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  1. It happened to me during Duna misssion. My lander was not too stable on the sclope. And after I returned it was physic kicked and fell
  2. Reported Version: v0.2.1 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 10 | CPU: Intel Core i7 9750H | GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 | RAM: 16 GB I docked two craft to transfer fuel. I attached video, screenshot and save file. In video you can see, how I added fuel tank in transfer section and tried to delete it. But instead of deleting it created the same fuel tank window with close button in left part of resource manager, which can't normally happen. If you click on close button in this new fuel tank window, it creates new "broken" fuel tank windows in left part of resource manager I loaded save several times and this situation always repeated Included Attachments: Resourcemanagerbug.mp4 resourcemanagerbug.json .ipsImage { width: 900px !important; }
  3. Reported Version: v0.2.1 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 10 | CPU: Intel Core i7 9750H | GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 | RAM: 16 GB Please unarchive this report, I had the same bug: I managed to reproduce some case of this bug, I think it is particulary related to engine plates I built vessel with some RCS on engine plate. When I tried to control RCS, only rcs engines which was on engine plate didn't work. I saved game and loaded this new save. And these back RCS started working. You can see process in attached video How to reproduce bug with my attached craft: Fly it to orbit Try to thrust these back rcs engine and see that they don't do anything Save game and load this save Try to thrust these engines again I'm sure that this bug correlates with cases when rcs engines are on engine plates, because I had same problems with other crafts with rcs on engine plate in previous ksp2 versions How to reproduce this bug on another craft Build craft with any RCS on engine plate Fly it to orbit Try to thrust engine plate RCS Save and reload Try to thrust engine plate RCS again Included Attachments: Engineplatercsdontwork.mp4 Tanker-H2-A.json .ipsImage { width: 900px !important; }
  4. Right this happens sometimes with me - 4GB VRAM
  5. Reported Version: v0.2.1 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 10 | CPU: Intel Core i7 9750H | GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 | RAM: 16 GB Happened with me when I changed order of stage and activate stage. My Jool explorer probe had last stage with atmosphere probe on its top, but because I saved fuel, I decided to decouple atmosphere probe much earlier. I changed stage order and activated stage with atmosphere probe. When I came to the last stage of my main orbital vessel, it had full tank of fuel, but 0 dV. I opened save file to see what is wrong with my "Jool explorer" craft. I saw that it has "totalStageCount": 3. Maybe it's clue of the problem. I attached save and craft file With craft file you can: Launch craft In orbit change stage order and decouple atmo probe Activate all stages on main orbital vessel Try to get bug Included Attachments: JoolProbe.json autosave_2.json .ipsImage { width: 900px !important; }
  6. Reported Version: v0.2.1 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 10 | CPU: Intel Core i7 9750H | GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 | RAM: 16 GB I encountered this bug near Floating tock monument on Minmus. How to reproduce: Land craft near floating rock, when science panel shows floating rock location Timewarp Observe bug It happens also when you switch to tracking station and timewarp. But if you before switch to KSC bug will disappear and you'll able to timewarp without placing craft under surface Included Attachments: MinmusRockundersurfacebug.mp4 .ipsImage { width: 900px !important; }
  7. I'm so uncomfortable going back to my vessel after creating a maneuver. I have to manually focus many times, first on the planet or a nearby random vessel, then on my controlled vessel. In KSP1 there was a tilde button that allowed you to immediately re-focus on your vessel, I think it is easy to return this function
  8. I agree with this. I want to have different vessel types as in KSP1 with vessel types filter. There must be ability to hide/show all crafts of the same types in map view. If it can be done, the map view will be much less visual mess and maneuver planning will be more convenient. Also I would like to save vessel names during docking or undocking
  9. I'm really looking forward to new UI, I'm so tired of miss clicking in map view
  10. I would like to see in UI more orbital parameters, like period, inclination, eccentricity, mean anomaly and etc
  11. Reported Version: v0.2.0 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 10 | CPU: Intel Core i7 9750H | GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 | RAM: 16 GB I encountered situation when crafts with "Thud" engines start spontaneously rotate if you deflect it to either side by a small amount. Here I tried to do steps to reproduce this Build craft with Nk-55 "Thud" engines (2 in my case) Make center of thrust next to center of mass (as on screenshot) Launch craft and deflect craft in any side Try to get situatuin as in video, when your craft gets spin "kick" when you get rotation out of control If I was correct, when I moved the center of thrust away from the center of mass, my craft did not go out of control like in the video although the leverage has increased. Maybe this bug is caused by the location of the centers of mass and thrust, maybe by craft and engine jet physics interactions. I'm 80% sure this behavior is a bug Included Attachments: spontaneouslyspin.mp4 Bugs.json
  12. It seems to me that heat shields are quite overpowered. I never lost more than 0.1 tons of ablator for small heatshield. Even when I did hyperbolic trajectory re entry after Moho-Kerbin transfer my craft lost only 0.07 tons. For bigger heatshields this value will be larger, but their square is larger and they have more ablator. Maybe ablation depends very much on duration of reentry and very low on speed
  13. I agree that devs must pay more attention to rovers, they are very important for serious exploration and will be much more important in colonies update I believe. Based of feedbacks it seems that 1000 physic spin/kick bug happens not in all locations and not with all crafts, maybe physic kisk affects mostly small mass crafts. But I encountered it on Duna and Moho with first small wheels different rovers. I believe devs must fix this bug as soon as possible
  14. This bug happens to me a lot in 0.2, I tried for now in Exploration campaign only RoveMax S2 wheels and don't know what happens with others. It's important bug because on planets with atmospheres (and not only with them) it is difficult to land precisely and you need rover to explore so kerbals will not on foot always. For example in Duna Monument mission my landing precision was ~3km, and I built rover for my kerbals to don't make them walk and drive to place fast. It's game breaking when you always have physic kicks after changing timewarp or every 1 km.
