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  1. That's much better, looks so nice! Is that the actual speed? Looks kinda fast for an airplane ramp. Also, are the cockpit and the ramp two separate parts, or are them the same part?
  2. Yep, the folding ramp makes it longer, so the angle is not as steep. Also, the stock landing gear is *really* tall, specially the big ones. That's why I use ALG, this way you don't need to cover so much distance between the plane and the ground, so the angle is more optimal.
  3. Those engines are really nice, and it sounds like a real engine, 10cm away from your face (dunno if that's a good thing, probably yes) The modeling and textures on the new cockpit look awesome, but maybe that ramp is a bit too steep. Not sure though, I can't really test it
  4. Nope, just on my imgur account, I thought they were not so interesting Anyway, I have more creations, but I'm usually busy as h*ck, so don't have much time to make the photos, choose the good ones, and upload them. But yeah, I'll post new albums here when they're done! Also, I don't think I need to say this again, but this mod is just the absolute most bestest airplane mod out there!
  5. Hi, I made some planes, take a look if you want! Passenger Jet -> Passenger Plane -> Ugly Cargo Plane -> Attack Heli -> F-16 Replica -> F-18 Replica ->
  6. Hi, I noticed that a craft of mine that uses IR rotatrons to rotate landing legs doesn't work anymore. I looked a bit and it turns out that all landing legs and wheels have "Locked Autostrut to Heaviest Part" activated, and I can't turn it off, so it breaks any IR moving parts that have legs or wheels attached. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with KSPWheel, but I thought that it could be related to this plugin. Here's an imgur album with a couple pics to ilustrate the problem
  7. Well, I don't have KJR installed, but I'm starting to think that this may be caused by the KSP Wheel plugin created by Shadowmage, which is used in the continued Kerbal Foundries mod (and I do have that installed). I'm not totally sure though, but I discovered that every part labeled as "leg" or "wheel" has the same locked autostrut, so it's probably not related to KER as you said. I will ask about this in the KSP Wheel forum, once I get some sleep (it's like 2:00 am here in spain). Also, I'll probably make an imgur album dedicated to this ship as soon as I can finish it (its goal is to go to Duna and back, kinda like Spacex's ITS). Thanks for everything!
  8. I'm not sure, but a few days ago, a craft that I built last week stopped working, the parts that had landing legs used to articulate using Infernal Robotics now don't move and break the joint. I noticed that the shepard legs had autostrut locked to heaviest part afterwards, but I'm not sure if they were before, so I don't really know why didn't it happen earlier. I looked through the part data, but didn't find any way to disable the lock for the autostrut. There's an imgur album with a couple images explaining the problem.
  9. Since the last update, the sheppard landing legs have locked autostrut to heaviest part, and that breaks all robotic crafts using infernal robotics. How can I change the parts to not have that locked? Thanks!
  10. Just use Procedural Wings, it makes your life so easy!
  11. Well, I've been playing with this a bit and it's much like the good old KF (maybe even better!). It's really nice that you also fixed and included ALG, you're awesome. Thanks for everything you do!
  12. Really neat! What mod are those wheels from?
  13. Hi, I've got a couple questions, hope they're not too obvious. I saw some post back a revamp of the old rails from the original IR, and also wheels, and even rotors. I downloaded it and there´s only the robotic parts. Why is that?
  14. So, are you planning on doing any non-inflatable centrifugue? Like the one a few pages ago with the individual nodes or the asymetrical one? Maybe having windows on these would make more sense (glass doesn't like to bend and change shape, I guess) Thanks for all your amazing work!
  15. Nice, thanks for all your work, these HABS are amazing Also, are you planning to make any of the 2nd stage tanks able to change texture and color, like the first stage one? Sorry if it has been answered before, I couldn't find anything about it. Thanks!