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  1. And prior to that, when they had the highest ISP in the game. This was around the time they were first introduced. ....Although granted, I should have called them 'RCS thrusters' my bad, folks. Glad you all enjoyed it. Now for the painful wait until the expansion releases!
  2. I would give my first born child to have a playable KSC 2 with the T1 runway and an SPH that mirrors the island runways hangars. I miss KSC 2 so much. Whilst yes, I can place a flag on the launchpad and save-edit my crafts to launch from there, it's not the same. Sidenote: I'm betting all my stock on child #2, so the first born isn't an issue.
  3. Land at the island runway, it's perfect! A little too perfect...
  4. It will be interesting to see if Kerbals have multiple specialisations. Naturally, it would make sense, since that's how astronaut training works; you spend hours learning aerodynamics, orbital mechanics, making and breaking computers and a helluva lotta geology. Better take a crash course in photography while you're at it, it would be a shame to get all that way and bring back fuzzy pictures. Oh, you know geology? The rock you're holding is hard? Well, how hard? Time to revise that Mohs scale knowledge. In short; Kerbals will need multiple skill sets, otherwise you're forced to bring more dudes. A pilot is great, but landing on the Mun is kinda pointless if you can't repair your broken antenna or know what to pick up in your soil sample. You brought an engineer? Great, the antenna is fixed but we still have no idea what to pick up. Oh, we brought a scientist? Then who's controlling the service mod- Oh crap.
  5. I'm in the same boat, requesting extended mission time. Turns out, my landers don't have enough to return to the parent craft without a complicated monoprop realignment and docking with one of the satellites (that handily run on pure 'prop) Thank you for that mission objective dude, without it my craft would be stranded. Nerd-porn inbound:
  6. I want to go on record as saying Skippers are awesome engines. You can do it, mang. I assembled an admittedly terrible ship in orbit using just skips. I had the idea of a skipper booster stage that would eject a nuke ship from kerbins orbit. Turns out, big ships are like boats are require ALOT of monoprop or reaction force. But the whole thing was assembled in orbit with landers, satellites and a bunch of docked science packages for the landers/sats to grab at will, with something like 6 orange tanks boosted by skips and 6 huge silvers with nukes. It was...horrifying. But a good proof of concept on the lifting ability of Skippers. Some rockets don't have to be fast.
  7. I admit I didn't see the whole 'No Flight Engineer' thing. Not that it achieves anything whatsoever or gives any edge here. It plain as balls can't work out monoprop as delta V, dude. I had it running, since I installed the mod that puts flight engineer in every single 'capsule' as standard, but it was of no use, since I made this design back in 0.21 anyway, before I'd learnt of this marvelous mod. Nevertheless, after a quick refit of the nosecone (It's now scientific, not SAS capable as I found out) and slapping on some solars that did NOTHING; I achieved the best score so far. ....I intend to hold the title for no longer than 5 mere moments. This craft is great for dicking around in (hence why I made it in the first place) so I'll drop a link for anyone who wants to mess around with it. It's...reasonable stable. Best flown with joystick or SAS with fine controls Linksauce for craft Edit: Balls, that's the unmodified craft with nosecone. If you want SAS, you'll need to throw on a probe core or something. I used the smallest, naturally.
  8. Because in my missions, it would go something like this: Hot dog! I've finally got my ship to [x] planet! Yeah boi! Time to send confirmation to KSP that we're here and all is well.......damn. No coms device eh? Wait, no coms device. NO COMS DEVICE?! NO CME WARNINGS OH MY GOD JEB WE'RE SCRE- FRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZLE
  9. I think you're seriously overthinking this, dude. As far as I'm aware, the rules just state that you have to be able to do this yourself. If you can; then post. Whether people want to do the challenge or not is a different kettle of sausages.
