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  1. We found the source of the issue, so should be all fixed up for fairings and cargo bays. Cheers, ~Claw
  2. Congrats! And not only did you complete Laythe, but you earned the Master Mariner. Here's your patch...well done! --->
  3. Fantastic job! Great to see another Elcano completion. ^^ Looks awesome!
  4. Claw

    COL in SPH Glitching Out

    It's possible (though looks unlikely from your picture) that the lifting surfaces are angled just perfectly that they are in-line with the direction of "wind" in the SPH. That can result in the CoL showing "zero" lift, which can cause it to drop to the floor. Does it still do this if you grab the whole plane and rotate it some?
  5. Claw

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Nooo! But what about @HoloYolo?!?!?!
  6. @gilflo and @Martian Emigrant: Congratulations! You've both been added to the front page. I'm very sorry for the long delay, but congrats on a job well done. I always enjoy seeing the missions, and there's a nice video in there too. Please let me know if I missed someone's completed entry. I see several reports along the way, but those were the two that I saw completed. Cheers! ~Claw
  7. Claw

    Kerbin Elcano Maritime Challenge

    Nice job with the circumnavigation! And nice video. I'm amazed at how well your ship handled being driven on land. I wouldn't have guessed it would be so stout. ...And I love those visuals. Congrats on finishing a circumnavigation!
  8. Yes, those modifications are just fine. That's a lot of intakes. I would say that, for the most part, your base design is still intact. Something to keep in mind...if that is your new design going forward, you'll need to carry that the rest of the way. I.e. you can't go back and ditch the parts after you're through the mountains (if that makes sense). ------- I am setting aside time today to go through entries and update the front page! Cheers, ~Claw
  9. Claw

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Moar pings for @WinkAllKerb''
  10. Claw

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    But I was just here, and started off this train! Whut about @Supernovy?
  11. You don't happen to have an example of this one do you? I thought this was fixed in 1.1.X. I know for sure it was fixed for ground cases, and I thought for "not landed" also, but would be good to know if it's still an issue.
  12. Claw

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    No such luck. Perhaps @Vanamonde is around somewhere.
  13. Sorry for being missing for so long. As you can imagine, it's been a bit busy around here with 1.2 rapidly approaching. I don't have a fix for this one in these bug fixes. I think this was brought up before, and was primarily related to a mod with huge ships (not that it's necessarily the mod's fault, but it used the mod in order to generate a large enough craft). I did investigate some, but didn't have the time to really dive into it. I'm not sure if this is the same issue or not. The other overheat issue was related to parts that were really small and had thermal properties that became improperly clamped (i.e. when things got really small, not all the numbers were being kept within reasonable values of each other). The docking ports should be large enough that the same but isn't an issue. However, it certainly sounds like it's acting similarly. I don't suppose someone has a stock craft in a save that is exhibiting this issue? If you aren't seeing the option, then either it's not detecting a stuck port (so maybe a different kind of bug) or the fix is not installed correctly. To check the install: The StockBugFixPlus folder should be in KSP/GameData In the StockBugFixPlus controller, you need at least the StockBugFixPlusController.dll and the DockingPortFix folder I highly recommend also keeping the RendererFix folder (this one prevents later issues with docking or kerbals getting stuck on EVA) Also, double check that the docking port isn't surface attached to the other docking port. Sometimes when connecting ports in the editor, the second docking port might have gotten surface attached. In which case, it will not undock, nor will the docking port fixer detect/fix that problem. (This won't be an issue if you docked the two ports in-flight.) Cheers, ~Claw