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  1. Yeah in perfect world we'd just be able to open a valve and dump fuel we don't want into space.
  2. How about making a rack that holds all the scansats together and has limited RCS capabilities? I'm thinking something like the 2.5m probe core, with docking ports on one side that line up with the ports in the bay, and the scansats docked to the other side. 4 RCS thrusters around the edge of the probe core and a small Mono tank somewhere. This would mean you only had to do one docking in the bay rather than multiple.
  3. Since multiple docking ports are now a thing, WKA decided to make a rover that could be air dropped (vertically or horizontally) from a Condor and then driven back into the cargo bay and re-docked, no need for struts! http://imgur.com/a/uhyoY
  4. The lander can SSTO off of Kerbin and doesn't use any airbreathing engines, so I assume it'll SSTO Tylo... but haven't tested it there yet. There's no cargo capacity, the lander does have a 2.5m service bay that is mainly full of fuel cells but you could squeeze some scientific instruments in there if you really wanted to. To carry anything big you could just put Sr. Docking ports on ether end of it and add it to the train. That's the advantage of a modular design. You're only limited by how bendy the ship gets (not too bad right now) and how low a TWR you can deal with (leaving Gilly last night with full fuel and full ore was... well slow is an understatement)
  5. I enjoy flying on Duna, it's pretty easy. What isn't easy is landing. This is an older version of my most successful Duna spaceplane, the Boone: In these pics you can see a lot of the tricks I've used to make landings easier: Retro-engines on the front of the nacelles, drogue chutes on the back. Up-angled wings with landing gear designed to prevent wingtip strikes.
  6. When I'm building a VTOL, my goal is always to be able to turn on the vertical engines and have the craft lift off the runway without SAS being on or me having to make any control inputs. Vernors and reaction control wheels are fine for aiding maneuverability, but the craft shouldn't need them just to balance. If you've got any pics of the plane I'll be happy to give specific advice, or you can check the link in my signature to see some of my VTOLs including a few quad engine ones that might give you some inspiration.
  7. The Nomad was from a few versions ago, the new jet engines will not fit in the Mk2 cargo bays unfortunately. I did make an updated copy, but it's kinda ugly due to the need for air intakes attached to the vertical engines.
  8. Thank you sir, since the forum update I've been pretty lost.
  9. In my signature I've got a link to my thread in the Spacecraft Exchange, I'd like to get that link condensed into a single word (like "Link" for example) rather than show up as the whole web address, and I have no idea how to do that. Thanks.
  10. Looks very stable Zebulonious. I guess I should post a few of mine here since I've been concentrating so much on ISRU stuff recently. The Bramble from Project ABEI: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/132075-project-abei-anywhere-but-eve-indefinitely/ The Condor Mk1: A VTOL Kerbin hopper. And an as-yet untested Duna spaceplane:
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