know about anomalies in ksp2, I personally feel like ksp1s planned storyline is going to be in or at least play a part in ksp2 - The stargate seems indicative of a highly advanced civilisation (and there's anomalies all over the kerbol system). The anomalies also depict the "Precursors" and in some files a space cuthulu? kraken? is also depicted Perhaps you can do something at anomalous sites leading you to more anomalies, eventually leading you to the hidden planet or activating the stargate I'm not sure how exactly the Karicebo message at the end of the ksp2 videos ties into all of this, but other people on this forum have speculated on it. What can be sure is that the second kerbal depicted in it shows the precursors though, the same ones on the monuments. Or they're just there for fun (doesn't seem like it though, LOREEEEEEEE) I don't know enough yet to make a conclusion lmao, I really don't know what to write here Further Reading Thanks for listening to my manical ranting
  9. Less dissapointment and more lack-of-a-word-to-describe-my-burnout-in-ksp1-from-using-same-parts-for-too-long and fearing that I won't know what to do with the parts in ksp2... which in hindsight is mostly a nonissue because of the hopefully large amounts of new parts in ksp2. And as I said I don't really mind using the parts even if they are the same, beacuse Nertea's mods are still amazing. Didn't word it well then lmao, I know this and wouldn't want ksp2 to be a entirely different game ^ But we won't know for certain if the parts are new models or not until release day /shrug
  10. I could be wrong, but some parts from gameplay previews look uncannily similar to the parts from the Near Future mods Nertea created. I'm well aware Nertea has been hired onto the KSP2 team so this is completely fine if they really have reused the parts albeit with retextures it looks. From the gameplay videos I've spotted the 5m Annular truss parts and 5m cargo parts from Near future construction/launch vehicles Personally if this is the case I'm slightly dissapointed - having been a user of the Near Future mods for a long time means I'm far too familiar with the parts, and using them as parts again in KSP2 just feels kinda... strange, considering it's a new game. Just to clarify - it's not like there are many ways to make a truss/cargo bay so I could be wrong, and the parts aren't bad - no complaints with the parts themselves, I'll still happily use them. I'm also aware people who haven't played KSP with the mods before also won't have used the parts, so this isn't a issue for them, Thoughts?
  11. Jesus christ, I completely forgot about this forum thread *Facepalm* Yeah, all questions should be in the new thread by Zer0Kerbal And thanks a lot man! I'll leave this thread to rest then, please - @Vanamonde if you would kindly close it
  12. I've given @zer0Kerbal permission to adopt this mod as permitted by the license, seeing that I've ran out of motivation to update this mod, plus life being in the way... sorry for lack of updates and activity. I've added him to the 'Additional Authors' list on Spacedock (as of posting it is marked as "pending" so this is still a question mark, will update this post if it changes) I sincerely apologise for the lack of updates, and if it's disappointed anyone Many thanks! @HebaruSan @VITAS
  13. Been following this for the past 3 years, decided to give it a reread... still as great as ever
  14. Tl;dr Early 2023 for PC and later that year for consoles, take that for what you will. At least there's a confirmation, so that's good
  15. Honestly I'd preorder it, it's not like I'm lacking the money and I've been waiting for this game since the morning I woke up checked youtube notifications and saw that KSP2 trailer back in 2019. I'd be happy as long as I get a semi-working game. Not saying I want a game that half works, but after suffering through KSP1 my standards are already set low enough that I'd be happy lmao
  16. This might just be the thing that gets me back into ksp, looks great!
  17. This mod is a godsend, most useful thing I've installed in ages!
  18. Oh damn, thanks! I'm thinking about reworking/remodelling or adding some new engines and plumes when I have time, possibly this weekend so yeah. I'll also check on the bussard drive
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