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  1. Have you given FalconBMS a go? it's a mod for the original Falcon 4.0, but modernizes the game quite a lot. And the dynamic campaign it has is simply great. But yeah I agree that the older flightsims where better, they where simply grander in scale. IL2 and DCS look really nice and can be tons of fun. But man wouldn't it be nice to have large scale battles again.
  2. iirc they said there's a good chance that re-entry effects could come before the actual mechanic Small window : )
  3. Did they forget to hit the play test button on unity again?
  4. That's a very small changelog, is this really the patch we've been waiting for the whole summer?
  5. Yes, once it is complete in about 50 years
  6. That's ksp2 for you, the game is awfully optimized so it will not use your system's resources properly
  7. tbh this feels like an empty apology, like those walls of text AAA publish after making an awful 70€ "game". No owning up to mistakes, not even saying where things went wrong, just " we know it doesn't mean your expectations" Think that was obvious since the game came out lol We are now quite a while away from the early access launch, game is at 37% positive reviews on steam, the discord server is full of apologist and the game feels like it will never be finished. In the meantime the community manager will call places like reddit an echo chamber, like if the discord wasn't and blame bots for him getting downvotes.
  8. First of all the devs need to sort out how to get 50 parts on screen without the fps going to 5
  9. Seeing how ksp2 is turning out to be, I bet it's gonna be glitchy
  10. I installed a mod specifically to avoid wobbly rockets lol Space shuttles
  11. 6 months to implement a heat effect. Damn
  12. Launched a space station core today, need to add a science module soon and probably more power for it. https://imgur.com/hYDkY78 Hopefully that embeds, been a while since I've sent pictures here
  13. Honestly seeing how a game that was supposed to be complete in 2020 currently is in 2023, vastly behind their predecessor and a buggy, laggy and straight up broken mess I don't blame 'em for thinking the next major update is years away, if it will ever come lol. We've been months with the game already and updates added a couple of new engines?. Yeah there were bug fixes, at least I can do a mun mission without the whole thing imploding or breaking, I think. The devs feel distant, posting walls of texts that 2 guys will read instead of showing something. We don't know how science will work, multiplayer, etc. All their responses are "It's a secret ;)" you know what's not a secret?, that the player count has been below 1000 for the past months. Alongside all this the devs are stumbling with themselves with issues like the terrain system, the past one worked perfectly and they just created one that will burn up your gpu and isn't an improvement over the last one what so ever. Nice waste of time :p To top it all off, the original ksp dev, Harvester found a neat way around the wobbling issues for his neat plane game, a game that isn't released but looks miles ahead of ksp2.
  14. This is nice and all but some gameplay footage wouldn't be bad I wonder how long is the "short release window without heating/thermal effects".
  15. With the current state of KSP2, I can only wish you the best of luck on this project.
  16. Might have been posted here, but anyways. This is known as a JATO take off, where they pretty much slap a few rockets on the plane to allow it to take off(Mainly to help the plane get in the air if it's way to heavy for a normal take off). I'm pretty sure most of us did something similar to get that very badly designed cool plane in the air.
  17. I really don't get how the devs see this issue and say "Yeah it's part of what makes Kerbal Kerbal", Like...making a game harder to play just cause is fun?! And considering the scope of the game, making interstellar ships than don't fit in the VAB, with the current philosophy it seems like those would just wobble and break apart. That's why I like mods like RO, they made the rockets rigid, you can built a 20 meter rocket and it will act as a proper rocket. It's just plain better this way imo.
  18. 8/10 saw ya when you liked one of my posts
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