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  1. Someone should really bring the glory of the Space Launch System to the forums. America's going back to the moon, & SLS is gonna be the rocket to do it.

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    2. Rhode_Enterprise_By-Matt


      Tell that to SN15 who I watched land a few days ago. (I don’t want this to be an argument by the way.)

    3. ZooNamedGames


      SN15’s success is great (I was watching the NSF stream), but sadly it’s a drop in the bucket for what’s needed for starship to be ready to replace SLS.

      I said it best here.

    4. Rhode_Enterprise_By-Matt


      I agree with that tweet... it couldn’t have explained it better.

  2. Eh I guess it is time for some better formatting. Blasted I was wanting to delay that, such a pain. The intention was to provide data for upcoming vehicles. If you notice, all spacecraft are from 2010 & later (Orion is apparently up for debate). All rockets are from 2020 onwards with the exception of Electron which is an extremely sore thumb the more I look at it, so I may remove it, maybe not. If I can get enough data for things like F9 B5 (or previous blocks), I'll add it. As I said to tater, its about time for an update to the format. (Ugh). So adding more vehicles may be a
  3. Clearly an error, I'll fix that. Remember it's one guy running this thing. Its already iffy if I should've even included the free flight tests, but captive carry seems to be more like capsule drop tests to me, hence their omission. I just wanted DC to have something on the list. Noted, I'll fix that. Starship can't carry humans either in it's current form, but if it flies in July as Musk claims, I'm adding that to the "orbit" milestone for Starship despite SN2X being the Starship equivalent of Orion's EFT-1. Error, lots of areas to update when something flies, s
  4. I'll give it a look, seems promising for some numbers.
  5. Yes, I've listed both drops. The one with the landing gear failure & the successful landing in 2017.
  6. It had an Orion boilerplate, so just as much in common with the Ascent Abort-2 Orion. The Ares 1X was a rocket, while rocketsleds are more assists to throw it out of a plane- not quite the same & thus far, you're the only one to make this complaint. Cargo is not included as that's following the crew variant (its in the crewed spacecraft section). Also I've included the pad abort test, IFA & other Dragon 2 flights. Cells K63-K68. Each mission includes which vehicle is used. It says if its a boilerplate or not.
  7. I've updated Orion's listing to 4 crew since I can't find what I found before but if I do, I'll relist it as such.
  8. "Flights", according to my definition that I'll soon add to the MADS, is anything that includes rocket propulsion; exemption being SpaceShipTwo & DreamChaser. The former since its the same exact article as the rocket flying article, & DreamChaser as the two freeflights are the only ones it has thus far. Things like parachute tests, drop tests, splashdown tests, etc; are not included in any calculations or listings other than to report its status in the list. I can't remember where but I did see data that suggested 6 for a short period (can't recall how long). If you can source a b
  9. The Modern Aerospace Data Sheet (MADS) is a running project I've been making for over a year now where I've been collecting & compiling all data I can find about modern crew spacecraft (Orion, Dragon 2, Starliner, Starship, etc) & rockets (SLS, Super Heavy, New Glenn, Electron, etc). It's a small compilation of data, and a long running WORK IN PROGRESS. If you follow me on Twitter (please do, I post a lot of space related content!), you'll know I've been tracking the progress of modern spaceflight & the progress of all the vehicle's mentioned above, as well as others. It is a short
  10. Y’all do realize NASA said they have spare engines on site right? Set to take at most a week to perform a swap (if that’s even needed). Which currently does not appear to be the case. Jim even said that a retest may not be necessary if they got the data they needed. Everyone realizes the docking port on Orion can’t handle the forces of a tug in a reverse orientation (unless its extremely low thrust). Merlin (much less raptor) generates so much thrust that the docking port would be crushed, who knows what kind of damage the capsule itself would endure as it hasn’t been designed for t
  11. No photos yet but there's now 2 sets of SRB segments on the launchpad. Regardless of opinion- countdown to launch has begun with the stacking of these segments requiring them to launch within a ~year before they exceed their limits & need to be unstacked.
  12. This is still a problem. Is there any solution known up to this point? This issue is driving me mad. Worst yet, all the encounters I'm getting are anywhere from 2,000 days in the future to 50,000 days. It makes no sense.
  13. Despite the unavoidable delays imposed by COVID & the busiest hurricane season I’ve ever lived to see- SLS has only drifted 1 month off of the schedule I made back in July. I also ran the timeline past a Stennis SC worker & he agreed my timelines were close to what he expected based on their work. The booster was predicted to arrive before the end of the year back in July. Now, I’m predicting arrival before the end of January. Assembly & MLP integration by/before July. Testing close out by September, Wet Dress Rehearsal by or before November. Launch within that month is s
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