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  1. Here's what I've been working on since yesterday - a scaledspace overhaul. (Image from my DeviantArt, rendered in GIMP) Check out the full size version here.
  2. I could also rework the atmospheres to be more realistic using real-life formulas and whatnot?
  3. @Sovietsanta It works fine in 1.2.2 AFAIK. ... Although I could update some stuff. I'll look into it, expect an update within these next few days.
  4. I'm currently really working on ScaledSpace though. Evolution will be the first pack to feature full 8K support - if you can handle it, you might as well throw quality through the roof, hm? Why settle with 'epic' when you can have 'r-evolution-ary'? ... That pun was Jeb's.
  5. I'm currently working on something for Faz and Corolet as well as adding surface dust, after that it's good to go.
  6. My CPU is pretty comparable as well, a sixth gen Intel i5-6400, and it never rises beyond 30% when playing KSP. The RAM however is a completely different story. @Linear How much RAM does your PC have? And the GPU is the one loading all of the texturework. I figured EVE would be harder on the GPU than the CPU tbh.
  7. What the Jebedaiah? I have a GTX 1050 Ti 4GB and playing with: 8K planet textures + 8K cloudmaps + 4K detail textures + 4K ringtexture + 4K sun texture + HD Sunflare + 1K surface textures + Scatterer + ocean shaders + 4K skybox textures in this image here: No lag at all. I'm really wondering what the Kerman could make your PC lag so badly. Hell, I even run a second monitor on this thing. Can you post a list of mods?
  8. Whoo, been a while since I've been on this thread. The index is for when you use the same PQSMod twice, in which case you will have to give both different 'names' and assign a different index. Like this: VertexHeightNoise { name = FirstHeightMod index = 0 } VertexHeightNoise { name = SecondHeightMod index = 1 } Also, an announcement: as I am learning more and mode about C# I can now read the code of Kopernicus that loads the PQSMods. Therefore I can tell exactly what values it will look for and how each value should be entered.
  9. @Pretorian28715 I have written several guides on the subject as well as made several videos. I also plan to make a video covering all I know about the subject at some point within these next two weeks. In that tutorial I will be covering: - Creation of planets with semi-realistic physical properties - What most of the values do - How to add oceans - How to create a realistic atmosphere by hand - How to choose PQSMods in a clever way - Various PQSMods - KittopiaTech And in a sequel: - Scatterer - EVE - PlanetShine - DOE - Custom terrain scatters - Custom surface textures And later possibly: - How to create your own, custom PQSMods (+ some basic C#) But what exactly are you trying to create? I may have some tips and tricks for you.
  10. GREEN TIMES NEWSPAPER Today we have received word from Pandora. Construction is coming along nicely although civillians will have to wait to make the jump as development is slow. Local aeronautics administration KSC has gone on record stating that they will endeavor to make even further locations visitable by Kerbalkind. Potential targets are Mackenzie, Zeki, Cera and most promisingly, Manny, when it comes to objects beyond Isalin's gravitational influence. With the continued development of orbital transfer equipment, Gene Kerman has gone on record stating that 'it won't be long before you can hop on a plane to Qwerri just to take a crap there'. Image: Karbon-7 missile launcing the first components of the VALHALLA. Credit: KSC / Andrew Kerman.
  11. That'd be amazing! Thank you!
  12. Oh, and people - I don't know what that is at the end of the trailer. My PC had a weird breakdown while editing and I had to restart it. For a few moments the screen was glitchy as heck but then it was all normal again. When I checked the footage, it was there... Thank you!
  13. Alright, the official trailer!
  14. Cerillion's trailer is finished, cuttently exporting at 1080P 30FPS. What do you mean?
  15. Thank you!