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  1. Nice the OTAV pods look like mini space shuttles(plus Retractable things are awesome) shame we don't have REKT com sats (Rekt pods but adapted for comm networks).
  2. Also kep's mod blocks don't like tnt explosions apparently.
  3. Please keep that "thing" away from KSP we don't want crazy stuff to happen.(the player-base of roblox is very toxic.)
  4. Yay overpaid for a steam voucher(they did not have a £15 one and a sale was on at my game(preordered D2 while we were there so £5 more was spent i stayed strong there were games that i wanted)) so £25 was spent there. So now i can get it.(and have spare cash)
  5. Title.
  6. ...................................................

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  7. Waiter why is my soup hot when i look at it cold when i eat it and both when i don't look at it?
  8. Austin powers(film series)
  9. good work...
  10. .....
  11. You must post a meme and the poster after you has to guess the game it's from.
  12. To add to that too much Ronin time in Titanfall 2 = your eyes are closed but you see that your're in your titan and it is being doomed and you do the nuclear ejection and it explodes.
  13. ,....
  14. nice april fools.