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  1. The launch pad on Gael is some 9 degrees off the equator, making it impossible to launch into an equatorial orbit.
  2. Progress update #3: Vall and Tylo are complete! So far, delta-V levels look promising, seeing as I won't have burned half my delta-V going through the Jool system. We nearly had a mission critical event coming up from Tylo-the lander nearly ran out of fuel rendezvousing with the tug. But, in the end, everything was fine. Spirits and fuel levels are high, and Bop and Pol beckon.
  3. Actually, no. They're not realistic at all. They produce something like 20,000 times as much thrust as they should in KSP. They're ridiculously overpowered-it's just that most people don't have the patience to use them to their full potential.
  4. @AeroGav, @bewing Thank you both for your prompt answers. Changing the friction control around seems to have done the trick.
  5. Whenever I launch a plane with tricycle landing gear, it will invariably begin yawing on the runway as I accelerate. Sometimes, it's controllable, and sometimes it results in my aircraft flipping over. What causes this phenomenon, and how can I prevent it?
  6. The rules specify using one ship, so unless you launched the ISRU rover at the same time as the spaceplane I don't think it would count.
  7. Assuming you're talking about KSP Interstellar Extended, you need to have Community Tech Tree installed for everything to work properly.
  8. Progress update #2: Laythe is complete! And thank goodness, I don't like it as a destination that much. Comes from not building SSTOs or aircraft, I guess. It's just so hard on rockets at times. We've made a couple of additional discoveries-our transfer vehicle can tolerate 2500 m/s aerobraking fairly well... and that it's surprisingly difficult to dock the transfer thingy to the mothership, due to having to thread the needle between the drop tanks. Problems are exacerbated when the mothership's reaction wheels get stuck on while the ship is uncontrollable. I'm starting to wish I had a reaction wheel toggle action group.
  9. The best thing about the internet is that it contains the sum of all human knowledge. The worst thing about the internet is that it contains the sum of all human knowledge.
  10. And... the mission is underway! I'm going to keep using Ven's Stock Revamp-all the parts used in the mission are stock parts, Ven's retextures notwithstanding, so I don't see it being a problem regardless of the rules regarding parts mods. Mission thread is here:
  11. Hello, all. This is a report of my attempt at the Jool-Sarnus 10 challenge. For those who don't know, the Jool-Sarnus 10 challenge is to, in one launch, land on and return from all 5 moons of Jool (like Jool 5) and all 5 moons of Sarnus from OPM. Additionally, you have to do it in a ship that costs less than 250,000 funds. So, without further ado, let's get this thing started. Mod list: Better Time Warp Continued Distant Object Enchancement Engine Lighting EVE KER Kopernicus PlanetShine RealPlume-Stock configs Scatterer-SVE sunflare Transfer Window Planner Ven's Stock Revamp The mission profile: Working under a 250,000 fund restriction makes things... interesting. Lots and lots of gravity assists are used to capture into low Vall orbit for barely 2 km/s delta-V. From there, the core of the transfer stage (mostly emptied of fuel) and the Laythe lander detach. They dock together, head to Laythe, land, and return. The everything-else lander/fuel conglomerate then detaches from the mothership and docks to the transfer stage. Vall is landed on, then the ship heads for Tylo, then Bop, then Pol, and then back. The transfer stage then reattaches to the mothership and heads for Sarnus. Gravity assists are used to capture into a low Eeloo orbit at Sarnus, and similar things happen, with a dedicated lander for Tekto (which happens to be an exact copy of the Laythe lander), and a lander/fuel thingy for the rest of the moons (also a copy). Once everything has been visited, the ship flies back to Kerbin and into a direct re-entry (or, if that proves too kaplodey, gravity assists). Wait... that was really confusing. Eh. It'll become clearer as the mission progresses. The ship: Those things on top are the lander modules, the ones on the right being for Laythe and Tekto and the ones on the left for all the other moons. Beneath that is the transfer conglomeration, and below that the booster. Progress so far: Arrived at Jool: Yes Landed on Laythe: No Landed on Vall: No Landed on Tylo: No Landed on Bop: No Landed on Pol: No Arrived at Sarnus: No Landed on Hale: No Landed on Ovok: No Landed on Eeloo: No Landed on Slate: No Landed on Tekto: No Returned to Kerbin: No Mission album: OP/thread will be updated with progress as mission progresses. Progress update #1: Woo, gravity assists. Launch to LKO went without a hitch, issues with flimsy fairing joints notwithstanding. From there, the ship took the Eve-Kerbin-Kerbin-Laythe gravity assist path, ending up on an orbit intersecting Vall's. A Vall encounter was set up, and the ship inserted into an equatorial 22x22 km parking orbit. From there, the transfer engine/tug, with 2 of its three tanks empty, detached from the mothership, along with the Laythe lander. The tug docked to the Laythe lander and headed off for Laythe, aerocapturing neatly into a 55x55 km orbit around Laythe.
  12. SpaceX did an in-flight restart with the booster for the CASSIOPE launch in September 2013. They ran the Grasshopper and F9dev tests at the same time as they attempted ocean landings with full-on launches. New Shepard didn't fly until 2015, which makes SpaceX the first ones to do an in-flight restart of a first stage engine.
  13. It depends on the mission. Some things (planes, LKO rockets, etc.) I can slap together in 5 to 10 minutes by eyeballing and rule of thumb. Bigger designs, especially ones where I have to do all the delta-V calculations by hand due to problems with KER, and where I have to do extensive testing, can take me days or weeks, and often will involve at least one complete redesign. But once something's done I don't really touch it. If it works, it works.
  14. Don't use it until you understand how to do everything by hand. Using MechJeb to do interplanetary transfers for you from the getgo removes a lot of the challenge of going interplanetary. Use it once they become routine, if you feel it's necessary (I don't, but that;s beside the point). Using MechJeb isn't bad... as long as it's automating tasks you could do by hand as well as, or better than, the autopilot. If it's doing things you don't know how to do, you've deprived yourself of part of the continual learning opportunity KSP represents, and if you're doing something in KSP without learning something then it defeats the point of playing KSP in the first place. But that's just my opinion. This is a very heated issue in the community, with opinions ranging all over. So take everyone's opinion (including mine) with a huge grain of salt, and reach your own conclusions.
  15. Wait... link field? You should just be pasting the link directly into the text of your post. So, for example, say I want to put the image at this link: into my post. To do that, I put this link: into the text. I displayed that link as a link for the purposes of clarity; here it is as an image: