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  2. The Cult of the K.R.A.K.E.N should exist on the server.
  3. Not all of us have fast internet.(or a spare computer)
  4. MK cant handle 2 severs on his internet,I am fine without mods but we would have to use Bukkit.(server plugins)
  5. We can use Bukkit(plugins) then you don't have to install anything client side but mods are handy but it is nice being quiet so we don't get people like MewMew.
  6. Yeah but most people do play modded ksp it is no different to minecraft(apart from forge because mojang STILL has not relased a modding API(nice try with add-ons)
  7. If we remove the mods we would lose a part of the uniqueness of the server(also a vanilla server is quite plain and players would not mine as much due to no ODST armor(which helps with mining a lot))
  8. Lol that tiny PG warning. I have been playing TF2(the good one with mechs not valve's trading system demo),memecraft,Undertale(Because cheesing flowey with debug mode is funny also because its fun.),Destiny(No need to explain).
  9. Why not have a single zip that contains both mods so you only have to install forge and extract the zip to the mods folder.
  10. We are accepting new players also you can vote on matters etc,etc,etc.
  11. Lol my avatar is first in google images.
  12. Make that sliced MM.
  13. By restoring I mean its got popular again.