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  1. I have no idea what's causing it. Could either of you provide me with logs, modlist, etc?
  2. @GregroxMun I'm not sure if Ellipsoid works perfectly as intended, but the result is DEFINITELY interesting. Trust me, you can create a dougnut planet now.
  3. The big problem is applying the deformity to the terrain... that's gonna be hell.
  4. @GregroxMun about to write PQSMod_Ellipsoid. I'm going for a Vector3 approach when it comes to the axis deformity, so it needs to be entered as: deformity = (A), (B), (C) Which is then internally torn apart to three separate Double values which are then, if enabled, multiplied by the sphere deformity.
  5. I think you don't know what an integer is exactly XD The seed you entered is too high. The maximum value for an int32 is 2147483647. Placed under each other: 3141592654 - your entry 2147483647 - max int32 value according to Microsoft Hence why the log reads: [LOG 09:03:19]: Parsing Target seed in (KLE.HybridNoise) as (Kopernicus.NumericParser`1[System.Int32]) [LOG 09:03:19]: Exception Was Recorded: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. Translated: "I am about to parse the seed of the mod" "Error! I can't read this, it's too great! Mind blown! I repeat, mind blown!"
  6. Edit: @GregroxMun already finished FlattenMountains. Behold the code: public class PQSMod_AltitudeLimiter : PQSMod { public Double maxAltitude = 2000; public override void OnVertexBuildHeight(PQS.VertexBuildData data) { if (data.vertHeight >= maxAltitude + sphere.radius) data.vertHeight = maxAltitude + sphere.radius; } } [RequireConfigType(ConfigType.Node)] public class AltitudeLimiter : ModLoader<PQSMod_AltitudeLimiter> { [ParserTarget("maxAltitude", optional = true)] public NumericParser<double> maxAltitude { get { return mod.maxAltitude; } set { mod.maxAltitude = value; } } } That's all it takes. The first part is the C# behavior script. As you can see, it has the value 2000 by default although this is overridden by the value entered in a config - provided a value is specified, otherwise 2000 will be used. Public override void OnVertexBuildHeight -> activates when KSP builds the planet's deformity The function translated to English: "If the data in this specific area is greater than the value of maxAltitude plus the radius of the sphere (data.vertHeight counts from the planet center), then the value of the altitude here is, after the PQSMod is applied, equal to the value of maxAltitude plus the radius of the sphere." The second part is the loader, Kopernicus' ModLoader will search for the node 'AltitudeLimiter' in a config and when it does, will look for the text 'maxAltitude' and replace the value of maxAltitude in the PQSMod script with the value specified in the config. ... And then I realize that I only learned all of this in May. A month ago I would have no idea how to do such a thing... Anyhow, I'll release a new version tomorrow.
  7. Good idea! I'll see how I can make this work. Problem is I have no idea how MapDecal loads it's maps in a 'localized' fashion instead of pasting them over the entire terrain, but if SQUAD could do it then it's definitely possible. That was actually the very first PQSMod I tried to create, placing terrain scatters by reading a biome map, and I'm still trying to create it. Problem is the terrain scatters, those are HARD. I have yet to go on the IRC and ask Thomas if, instead, I can hitch a ride on LandControl's scatter configuration in some way to make the process easier. Back in the day I had called it 'Kartographer'. Alright, I'll look into it! Yikes, uh... okay, I have no idea how that's gonna work. Maybe... now that I think of it, I feel a plan forming. Perhaps data.vertHeight isn't the only thing I can alter in the override void called when KSP builds the terrain. That'd probably be similar to VertexCanyons but with a more smooth approach, not sure how I could create something like that at this point but I'll look into it regardless. Once I figure out the process behind MapDecals I'll definitely give this a go. Didn't MapDecals use Lat-Lon already though? Or was that a Vector3? I can't remember... KillAshley's Kerbol Plus already has the exact same mod so I'll probably have to get a different name to avoid conflicts but that's definitely the easiest mod on this list, will have that one done within half an hour.
  8. Tagging some people that I think may find this interesting: @Thomas P., @ProtoJeb21, @KillAshley, @GregroxMun, @CaptRobau, @Agent-Daniel_46
  9. It's scripts heavily use Kopernicus, so that's a nope. This is an extension for Kopernicus, not a replacement for Kopernicus. For example it uses Kopernicus' ModLoader. (I didn't steal anything, I can simply reference Kopernicus' DLL files and tell KSP to use Kopernicus' ModLoader.) public class VertexCanyons : ModLoader<PQSMod_VertexCanyons>
  10. Alright! No, I also don't think I can get it to curve like that. Never heard of procedural caves in KSP, so right now I'm working on creating a script that generates large chunks of rock in a similar-ish fashion. Perhaps a lightly deformed Voronoi noise on top for the fractured terrain? Currently I'm using a Simplex noise for placement with a separate, optional limiter that limits the effect to areas below 0m only, ergo limit the effect to coastlines. I'll add a second limiter statement when I get home so they don't get generated all over the ocean floor (although they'd make for some sweet reefs now that I think of it) Anyhow, the result will probably be something closer to this in terms of formation shape: Though, caves... best option right now is an OCD mesh plus PQSCity I suppose. Only other option would be a rework of how the PQS-system works...
  11. Welcome to the Kopernicus Procedural Quad Sphere Library Expansion, or KLE for short. So, you're probably wondering, TWG, what IS KLE? Allow me to tell you all about it. KLE is a .dll file containing several scripts that add various new generation options to users. You see, KSP creates planets using something called 'Procedural Quad Sphere Mods'. Minmus, for example, is the product of the PQSMod 'VertexPlanet'. Gilly is the result of 'VertexSimplexHeightAbsolute'. KLE adds several new PQSMods, using the Microsoft C# coding language to give planet creators several new options, things that weren't possible before. Users can also suggest custom PQSMods although, mind you, not everything is possible. No 'planet sculpters'. Current PQSMods included: AltitudeMath CoastlineSmoother FlattenRange HeightColorMap3 (WIP) HybridNoise (after a suggestion by @GregroxMun) MapArtist SimplexNoiseRange SmoothenAltitude VertexCanyons VertexNoiseRange Special mods: ParadiseSpike - an in-dev mod aiming to generate something like this: In-dev PQSMods: - Templator, enter a planet type and it generates a base planet. - And many more that I forgot about... DOWNLOAD SpaceDock
  12. That's a problem with relocating Kerbin. To fix it you need to add something called postSpawnOrbit but how to use it exactly is unclear to me. @Sigma88 could you make a miracle happen here, perhaps?
  13. Then at that point, why are you even adding a heightmap if you're drowning it out with noise? Adding a heightmap and drowning it out makes it useless, and only adds system strain. I'm telling you right now - there is NO way to add a heightmap to two different planets and expecting them to look unique. It'd require a custom PQSMod with a very complex algorithm to mash up your heightmap and still have it look good. Basically AI level.
  14. You can indeed change the seed but if you apply a heightmap you'll always get similar terrain unless you set the deformity so low that the heightmap is practically useless.
  15. There aren't any real ratings to give, it's all similar. The trick is remembering, once you do that, you're all set. I highly recommend anyone wanting to give Kopernicus a go installing KittopiaTech and messing with PQSMods in game, because the real experience comes from practice.