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  1. It's getting warmer, almost all the snow is melted, clear skies, and there was a mosquito sighting at school today. The optimal stargazing time is almost at a close...
  2. Welp, time to compose an 8-bit soundtrack for every planet.
  3. What did the cow say as she was sliding down a slope at a constant velocity? Mu!
  4. Then you're using proper xkcd technique.
  5. ^This was in the Lounge and I noticed it. These are all very nice!
  6. Now that I think of it, Jeb is probably directly descended from Ikarus Kerman.
  7. I noticed my previous statement on mobile tags is now obsolete. Thank you!
  8. "Didn't we have some fun, though? Remember when the platform was sliding into the fire pit and I said 'Goodbye!' and you were like 'NO WAY' and then I was all 'We pretended we were going to murder you'? That was great." -GLaDOS
  9. Today I tried to get a balance between too tight and too loose, but was unsuccessful. I realized that turning the pieces by pulling them with the center is terribly inefficient, and not the way that physical cubes are manipulated. I can't have them be rotated by rockets, as that would be just as cumbersome as the docking ports from the original cube, if less buggy. I think an external turning mechanism could be easier. I will start work on that another time, as I've already been working all morning on the cube. I have an idea involving the asteroid claw and action groups.
  10. Asriel is in so many drawings partly to show how he is similar to other characters, but partly because I feel so bad for him and wish he could have had the opportunity to do exciting things like go to space. The other mashups tend to show how characters are similar too. Mimi, for instance, is very similar to Muffet, and Muffet's home bears an uncanny resemblance to the final area in Super Paper Mario. Gaster, being "shattered across time and space", can be likened to the Doctor who travels through both. He also seems to me the most likely character in Undertale to be found in space at any point. POTaTOS is somewhat similar to Flowey in that she needs something she doesn't have to become powerful, and has forgotten her true, past self. Robbie Rotten has a similar personality and method to Papyrus, and Waluigi is in a similar camp. Wheatley first greets you as a friend, but, like Flowey, when he takes control of the Underground he becomes a terrible monster (who is terribly painstaking to draw but I'LL FINISH IT THROUGH DETERMINATION!). Rattman never appears to Chell, but, like Gaster, leaves clues, and traces of his existence. It's interesting and fun to see just how much these seemingly unrelated characters have in common. Also Napstablook's "Spooktune" is literally "Ashley's Song" from WarioWare: Touched? Nobody else seems to have noticed that. Check it out on Youtube. I thought it was worth mentioning.