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  1. I clicked it, this is the result.
  2. "THIS IS THE SECOND WORST DAY OF MY LIFE! Our maybe the third worst." -Gordon Freeman, Freeman's Mind 2
  3. So you don't have to unlock a thread before posting in it?
  4. Guys, I think I figured it out! Since this thread is titled "Don't Click This", the mods can't click on it to lock it! That's also why nobody has ever posted here and this message doesn't exist!
  5. I post a link to this xkcd:
  6. I subscribed to a locked thread.
  7. Last night I dreamt I was walking up my driveway to the front door at night, and I happened to startle this huge bat. It was as big as my head, and I didn't want to aggravate or anger it so I tried to move away, but every time I moved the stupid bat would fly to exactly the place I was going and alight there. This went on for at least a minute before I finally got to the door.
  8. That's great! I hope they get some nice pictures. I'm practically right under the shadow in that picture, so I'll keep an eye out, especially when it's closer to eclipse day. Sure, the coolest thing to see will be the shadow on Earth.
  9. @LordFerret Surely they'll be able to see it from that close to the shadow and snap a few pictures? I was more interested in seeing footage from low Earth orbit than seeing the station from inside the shadow (Although that would be cool too).
  10. Does anyone know if the ISS will fly over it?
  11. This is an amalgamation of several "don't click this" threads, whose collective power is too much for any lock.
  12. I'll be around Idaho Falls.
  13. My biggest achievement is the stock Rubik's cubes. Ironically, it's completely unrelated to the intended scope of the game, but that's the best part.