  10. CME's would be cool, but ultimately not that big an issue due to irregularity + chance of it being in Kerbin's direction. It's also HIGHLY unlikely that dangerous CMEs would be added, because SQUAD firmly stated that they didn't want random disasters in the game. CME's pretty much count as a random disaster. On the idea of solar wind however; this would be utterly awesome. It could give birth to the slow but lovable solar sail and would give a reason to escape the solar system (termination shock/heliopause etc) to gain science Pioneer/Voyager style.
  11. I personally find the tech tree to be a little irritating. While it's essential to unlock certain parts, it's almost akin to buying those packs of pokeman cards when you were a kid. You get ONE useful thing and the rest are utterly useless. What I'd prefer to see is a timed research tree, where instead of unlocking a bulk of items, you'd be forced to slowly research the items and indeed select the ones you wished to have. This would not only make it easier to unlock the desirable items (example: I need nukes but I have no requirement for advanced chemical engines) it would also mean that you weren't wasting your time unlocking something you'd never use. Play-style is then unique, each person unlocking what they see fit rather than being funneled into essentially buying and building the same rockets to perform similar tasks. Basic example: Start off with a Tier 0 rocket. The basic player takes it into orbit, does science. The advanced player goes to the moon, does science. While the advanced player is technically ahead in science, the more advanced unlockable would take longer to research than the basic unlockable, forcing both parties to progress and around the same rate. s'just my two cent on this. Other than that I'm completely happy. If you don't understand the game, there ARE tutorials in the form of scenarios. Granted, not great ones, but still.
  12. This is an incredibly simple fix. All you do is find the part config file of whatever you wish to be in game, then add the following underneath 'editor parameters' // --- editor parameters --- TechRequired = start entryCost = 0 This unlocks whatever you wish at the very start of the campaign. If you wish to unlock it through science later, well, add different values. Although if you feel like doing it the good 'ol stock way, I'd suggest making a 'scoop' or makeshift cargo hold to transport the ship back. Get the lander into orbit, rendezvous with it, casually 'dock' with it (I'd suggest a ring of structural fuselages, with perhaps ladders and landing legs to 'lock' the opening) then ferry it back to Kerbin. At Kerbin, simply 'unlock' the makeshift cargo bay and attempt to get your lander out, then burn for your re-entry. Sounds complicated, probably is.
  13. IT NEED NOT BE SO INDEED SIR OR MADAM. People often ask me; "Toastie Buns, how do I send rocketry up into the sky without harming kerbals OR wasting the life of a probe core?" and folks, I look them straight in the eye and firmly state that they are crazy people. But as all crazy people know, they can be cured with simple anti-psychotic pills and like the great pharma-corp, I have a miracle pill to fix this very problem. INTRODUCING: (the idea of) THE CRASH TEST KERBAL. That's right folks. With one simple, casual edit of the configuration file, you could be the proud owner of your very own crash test kerbal. Its bold mission? To explode, run out of fuel, become stuck in a highly elliptical orbit around the VAB (we're still not sure how) and generally take the beatings that the precious orange suits and favoured regular suits cannot be spared for. [or, you know, SQUAD could just incorporate an actual crash test dummy that would bob around and be absolutely useless in the capsule, but then we have the issue of pre-programming stuff, which could in theory be cool as titty milk if I were smart enough to be able to pre-program a probe before launch.]
  14. Chilling out on the moon, playing pranks on his underlings. After it was decided that soil samples are cool and all, but pretty dull; Jeb invented a game called 'Kerbal Skittles' in which you use your jetpack's forward momentum to knock over a space buddy. Planning permission to bring 10 kerbals to the moon is... being considered. At the very moment this screenshot was taken, young Maganja Kerman finally understood why Bill hurriedly pushed him into that two man lander. He did think it was odd that Bill was prepped for launch at the time, come to think of it.
  15. What about a 'Flagship' option? For the option of highlighting a certain ship you want to keep track of, or simply naming that ship the leader of its division. Flagship/Mothership, what's the difference you say?! Mere semantics you cry? Well no, because Mothership sounds truly homosexual in the most flamboyant of ways.