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  1. This is what was happening to me in 1.1.3 despite having full data on them, and forced me to uninstall TF in result. They just exploded no matter what
  2. And that's definitely true, even with lgogdownloader it only shows windows build when trying to use the Galaxy API. And installer packages, which are available for other OSes, are only 1.2.2 yet. $ /opt/lgogdownloader/bin/lgogdownloader --galaxy-platform l --galaxy-show-builds 1429864849/0 Galaxy API doesn't have Linux support upd.: but mac os apparently IS supported: $ /opt/lgogdownloader/bin/lgogdownloader --galaxy-platform m --galaxy-show-builds 1429864849/0 { "baseProductId" : "1429864849", "depots" : …
  3. Go blame AMD for that, they just can't into drivers and you just paid for excrements buying their graphics card.
  4. IRL the SRB thrust is not cut out instantly, because there are some leftover chunks of fuel, but at some point it's thrust becomes so low that it can't accelerate own weight, and usually it's dropped at this point while still burning.
  5. CoM of the stage you are trying to drop away
  6. Unfortunately there's no Galaxy for Linux Addition: Galaxy client works under Wine despite having negative success reports on appdb (installed using this instruction), but apparently it only allows to get Windows version of KSP.
  7. Best way to attach side boosters and have them fall away cleanly is to make sure than a decoupler is slightly above the booster's center of mass. This can be achieved by using the offset tool to move the booster downwards after attachment. This way, when you decouple, upper point of the booster will go away first, and then the aerodynamics will help it separate. But, also make sure that the attachment point is not too far up, because then when you decouple, it will rotate around it's center of mass and it's bottom point may collide with the rest of your rocket.
  8. No way to get prerelease for poor GOG users?
  9. Sigma Dimensions is your friend for any scale
  10. I beleive there's an optional patch for Near Future Electrical doing similar things, including stock RTGs if activated
  11. But they are going to have even bigger cluster of Raptors on their ultra-heavy booster.
  12. Similar thing, also rocket engines current TWR isn't displayed, but maximum is. Also, delta-v stats may appear correctly, but after engine ingition it all goes crasy or just sets to 0. On the other side, MechJeb's readouts appear to be correct at all times.
  13. It would be good if someone resurrected this, subscribing to this thread just in case.
  14. The inclination is wrong for that Also, there's another plan to use Dragon for repair mission. It has the unpressurized trunk, but would need either some kind of airlock or depressurize the entire capsule for EVA, and some kind of manipulator (possibly could be brought up in the trunk and just left there afterwards)