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  1. I'm loving these ideas, guys: keep it up!I think I'll start drawing up my own designs and uploading them soon!
  2. So if I understand correctly, you're trying to say that this might actually cost more than the traditional use-up-and-ditch rockets, right? That's quite understandable. After all, the Space Shuttle ran into problems with maintainance costs and was actually more expensive than normal rockets. Well that's great to hear! I'd love to see a sketch or blueprint too!
  3. Hello, fellow kerbonauts! After seeing SpaceX make history by launching the world's first re-used rocket and landing it back on the droneship, I thought: What if you could re-use, not only the first stage, but the second stage, the fairing, and - well - everything else? Is this even possible? Would it be worth it? I have come up with a few designs for a possible spacecraft, but I also want to know what every one else thinks of this idea. Do you think this would be possible? And do you think it would be worth it? If you have any design ideas, feel free to draw them up (either by hand or using computer software) and share them with everyone else. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
  4. It really bothers me how the parachutes in this game go through each other. Can someone fix that? Pleeeaasse?
  5. Well, thanks for checking out my craft, but no :P. I mean when I try to make a real Space Shuttle replica, my shuttle cannot roll because it pitches and yaws out of control. Thx for checking out my Voyager Shuttle anyway!
  6. Duuuude, for some reason (using the KS-25s) I can never seem to do a stable roll. I roll for a bit, then it yaws, pitches, etc. Can you give me some advice for making my shuttle be able to roll? eg. what engines I should use, or the engine alignment, etc.
  7. Hi, Matt! I'm a huge fan, love your videos! Just one question: do you use a joystick for your planes? Mine seem to overreact when I tap the WASD keys.

    Love your videos! You've done amazing stuff.

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    2. Matt Lowne

      Matt Lowne

      Dude c'mon where's the grammar? Anyway I generally just have the RAPIERs cycle automatically and just toggle the intakes instead. Also, Xpert, if you're having difficulty press caps lock to toggle more fine controls

    3. KidFury


      Hi.Matt it's me again CAn you give me the link to the craft file of the Exedition Eve Base

    4. KidFury


      Also Love your Alternis Class I use it to go to Minmus

  8. YAAY! It works. Thanks!
  9. Oh, okay. I can see it now. I guess my WiFi is just slow. Thanks!
  10. For me, when I do that, no album shows up and it's just blank.
  11. Hello, Fellow Kerbonauts! I've been trying for ages and I just cant seem to insert an Imgur album into my post. I've looked at multiple other psots explaining this but I still dont understand. Can someone please show me exactly how to do it (preferably with pictures) Thanks!
  12. Hi, Fellow Kerbonauts! After hours of grueling work and trial and error, I present to you, the Voyager Shuttle! A reusable launch system (space shuttle) capable of delivering payloads into Low Kerbin Orbit. Craft File and Subassemblies: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0ByFj3hLfFCqbMjh4WU9LTEhCd00&usp=sharing Instruction Manual: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12Wi1ak1a-ioygwxQ0_147SV63IPf0VtKdtkZYnCNbYM/edit?usp=sharing
  13. I'm coming in from a 100km orbit, not that low Also, This is an unmanned shuttle and I am using the 2.5m white nosecone to shield the front. (I think it's called the MK70 nosecone or something). Check out the craft file, it should help. I updated the post.
  14. completely stock. all completely stock
  15. I actually don't deliver my payloads at geostationary with the shuttle itself. I use an upper stage (invented by me) to get me into GTO and GO. But still. Very detailed explanation. Although I get the first paragraph, I have a bit of trouble understanding the rest. Sorry that my English isn't very advanced. Is it okay if you put it a bit more briefly? Thx anyway! Well then, Here's the craft file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByFj3hLfFCqbbm94VTBiOUt6Qm8/view?usp=sharing I'll update the post!