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  1. KSRSS / KSRSS · GitLab Click the blue "Code" button and download the source code as a zip file. Download the dependencies and place the KSRSS file in your gamedata folder.
  2. I'm having the same issue as this user. It seems like this problem shows up after playing for a little while and is fixed when I restart the game. Any suggestions?
  3. Is there any way I can use a different sunflare from the one that's included?
  4. I keep getting this message when I try to open the Rescale.2.5x.zip file that I downloaded.
  5. I have two questions: Are the terrain scatters collidable? Is autostrut going to be a feature at launch?
  6. That sucks because there have been a lot of bug fixes for Scatterer since then. Do you know if anyone has made updated configs for JNSQ?
  7. The gas giants are completely black. Running on 1.12.4 and installed through CKAN. I also added the ColorFix.cfg to my gamedata file. Example:
  8. Honestly, I am happy with this decision. It makes Eve into more of a Venus analogue. Are you planning on adding a second moon to Duna? Also, with regards to Parallax support. Is Eve going to maintain the alien life found in the original configs, or is it going to be more desolate?
  9. Would it be possible for this mod to be added to CKAN again? Apparently CKAN lists it to be incompatible with 1.12.4.
  10. Overall, how much do you expect the volumetric clouds to impact performance? I am expecting a pretty precipitous decline in frame rates.
  11. I am truly beginning to question whether or not Blackrack is actually god. Seriously dude, this looks incredible. I imagine multiple cloud layers would be epic on Eve.
  12. Would it be possible for the ReDirect shuttle external tank and boosters to be included with SOCK on CKAN, with Waterfall configs?
  13. I noticed a problem with the scatters on the Mun. It appears that some small rocks float. https://imgur.com/gallery/wtApb3S
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