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This is Brent Kerman, Reporting in from the Buffalo. We are on a journey to explore Kerbin by land.

Here is the rover:


It uses @Angel-125's Pathfinder as main body and Snacks for additional challenge. It seats seven, and has supplies for three years. The rover averages 20 m/s, because that's about top safe speed. It could go 40 m/s!

If you have a location you want explored, message me the coordinates and I will do. I have all stock and DMagic science experiments.


Year 1, Day 1.

Today we acquired the ability to use the Stereo Space Telescope, or SST, and Comsat Alpha, to support our mission. Engineers are finishing the rover today.

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(OOC, Ok, this is going to take awhile. I'm playing KSP on a brick, and this rover lags at a 5 to 1 ratio. With Mechjeb autopilot I can go 35 m/s and 2x timewarp safely. One Kerbin day is 6 hr, daylight is 3 hour. With lag I get 15 IRL hours, Timewarp lowers to approx. 8 IRL hours of KSP per chapter. I hope to finish day 2 by the weekend.)

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Posted (edited)

Day 2
Today we started out! We left the KSC about twenty minutes before noon, and drove till nightfall. We decided not to take the trailer, as we could get to any neighboring base within two weeks, our food supply. We are figuring to stop at Ben Bay first. Kerman Lake is closer, but it's an Air Force Base and off limits.
After about ten minutes driving, we stopped to do science and plant a flag in the Green Forest just outside the KSC.
We then headed on, our next stop was the Great Forest, about thirty-five kilometers from the KSC.
We then drove on untill evening, stopping and extending our Gigantor to get every last bit of power we could. Linking to KSC through Comsat Alpha, I downloaded @Kuzzter's story "Duna, Ore Bust" and "Eve, Order Zero". The technitions at the KSC told me it's great!
I sat in the cockpit reading, and watched Jool in the west, and Minmus and Dres in the east.
@Kuzzter's story is great! I read Chapers One to Three, as well as Interlude One. I stopped after Jeb and his crew landed on Duna. I think everyone on this rover enjoyed it. Now if it was a movie.... I hope the kerbs at Kollywood think about that.
Its time to send this report back to the kerbs at Mission Control, Walt Kerman will post it promptly to
WWW.KGS.ORG/ROE/UPDATES (Link does not work, how can I get a custom URL like that for real?)
Computer: Transmitting Crew Report.
Computer: 25%
Computer: 50%
Computer: 75%
Computer: 100%
Computer: Done!
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That's neat, @cratercracker, my flag is based off the real world National Geographic Society. This is progressing slowly, driving a rover hundreds of kilometers is boring, but I want to Elcano so vesselmover is out.

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