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  1. 1. CKAN. It does not do much but help you download mods, still helpful though 2. KER. You know why 3. Betterburntime. Helps with burn times 4. Partcommander. Gives a menu so that you don't have to right click all the time. 5. That's it!
  2. Or that how do I download the RO cfgs. Which folder into which folder? Also, how do I get the realplume cfgs if I'm using RSS/RO
  3. I wonder what he does for a living. I would think that he works at NASA or something. @winged is that true? Also, I think his videos show the amazing things you can do with this game/simulator
  4. I also cant's stop watching this by the same person
  5. Thanks for this mod! It really helps the International Space Exploration Administration! Here's our thread, also we're hiring. We need moar mission controllers.
  6. Also, use Bandicam next time. It is a free screen recorder.
  7. nice! heres mine for the youtuber hellblazer Hyperedit or vesselmover
  8. Will this still work in 1.2.2?
  9. Our next launch is in 2 days
  10. Maybe if RSS was made stock in kerbalEDU, it would help teachers because it helps younger kids learn planets and stuff, or else they'll be calling Venus "eve"
  11. Maybe that needs a bit of rephrasing, but I think kerbinorbiter gets the idea. The "than" after performance should be changed to and. Just a suggestion for rephrasing. Nothing against you. Just maybe some changes with the post. Just sayn.