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  1. So, may I request you to make the scissor version of folding mechanism?
  2. Beale, Zarya panels are have scissors folding mechanism. This pictures shows how it works. And yet another interesting thing - elements of the panels a little transparent. On many photos we can see Earth through them.
  3. Do you know about screensaver from this page (http://buran.ru/htm/scr_en.htm)? It has several modes and one of them shows normal work of Polyus at orbit.
  4. BTW, Polyus - is TKS-based ship too. And goes to orbit in upside-down position.
  5. Yes, that's right. Russian rocket artillery calls by weather events - "Град" (hail), "Ураган" (hurricane), "Смерч" и "Торнадо" (tornado). "Salut" space station origin is not from "hello" but more from "firework" (better name for overhauled Vega?). As for name of "Мир" replica as the word from other language with same length, I (as Russian) think it's brilliant idea.
  6. But in Russian it's means "slot". Not so good for country of original station. Latin "Pax" better and neutral.
  7. Beale, may I ask you for some features for new Soyuz-style R-7? Please, split dual conic tank into two parts and add another bottom conical tank with upper diameter is 1.875m and cylinder tank with current middle diameter. Why so difficult? I think, it can make some interesting configurations for R-7 style rockets.
  8. eggrobin, can we wait for Stock and 6.4x-Stock size configs for Principia? Later edit: sorry, I must had read at least some last pages first.
  9. Guys, I have (may be strange) question: Almach parachute in RealChute config is upside down when deployed. How I can fix that? I made this from original RealChute Tantares parachute config: @PART[Almach_Parachute_A]:AFTER[RealChute] { @maximum_drag = 0.32 @mass = 0.08 !sound_parachute_open !sound_parachute_single !MODULE[ModuleParachute]{} MODULE { name = RealChuteModule caseMass = 0.08 timer = 0 mustGoDown = false cutSpeed = 0.5 spareChutes = 5 PARACHUTE { material = Nylon preDeployedDiameter = 2.5 deployedDiameter = 30 minIsPressure = true minPressure = 0.01 deploymentAlt = 700 cutAlt = -1 preDeploymentSpeed = 2 deploymentSpeed = 6 preDeploymentAnimation = Almach_Parachute_A_Semi deploymentAnimation = Almach_Parachute_A_Full parachuteName = Almach_Parachute_A_Canopy capName = Cap } } MODULE { name = ProceduralChute } EFFECTS { rcpredeploy { AUDIO { channel = Ship clip = sound_parachute_open volume = 1 } } rcdeploy { AUDIO { channel = Ship clip = sound_parachute_single volume = 1 } } rccut { AUDIO { channel = Ship clip = RealChute/Sounds/sound_parachute_cut volume = 1 } } rcrepack { AUDIO { channel = Ship clip = RealChute/Sounds/sound_parachute_repack volume = 1 } } } }
  10. Ok, I try to explain. I made small RealPlume config via Felger's tutorial. Little bit of config file: @MODULE[ModuleEngines*] { @name = ModuleEnginesRF } @MODULE[ModuleEngineConfigs] { %type = ModuleEnginesRF @CONFIG,* { %powerEffectName = Hypergolic-OMS-Red } } But after this, part disappeared from default Propulsion Tab, and I found that engine in "Filter by smthng..." tabs. Problem was solved by changing ModuleEnginesRF to ModuleEnginesFX.