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  1. The Stories of the weirdest mind of all time, mine, BEHOLD! THE WEIRDNESS!!! and that's the history of the walrus, I have a few slides I didn't show due to medium political nature (Russians from space, good=bad bad=good) I have another one I'm working on called history of the groundhogs its just as good and maybe better, but this will always be In my mind the best PowerPoint I have ever made
  2. as the title says, you must think of the worst, worst, most stupid and idiotic joke ever i shall start (obviously) what do you name your rocket DELTA FIVE! roman numerals people!
  3. 7/10, better then Minecraft...
  4. it used to be 95% mods, 5% game, but then I figured out that OSX isn't that great for mods and I got a Windows and now its 20% mods and 80% game!
  5. actually I found pictures! cookie to whoever can figure out which part this is! also I landed this from the runway! also this, is this meant to do this?
  6. i made a thing but I have no pictures
  7. I am trying to do the "hello world" tutorial for C#, but I keep getting stuck on stupid Microsoft Visual Studio, I want to do something, it doesn't even do the wrong thing! it wont do anything!!! if anyone has a clue on how to work Visual Studio, please help me...
  8. Wikipedia says now that the 2nd flight of the Falcon Heavy is the last of 2017...? actually it says that that is the FIRST?!?! WHAAAT??!?! am I just looking at a wrong manifest?
  9. we are just a bunch of idiots who don't know how to open a door, we've been in here since 1954!!
  10. I would love to see that!
  11. they're launching a tardis into space?!?! does this mean that CRS-12 will go after?
  12. how does the Cache thing work? also colors, how does that work?
  13. a giant walrus and will be destroyed by the next infomercial this pineapple under the sea...
  14. Elon is fool LIES!!! EDIT: Elon Musk is Very Good, so that's better...
  15. sometimes what's in my CTRL-V surprises even me!
  16. Wikipedia says August 14
  17. the power to eat colors, but you must always eat white
  18. I haven't shouted at the top of my lungs at every waking moment that Dres is a lie I would like 17 medals
  19. everything except this page on the internets suddenly shuts down I make cereal with expired milk, what's the worst that can happen?
  20. well I usually like things that people don't usually like, so I might like it, I'm interested
  21. @TotallyNotHuman_
  22. green is good WE NEED THIS!!!!!!