  15. Reported Version: v0.2.0 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 10 | CPU: Intel Core i7 9750H | GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 | RAM: 16 GB After a certain amount of time, the game automatically saves your workspace by generating a save file and a craft picture. I deleted the autosaved workspaces. But in the folder of workspaces I still have pictures of crafts from autosaves. Check the following Go to AppData\LocalLow\Intercept Games\Kerbal Space Program 2\Saves\SinglePlayer\"Campaign Name"\Workspaces See if there are any pictures left over from any previous workspaces saves without an associated save file like "Autosave CampaignName 01_11_2024 13_56.png"
  16. Reported Version: v0.2.0 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 10 | CPU: Intel Core i7 9750H | GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 | RAM: 16 GB The amount of braking force at the landing gear LY-10 depends on the spring value. As you can see in the video, when the spring value is changed to 0, the plane rolls down the mountain, and when the positive value is returned, the plane brakes again. I have attached a save with the airplane and a craft file Included Attachments: Stringbugwithbraking.mp4 FlyerB.json
  17. Reported Version: v0.2.0 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 10 | CPU: Intel Core i7 9750H | GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 | RAM: 16 GB I have observed this bug on several crafts. It happens often right after enabling engines or changing timewarp to 1x. The point is that after turning on the engines parts of the craft begin to dangle very much, which leads to its destruction. The ship was destroying with the enhanced joint system when multi joint system was on and off. I have an example on the video, as well as attached craft file and log just in case I have a hypothesis that this is affected by vehicles that have multiple parallel fuel tanks connected inline, like the ship in the video, and when the engines are attached to them. To replicate this, try making a vehicle immediately after turning on the game with Central core with engine(s) Connected to core boosters from several inline connected tanks and engines Docking port optional maybe I have craft with similar bug, which will be in the next bug report Included Attachments: DunaShipcollapses.mp4 InterplanetShip-A.json Player.log Orb3.json
  18. You have sufficient specs. All my crashes also were when game closed without any messages. Maybe you can make separated bug report about your crashes and attach log files after crash, like [Crash after VRAM allocations fail]
  19. I think that mission where you must launch satellite to KEO will make sense if commnet will be a real thing
  20. The main feature of update was Exploration mode. Now I have goals to explore Kerbolar system. Lack of parts makes me to solve puzzles, how to achieve target with current parts, what parts should I unlock, where should I go. I have enjoyment from overcoming limitations and have feeling of progression during comliting missions and unlocking new parts. Second feature which makes me continue exploration is plot. It’s not cinematographic, but messages are funny and well writed, lore is very intriguing. But not all in exploration mode is well as it seems to me. I encountered missing text for science reports which was written as “default message” or “crew assess environment and collect its characteristics”. The well written examples are soil sample reports, now I didn’t see them written in default message style. Some missions in exploration mode are dishonest and absurd balanced. For example mission “LIL CHONKER” where you get only 35 points for delivering 200 tons Minmus, but for Kapy rock you get 200 points. In Kerwide Tour missions it seemed to me annoying to use cabin cans for my crafts. They are like they were made for planes, but instead doing any crew observations you must bring with you unsuitable parts which very much interfere your flight. Missions also suffer from an inadequate interface and lack of important position and orbit information that would come in handy during complex missions. For example, an orbit rounding mission gives the orbit parameters not as an eccentricity and a large semi-axis, but as a perigee and apogee. This is done due to the fact that the player has nowhere to see the eccentricity, although this is a very important parameter in orbital mechanics. As a result, this parameter will not be stored in the player's head and it will be more difficult for him to plan and execute more complex orbital maneuvers in the absence of this knowledge. Or the plot mission where you need to put a satellite into Minmus orbit. The inclination of the orbit of 45 degrees is proposed to be determined by eye. It is clear that this is not particularly difficult to do and it is so well chosen, but it greatly reduces the number of goals that could be set for the player. The game really needs a tool that shows all the parameters of the orbit with great accuracy. The window can be placed specifically for this purpose in the same place as the panels with the resource manager, details, etc. Very much interferes with the exploration process that you have to memorize in your mind all the places you have visited in order not to waste time flying to the same place 2 times. There is no archive for science reports and the most of your reports you see once in the campaign. You can miss story or lore if you skip them accidentaly. Also other things, like