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  1. So, you're talking about having a craft and then magically transporting it to one of the other bodies in the system? The debug cheat menu can get you into orbit and then Hyperedit can put you on the planet. No flying (or mod making) involved.
  2. There are quite a few contract packs which I find essential in my career games. There are a lot that I think are fully compatible with stock (meaning no extra parts necessary). But I would consider adding in DMagic Orbital Science. Lots of new experiments. I play with over 80 mods in my current career plus I've created my own set of part mods for those mods. I don't care for sandbox unless I'm experimenting so I only play career games. If it wasn't for the additional science and contracts I'd probably have gotten bored long ago.
  3. Ok, here is the same relay with everything turned off. To activate it, I would first click on "Link Receiver for Relay" on the left window. When you do that the other receiver will have a button called "Activate Relay". I click on that. Done. Here are the buttons before turning them on: And this is after clicking "Link Receiver for Relay":
  4. It doesn't look like you have one of them linked for relay. Sorry if I'm telling you stuff you already know but just looking at your screenshot that seems to be the case. Shouldn't one of them look like the transceiver on the left ("Is Linked For Relay")?
  5. I did some for the StarLifter parts but I'm no expert. They work, I just don't know for sure that I did them "properly". I also don't know if RoverDude would approve so I can PM them to you if you want. I was coming about a couple of those parts actually. Is anyone aware of fuel flow issues with the 5m to four 2.5m or four 5m parts? It seems like after reloading if I have four fuel tanks connected, some of them won't be connected to the other tanks while one or two still are. I've been able to reliably reproduce this but before I got all crazy with the bug reporting I figured I'd find out if I'm just doing something wrong. Basically, I have a tank, the adapter, and four more tanks. In VAB fuel flow looks fine. When I launch at least one tank will not be part of the flow anymore. If I save and reload then it can be visualized. The example I just described had 3 tanks isolated and one tank still flowing correctly after saving and reloading. Is this a known issue? Is there maybe something I'm doing wrong? This happens with USI tanks, stock tanks, KW tanks, KSPIE, etc. Doesn't seem to matter. I thought maybe there was a config option that might be doing it but I'm not able to see anything off the bat. I'm happy to do any further testing or troubleshooting if it helps. Edit: So I was looking at it some more and maybe my description is wrong. It seems like the bottom tanks become feeder tanks so maybe I need to set fuel flow manually? Not sure how to do that or if it's possible. Here are the fuel flows from the VAB if it helps visualize. Hopefully this doesn't make it more confusing. In VAB this is how the fuel flow looks on every tank before saving and reloading the vessel: After saving and reloading, all of the tanks look the same as above except three of the tanks on the USI adapter. They look like this: The other tank on the USI adapter looks normal. Hopefully that helps. Am I doing something wrong? The 4-way adapter at the bottom seems to work fine so I'm thinking this is a bug maybe?
  6. Not sure on the first question but I think you get two different answers on the second maybe, one for atmosphere and one for vacuum. I know that antimatter reactors with thermal nozzles or plasma nozzles provides some very powerful thrust.
  7. Yes, that doesn't seem to help. I was able to create a stock reproducible craft. The location of the tri-alpha in the stack matters. If it is above the root part it will shut down when decoupled. if it is below the root part it will continue running. I put a Mk 1 capsule, a 1.25m stack decoupler, an umbrella radiator and the tri-alpha in a stack (top to bottom) with the capsule as the root. Launch, decouple, reactor continues to run. I move the stack so from the top it goes umbrella radiator, tri-alpha, decoupler, capsule. When decoupling the reactor shuts down. I'm guessing that is not intended behavior? P.S. Actually, I'm guessing that the direction of the decoupler perhaps matters? P.P.S. No, that didn't make a difference. Reversing the decoupler on the broken stack is still broken. Edit: Sorry for all the edits. So I have 5 parts now, from top to bottom: Radiator Tri-alpha Container Decoupler Capsule If I make the container the root the reactor will still function after decoupling so I guess it matters that the root part is on the same side of the decoupler as the reactor, not necessarily that the reactor is the root part. Also, the reactor can be above the root but not above the stage containing the root or it will shut down when decoupling.
  8. I have found a strange behavior and before I get too crazy with putting together a bug report I figured I'd try a basic explanation to see if this behavior is intended. Two vessels, vessel A and vessel B connected by a stack separator. Vessel A is a simple command pod craft with no Interstellar or other power generating parts and vessel B has a tri-alpha with all necessary doodads for it to function (radiators, etc.). If I launch vessel A by itself, no problem. If I launch vessel B by itself, no problem. The reactor is producing about 2.85GW of power. Then I connect the vessels in the VAB with a stack separator and the root part is on vessel A. That last bit is important. So it looks like this: Vessel A (root) -> Stack Decoupler -> Vessel B If I launch this craft, the power plant is still producing 2.85GW of power. If I decouple the vessels the reactor shuts down and cannot be restarted. If I return to the VAB and make the tri-alpha the root part, launch the vessel and decouple the tri-alpha continues running normally. So this setup works: Vessel A -> Stack Decoupler -> Vessel B (root) Now, this is happening on a really big craft (300+ parts) but even if I isolate it to just the two parts of the craft that are essentially a command pod and a reactor I can reproduce it reliably. Before I make a simplest reproducible craft I figured I'd ask if this is expected behavior. So, is it?
  9. Thanks. I've come to that unfortunate realization. Discouraging that they didn't let us control that more but I guess it was a quick fix. I was able to get around the problems I was having by building anything with landing gear separately and then merging it into the base vessel. That seems to have kept the gear from strutting to the wrong parts.
  10. Can MM be used to remove the forced autostrutting on landing gear? I'm asking here because it breaks this mod in many cases when landing gear are involved. In this particular case I have several vessels with landing gear all loaded on a robotic platform and the platform only works properly if I remove all the landing gear. I would like to disable the autostruts until after the vessel is removed from the robotic platform rather than have it enabled from the VAB. Is it possible?
  11. Are there any plans to add additional textures for the tanks? I like using Procedural Parts tanks and USI tanks for the textures but they don't support some of the fuel types and although I've added those fuels it's cheaty since the cryo part isn't really working correctly. I would love some alternate colored textures for the tanks. Maybe they exist and I just can't find them...?
  12. Ah, I didn't know that! I'll have to play around with that now. I've been using nothing but microwave power up until now. I spent a lot of time optimizing antennas and such. Not really looking forward to doing that again with infrared but it's intriguing. P.S. You don't need a producer to relay but do you need two mirrors? One linked for relay and one set to transmit? Or will one mirror work?
  13. I haven't used infrared yet. Does it work like microwave power where you need two antennas to relay? One linked for relay and the other transmitting I think (along with any transmission requirement like a Gyrotron).
  14. Dang it! I forgot to check Github. Sorry!
  15. Quoting myself... bad form! Anyway, I did some more tests and discovered that this is happening on more parts. It was my testing method that was flawed. Therefore I've moved the topic to procedural parts for now since I think that's where the problem lies.