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  1. I try to aim for under 10m/s. I usually save one of the smallest fuel tanks in the diameter I am using for landing alone.
  2. Close... but too unnervingly similar to my current alarm clock, no thank you. But better than nothing (beggers can't be choosers).
  3. I try my best to find what suits my strangely specific tastes.
  4. Well it's what I would expect from Apollo era technology. Personally what comes to mind is that sound and not the Flash Gordon alarm... even if it is what they actually used. Just an opinion- I like the latter over the alternative and I'd like it if it was possible to have.
  5. No, that isn't it. It's the sound at 0:13 (videos a bit quiet so you'll need to turn the volume up a tiny bit)- It's like the sound of a classic electronic alarm clock from... well fittingly the 60s.
  6. I'd love to try the mod but like you, I'll just have to wait until it's stock since I'm a vanilla kinda guy.
  7. @linuxgurugamer I've been digging around for the Apollo Master Alarm sound (audible in Apollo 13 the movie) however I haven't had any luck yet; point being that the sound is perfect for this mod.
  8. 2 of the largest white tanks with maybe the fuel tank that's half that on 4 of the heavy legs. It works, it's just that the margin for error is behemoth. Maybe out of 20 attempts one will land successfully. Now I have tried 4x symmetry with 3 per 1 of the 4 sides and that works moderately well but I feel that it's like dropping an atom bomb to drive a nail in. Bit overkill and past the realism.
  9. They are generally just as weak. They have no impact tolerance. Then that'll do.
  10. This is accurate. For me and my landable first stages, the best technique is to quicksave while rising to apo. Also the slowmo mode (can't remember the name) is very useful. As the last 10 seconds of landing are always the most intense. It makes it much easier if you can process what's happening over a longer period of time rather than in the rapid 10 second window. Also, stock landing legs are weaker than toothpicks for booster landings!
  11. Not all of us are as tech savvy. Some of us play KSP on are Commodore 64s so the quality is less than appealing. ----------------------------------------------------------------- That said, I tried to arrange one in the past but it sadly had to go without any branding as Squad didn't feel up to offering up their icon (Kerbal) (Before T2) so it was an unnamed convention. However the biggest issue is getting money and rule 2.2i makes that nearly impossible. So it flopped. Albeit I have thought of meeting up with one of the forums greatest writers since it appears we don't live too far apart but I don't want to be that creepy online guy to ask. Also Kerbalkons have happened in the past as you can see in the tail end of this video-
  12. I'm after quality but since I don't have any alternative I can't be picky.
  13. For anyone that's ever suggested a Rover testing facility; I present to you Squad's constant answer- The massive rolling planes west of the KSC. It's a perfect example for most atmospheric bodies as the terrain generally doesn't get more diverse than that anyway so it's a perfect simuloid requiring 0% development. Besides I already proposed an idea like this before-
  14. Never said my planes were going to space. My uses are the same as why Boeing and Airbus have these 'windmills' deploy in the event of power failure on their aircraft or in my case, to generate power when the engines are not in use.
  15. Partially but it's basically the equivalent of bringing a gas powered generator to power your ultralight's reaction wheels. Kinda overkill... but that's just me and maybe I'm crazy.