discoverables, are not saved on your map. After you found it game doesn’t add it as known object in tracking station. Founding of discoverables is interesting, but very time consuming process. You must fly above surface or drive rover for a very long time and it’s not a fact, that discoverable is big enough to spot it for a first time. I suggest to add scanner on 3-4 tech level, which can orbit celestial body and if it flies above discoverable it detects it and give a player a area on map, where player should search for it. Maybe telescope, which should fly above area of interest for certain time within the permissible speed range. It would create a new and interesting challenge for the player. There are no credits as in KSP1. At first glance it seems to be missing feature, but in my opinion in KSP2 it’s unnecessary layer. Not in terms that in future player must also control resources in colonies, but it motivates you to explore and fly instead of using mechanics like financial strategies. On the second tech tier I built rocket which delivered communication sat and lander to Moho without using any gravitational maneuvers, with KSP1 money restrictions I wouldn’t do it. So to gather science I went to Moho instead of farming some boring stuff in Kerbin SOI. My rocket was large enough and it seemed that there are no restrictions for craft size, but during construction of rocket I encountered one. It was mass. Without powerful engines you can lift heavy masses, and to unlock these engines you must collect science, do missions and fly to another places. But what could be taken from KSP 1 is the center for the recruitment of kerbonauts, so that you can quickly find out the list and statuses of all the kerbonats, because it is not very convenient to watch them in the VAB. After compliting Minmus plot mission I got mission to do the same but on Duna. Building interplanetary ships and mission to Minmus are much different things, and it seemed like it is very big leap for inexperienced players. Of course there was no timer and you can pracitce and collect science for unlocking parts building simple probe to Duna or to another planet, but for inexperienced players it can be non-obviously. And there were no secondary missions after comliting Minmus mission when player must send light probe to another planet, this mission would encourage players not to be afraid to try to send missions easier than landing on the Mun, but to other planets. During complex flights and missions there were some very big inconveniences with the map view. At the moment the map mode is very inconvenient to use, the screen is too cluttered. When trying to edit a maneuver, you constantly misclick because the cursor sensitivity zones are oddly configured, windows from different points in the orbits open and block the maneuver editor, when you turn the camera some parts of the editor disappear. With a large number of elements, a separate panel would be useful where all the maneuver parameters could be precisely adjusted: the velocity vector, the perigee argument, the number of the turn. It would be possible to find out from there the exact parameters of the orbit before and after Icons of all crafts look exactly the same and change size incorrectly when you change the distance from the camera. As the number of crafts increases, you need to hide some devices not only from the list in the tracking station, but also from the map for convenience. But there is no such option and you are forced to see all your units ever launched. After several launches in the map mode you get an unpleasant jumble. Using the list to select devices is also not convenient because there is no division into types of devices. The presence of filters of vehicles by type, such as manned ship, probe, satellite, lander, rover, etc. would give convenience, obviously visible visual difference and the ability to immediately find the desired craft. But so far in the game there is no possibility to set the type of vehicle to the control module. Also the game has an obscure naming system. After you have docked or undocked the units, they do not retain their original name and you have to remember what is what again. Setting the main unit in a bundle and the ability to rename control modules piece by piece, so that after docking and undocking for the resulting units were automatically assigned to the types and names you specify, would solve the problem. Such a system is available in KSP1. Workspace system in VAB is very incomprehensible, the game nowhere gives instructions on how to use it and it is difficult to understand waiting for an unaware player what its advantage is. Of course the update made a positive impression and I was able to get a lot more emotions when playing than before, but there are still a lot of problems in the form of some unbalanced missions, difficult and insufficient interface especially in map mode, serious bugs. But there's still room for improvement
  21. Sadly that you can't hide craft icons in tracking station. Map and tracking station UI is much uncomfortable, I often missclick because the cursor sensitivity zones are oddly configured
  22. I think it's because all celestial bodies in map view have spherical collsison model probably. I saw this on the Mun, Minmus and other bodies with complex relief, but of course on Bop it's most notably. I believe we need more accurate non-spherical models in map view, maybe without soapy textures when you zoom in on the planet
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