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Found 7 results

  1. Now in collaboration with @cubinator! (the most awesome human being in the observable universe, that was friendly enough to help me with this project) And also, thanks a lot to @AR3S_TGL for also participating, he proved that you can be added to the OP without "mad skills", Feel free to participate! Hey! Probably you are not an artist passing by, but there a thing you can do if you are: (if ur not an artist, just leave some critiques) So. You are an artist You are maybe interested Because you've read the title You know you can participate If you will, PM me. Tell me about yourself. And I will give you something to dra (if you don't know what to) But today we won't have pictures as i have way too much of them! So i've put them into spoilers in correct order. Thingas:
  2. First of all: yay for the ability to paste Imgur albums being back again. But can we please talk about how those albums look? Is there any way to change that? In particular, is there anything we can do about resizing the default 'mini-polaroid' frame, so we are not forced to click away from the forum just to be able to see/read any of the pertinent details someone is trying to show in the pictures? The way it is now, we're gonna have to circumvent the miniaturization by pasting individual image links so they show at a readable size... in essence invalidating the album feature. (and preferably: can we just get rid of that polaroid frame altogether?)
  3. Hi people, i have a question that makes me feeling a little alone....all my KSP "mission reports" posted in Imgur have negative votes for the comunity.....i dont know why (Gaming tag). All my proyects are in spanish language, 'cose im spanish (from Spain) and i think its the language problem cose i posted it in spanish, but i really didnt know why a lot of votes are downvotes.....its trolling comunity? didnt like KSP? dont like my projects? im so embarrassed about that......i dont know why im doing wrong or it is normal that behavior. Here are an example with no reasons downvotes, and even being in English...... If anyone can help to understand that i will grateful, thanks!
  4. Where can I find the .png copy for Imgur images? Because I cant seem to find it
  5. So, I've been trying to upload an album to the thread in my sig, to continue the story. However, it claims my album does not exist at all. Here it is I have no idea why it says that. Here is the link for the album Any idea why this happens? It's so confusing.
  6. Has anyone else had any issues with Imgur being down today? I keep getting a screen that says Imgur, we have a problem, try again later.