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  1. ZooNamedGames

    "Recover Vessel" KSP Survival Story [Part X: "Into The Depths"]

    I thought the world had forgotten about this. If there's genuine interest then I guess I need to pick up my pen and keep going.
  2. ZooNamedGames

    Kommunity Space Station 1.4.1

    Wow apparently this is a thing again. I'll remake a discord then. Also slate me down for a module in the future.
  3. ZooNamedGames

    Logical tech tree

    Though I can see how some see it as a way to slowly introduce new concepts to new players, I do also see that there should be some accommodation for older players so that they aren't alienated. The option of different tech tree paths, more complex choices, more complex planning and mission operation- not just straight up more difficult contracts just for the sake of increased difficulty. Entering long term career paths should be available, like locking in plans to go to a planet/moon and research it, and with it comes benefits but also the limitation of other missions (can't go to Duna when researching the moon), etc [Basically what the mod Strategia offers]. Another major suggestion would be to add some sort of overarching purpose to contracts. Pointing back to an earlier comment- I've already stated sandbox games shouldn't force a path or direction on the player, but in the case of career, a clear indication of intent would be beneficial. There are a lot of 'test' this part contracts. But never do they ever have any functionality. Parts themselves don't improve [despite the developers even adding an option in the Save Settings Menu called 'All Part Upgrades Applied in Sandbox' which clearly indicates that part variation would be present in some form or another, and this isn't for mods as such changes occurred even before such an accommodation was implemented] and we also don't see them fit into any sort of development. Noting now that not every design tested sees eventual use- it still should be mentioned that if something is being tested it's likely for use. Looking to real life space agencies and corporations, when they test a new technology, let's say like the various test firings of the RS-25 for the Space Launch System. The purpose is to get data to ensure it operates to it's best capacity and work to resolve any faults in the design. However testing a part in KSP has no function whatsoever other than haul it to X destination with Y conditions and receive money for it. There's no long term reward for any action taken. Every contract has the same amount of weight in the long term. Some just pay more and thus are more valuable. One suggestion I've always had is Squad adding more to career mode in the style of fitting payloads onto pre-existing rockets, or making rockets for pre-existing payloads and having to logically engineer situations instead of 'just add more boosters'. That's just my thoughts anyway.
  4. I've managed to place Kerbal Konstructs structures on other planets in the past. Though KK has been a bit finicky lately, that may be a case of me just being out of touch with manually installing mods seeing as CKAN is currently broken.
  5. ZooNamedGames

    Ksp mobile

    Though running KSP as a whole on a phone is nigh impossible in today's technology, that isn't what most people want anyway. We already have Spaceflight Simulator 2013, and Simple Rockets that both mimic KSP's lego rocket building style on a phone. Making KSP to compete with them is a silly idea as a whole. However, as the OP mentioned, a rocket builder or something similar, would be quite neat in my opinion. Having a simple part menu and a way to connect parts in a 3D environment is not as extreme as having to manage to complete complex physical calculations. If that is beyond the capability of phones, then there's still many, many alternatives. Here are just a few that I can think of just off the top of my head- on the go KSPedia app, On the go mission builder (MH Only), On the go contract creator, an app with training mini games (so you can level up your crew outside of missions). These are just off the top of my head. I'm certain with more time and consideration I could up with more. Though I have no idea if any are actually desirable.
  6. ZooNamedGames

    Mod That Limits Docking Orientation

    I just canned the whole mod but in the rest of my installs I’ll try that out.
  7. ZooNamedGames

    Mod That Limits Docking Orientation

    Mod list, and I'm looking at TE now. Think that might be it. I've never seen those tweakables before for docking ports. But that may be the issue.
  8. ZooNamedGames

    Mod That Limits Docking Orientation

    Maybe. But why? It isn't in the tweakables. That's a limiter, not a setting. But I'll take another look at the docking ports. Mod list coming shortly
  9. ZooNamedGames

    Mod That Limits Docking Orientation

    I've done this multiple times and it always ends the same. It's removed but which of the 50+ mods did I remove, was it in. Thus I make a new install, add mods, and it reappears. No clue, which is the culprit. I'd really just like the mod maker that spent the time and effort to make this- come forward and actually state it's included in which ever mod adds it.
  10. In my usual rush of installing new mods, I keep accidentally adding a mod that keeps saying there's a 'max acquire angle' to my docking ports instead of them operating normally. I'm just curious- what mod keeps adding this? I've tried the usual uninstall stuff until it goes away but by then half of my mods are gone and I'm not certain which removed mod was the culprit. Especially since I don't have any mod listed as 'Docking Limiter'. Any thoughts as to what mod could be doing this?
  11. ZooNamedGames

    Does any body know a mod that has a sparkler

    Using the spark engines is still a decent compromise
  12. ZooNamedGames

    Mission incomprehensible

    Perhaps the poster is referring to the requirements of missions and that whole issue of some contracts not completing even though you've done them. It's possible English is not their first language so I wouldn't hold the poster's errors against them.
  13. ZooNamedGames

    CKAN 'Goddard' Not Functional.

    You said run and frankly I'm an idiot as far as programming details go. Just consider me an idiot
  14. ZooNamedGames

    Does any body know a mod that has a sparkler

    I find a simple solution is to just add a bunch of Spark engines where you want sparklers.
  15. ZooNamedGames

    CKAN 'Goddard' Not Functional.

    So open Command Prompt and type /run ckan gui ?