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  1. Terrain Scatter - Enhanced Edition

    I couldn't imagine why this wasn't included by default. They don't seem to impact performance all that much from my POV (and I run on hardware that is technically inferior to the consoles) and provide very key distance perception. It would be like playing the game without shadows. Landing on planets would be a nightmare... especially without mod readouts.
  2. Where's KSPTV?

    Well that’s good to know. Though my computer setup isn’t to spec yet, once I get my new computer, I’d love to join the KSPTV crew as I’ve certainly got plenty of experience .
  3. KSP Jet Engine Throttle Control Issue

    You can view the list of installed mods within your Gamedata.
  4. Where's KSPTV?

    A long time ago, in a Twitch channel not so far away, Squad used to have regular livestreams from their Twitch channel KSPTV. It was a rather fun channel that would cycle different faces and names across the community which would do various things in KSP and talk to the community as they played. Maybe even highlight developments or announce new content or something of the like. That said- what's happened? The streams haven't been around for a while now. My only guess is that with the recent T2 acquisition Squad simply let it slide off the table and forgot about it. Or did T2 cancel KSPTV outright? If it's a lack of people willing to run the stream, I would love to... if I had a PC strong enough. Granted I could always do other things for the streams such as talk about space and such like I used to on my Youtube channel. In either light, gotta ask, @Darth Badie, where's KSPTV been? Do you at Squad need help getting it rolling again? Do you need streamers?
  5. Make RTGs have a set lifespan

    There's been a right click option for the RTG for as long as I've been playing (.19) which tells you it's efficiency, which really leads me to believe that the developers wanted to implement this at one point but larger developments put it on hold until it got forgotten about. A simple config could probably have it follow a power reduction curve. That said, I think RTGs should last about 2 years ingame. Realistically 10 years would be better but seeing as you can get all the science on Kerbin in career mode within one day, it makes longer timeframes like decades harder to experience. Plus the shorter timeframe forces players to actually utilize the craft while the RTG is still functional, rather than put it off for later.
  6. KSP merch? (Shut up and take my money)

    Exactly the news I was hoping for! I need a new KSP mousepad and T-shirt so this makes me very happy!
  7. KSP merch? (Shut up and take my money)

    Likely reason why everything disappeared was because when T2 purchased Squad, it made all contracts with Squad's vendors invalid. So Squad/T2 are likely having to renegotiate with new businesses to make them. I would've expected this to be resolved by now, and if they don't have it resolved by the time the DLC is released then honestly I have little hope it will change any time soon. Course our favorite Squad PR person @Darth Badie may have something more hopeful to say (I've been out of the loop for a while so it's very possible I've missed something).
  8. Why the Mun dont have atmosfere?

    Technical claim in the form of a joke. However our disagreement is derailing the topic at hand so I'll leave this topic at that.
  9. Ditch The Royalty Free Music

    Very true. As a whole KSP’s sound design is very weak and leaves much to be desired.
  10. Why the Mun dont have atmosfere?

    It was a joke.
  11. Ditch The Royalty Free Music

    He may have, but a company likely purchased the rights to own his music from his family or estate and as such, company use may not be permitted.
  12. Ditch The Royalty Free Music

    Firstly, you're not the first to suggest it. Secondly, it isn't free for use by companies afaik. Even if it was, that's a cheap solution as that doesn't add anything new. Planets is cool, but on their own it's just one piece for each planet.
  13. NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    Engine test alone does not qualify in my mind. Propulsive landing has been proven for a 3.7m rocket, not a 9m one.
  14. NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    Lol, totally unintended.
  15. NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    I still can't support what I can't see. It's just another Sea Dragon to me.