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  2. if your getting Stellaris, don't forget the DLC, they add a TON to the game, and also, I'm not sure if they got rid of it yet, but there was a thing on the stock version you could research something, but had to get the Utopia DLC to utilize it, that probably was fixed by now, I found it out days after the DLC and update were released (I didn't have the DLC yet) but yeah, Stellaris is an AWESOME game, but the multiplayer thing, everyone wants discord , and most of the time I don't even get accepted into the server, and they take a LONG time, like through the night (I never did this, but the way the game is played, it takes a while) also there's a modding community, I rarely use it, but its pretty good, some races from "mass effect" (don't know what that is) and some star wars things too, maybe star trek as well
  3. maybe I'll byte (hah, programming joke, I think...) just to be sure, its stock planes, with BDA as the only mod for weapons purposes?
  4. The Stories of the weirdest mind of all time, mine, BEHOLD! THE WEIRDNESS!!! and that's the history of the walrus, I have a few slides I didn't show due to medium political nature (Russians from space, good=bad bad=good) I have another one I'm working on called history of the groundhogs its just as good and maybe better, but this will always be In my mind the best PowerPoint I have ever made
  5. production line is a pretty good game, i have it (and always lose, BTW, if you get it, if you money reaches 0, you lose, no negative and TO STEAM!!
  6. while your worrying about clouds n' such, I cant even get a GIMP to work
  7. they call me El Unlocker
  8. what's strange is that flat earthers, people who deny any science stuff (or, oh wait, 2.2b...sorry!) say "research it!"
  9. as the title says, you must think of the worst, worst, most stupid and idiotic joke ever i shall start (obviously) what do you name your rocket DELTA FIVE! roman numerals people!
  10. 0/10 he is most definitively an alien, by his strange and alien name I am a hooman, my name is Hugh Mann!
  11. they want the DLC, but they don't want to pay for it because they bought it a few months after the deadline
  12. game folders? I just have 5 installs!
  13. after trying to do this myself (a mission report in a graphic novel style) i can appreciate how much work you do to give us this great story it was hard thank you
  14. so Trappist-1 is only 39 light years away right? that's well inside of Hubble's parameters, why can't they just photograph it with Hubble? probably the Stars light is affecting it did I solve my own question?
  15. I did it...I finally did a successful Mun mission! but I was so in the moment I forgot to take ANY pictures I have quite a few things I did today besides that, satanic boosters, rescue missions...that's it though... oh and a funny contract! I canceled it because he was in an inclined orbit the same as the Mun, so kind of hard oh yeah, awesome feature, the heat shields blacken now and now the satanic boosters RISE MY BREATHEREN!!! ABORT ABORT!! sorry no pictures for the Mun landing
  16. probably Raptor 9, can the 1e do 1.2 tons to Keostationary? if not Raptor 9
  17. is there a time of the launch? specific time? EDIT: never mind, I just looked at Wikipedia, its 2:10 EDT or 1:10 CST
  18. actually KerbalStuff wasn't shut down because of SQUAD, the developer decided to shut it down after he got tired of running it
  19. So here I am again, lets hope I don't abandon it again This is my first career in 1.3, so it will be a report from the early part of a career to whenever I feel like ending it (hopefully a very long time) I already have the next part almost ready!
  20. I joined seti@home so that's interesting
  21. I'll probably use mods at a later time, but for now its stock I also see that it is Ven's stock Revamp, will that affect me doing a stock one?
  22. dear Mr. (or Ms., or Mrs., or Miss, I'm not good at this...) moderator guy please close this, I have reached a blank right now, and I'm not all that good at this kind of writing, I'm better with a text type thing so unless a ton of people say "oh no I actually liked it" I would like to close this until further notice thank you
  23. i'll just make a stock one for now to keep it simple
  24. is there any mods? also, 1.2, 1.3, or if your going old school, 1.1?
  25. who wants some flat earth things? who wants to laugh? i'll start BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA