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  1. How long have you guys played ksp? I'm just a newbie, but I'll take a shot at a mission.
  2. Bill stuck in some cans
  3. Maybe because he plays ksp?
  4. Maybe you should add FShangar extender to the recommended mods. It helped me put the payload on the launcher.
  5. Thanks guys.
  6. Oh ok you mean him.
  7. I also think that, but on Wikipedia, it says that a bi-elliptic orbit can be more efficient sometimes, bit I don't understand why 3 burns would be more efficient than 1. Did you mean me? I've only gotten to LKO so far. I'm a rookie.
  8. I don't understand the difference between a hohmann transfer orbit and a bi-elliptic transfer orbit. Can anyone explain please?
  9. Thanks to Scott Manley's advice, I have a backup, but stock KSP. I'll just download the mods I'm sure worked.
  10. I loaded ksp, clicked load, it is in loading screen for 20 mins. Nothing happens. Anyone know why?
  11. I'll try. I'm gonna get rest first.
  12. I've had it for a month.
  13. Falcon 9 FT
  14. @Kartoffelkuchen I think you should try making a dragon or dragon 2. Your mod has everything but that. Please try. If you're too busy, it's fine. I understand. All other SpaceX Dragon mods are bad.