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  1. Exactly.
  2. So it'll override wonderful fonts like this one?
  3. I could do an 8-bit version of Detach, but I'd hate to bother with copyright stuff. Also I am NOT animating that thing. Probably. I mean I did make a Rubik's cube in KSP so that could hardly be any harder...
  4. When you eat blueberries using a strict set of rules that you could use diagrams to explain.
  5. I drew a black hole over probably about an hour. It usually takes me about that much time of actual work for most of my drawings. I just have to be in the mood and I'll pump out something like this in a day.
  6. I don't think I'm Jesus because I am not religious. But I love to draw! The black hole is more scientifically accurate than Interstellar's, as it shows Doppler shifting as well as gravitational lensing.
  7. Here is a supermassive black hole:
  8. When you discover a way to use Hanoi towers optimal solutions to communicate integers.
  9. The power to type silently on a typewriter.
  10. I've taken some long breaks from KSP, but still found interesting stuff to do on the forum, like art.
  11. When I do this I tune the thrust limiter of the center core manually in flight, even shutting down the engine when the rocket is light enough to accelerate on just the side cores.
  12. Some people only use KSP to make and drive land trains. I think that's weird, but they enjoy it a lot, so that's cool. I am guilty of this.
  13. Gotta start reading up on relativity and looking at graphs!
  14. I once did Gargantua from afar, I could do a closer, more realistic view sometime with a Doppler-shifted accretion disk.