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  1. My parents have been hounding me for years to finally get a ringtone and the biggest reason I haven't yet is I haven't had a ringtone I've wanted. So today I've decided to outreach to this community and ask if they can help find/create the sound file I'm after. I'm specifically after NASA quotes and audio files, because I'm a big NASA fan. Most of my content can be sourced from a YouTube creator called LunarModule5. For text messages I've settled on wanting a part of the Apollo audio transcripts that has Mission Controller telling the crew "We've got a message for you". I know I've heard them say that, I just can't recall on which mission. For phone calls, I'm still debating. I'm thinking maybe the segment just after Apollo 12 gets struck by lightning but I'm uncertain. Maybe others can suggest ideas.
  2. The Moderation Nation Space Program

    Moderators played TF2? And never invited me? I'm a beast at Solly!
  3. Towns

    I'd love to have structures and cities and what not, but ultimately performance is the issue. Assuming it wasn't a factor, the biggest reason to add it is because it adds scale and means of comparison, familiarity and so on. It's cool and all to build a 500m tall rocket but at the KSC, you don't have much comparison to make it epic. Place it next to a cellphone/radio tower or skyscaper and that's a common object of comparison.
  4. I've opened word up nearly a dozen times wanting to write a KSP story line for Squad. I have all the mechanics and the basic premise perfectly aligned in my head but the final decision I got from the community is that even if I shipped it off to Squad in the best form, they'd still not likely want or use it.
  5. Time to LKO? Real time.

    Once I get a job, it is on the top of my priority lists. Just have to finish school first.
  6. Time to LKO? Real time.

    Nice to know I'm literally the only one with takes 20 minutes or more to orbit. RIP my AMD A4-5000 (1.4GHz Quad Core) APU with 4GB of RAM. I just stare at a i7-6700 core, 16GB of RAM laptop (I'm going to be too mobile for a desktop to be feasible) wishing I could feel what 1:1 gameplay with graphical mods enabled would be like. But alas... I cannot. I weep for eternity.
  7. I've been playing KSP for 4+ years now and less than 1% of the time I go to the main menu to close the game. Just hit the X button to close the game (noting I play in windowed mode but that's still possible with alt+f4 as Aziz said.
  8. If you could create a single part Buran, that would be awesome since there hasn't been a mod for that (that I know of) in years.
  9. Especially since all water exists on the same altitude. Maybe it's calculating for altitude of the terrain under the sea. No idea why.
  10. #BringBackTheBarn

    I have an entire scenery concept by this point as to what KSP should mimic. It should start off Kerbal trailer park ish and move to sleek Porkjet style parts.
  11. Almost addictive...

    You're telling me. It's so addicting I made a series out of what I could do with my Saturn Shuttle. Should get back to that one day.
  12. Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    What's the maximum profile image size that the forum permits? The largest size that the forum software permits, without having to crop any of it.
  13. Additions to The Game?

    No. Just everything about this equals no. Whether from a realism perspective or gameplay I can list a menagerie as to why not. Just... NO
  14. Are there any Astronauts on the forums?

    Guess that is the right way to think of it. I'll have to start sketching everything down and preparing it for the forum. The easiest way to circumvent the issues the cubesat thread had is to go forward with a more set concept and plan initially from the get go. Showing that there's already a structure and plan in place, but community input is accepted. That said, @Tristonwilson12 knows all about the permits and could likely have them fully explained to me and completed rather easily. Thankfully I'm good at coordinating stuff like this (heck, I used to be Flight Director of the Real Space Program! (and will return to being so in the near future). As to the "too difficult people", they will always be there. Honestly baring flight difficulties, the only real challenge is cost. Also... I'm pinched here by NDA but all I can say is if I want to fly soon, Cloud 1 is not suitable. Besides it'll be more fun to make my own rocket. I'd like to make a metholox rocket if at all possible. Will it be dangerous? Oh hell yes. Will it be worth the risk? Oh hell yes. Challenging? Yes.
  15. Alan Shepard made multiple attempts to return to flight readiness status. Granted he never intended to leave the crew cycle. He only did after he was diagnosed with Minere's Disease (butchered the spelling). He was the original commander of Apollo 13 before his ear infection flared up bumping Jim Lovell and his crew to the prime crew for 13. He launched aboard Apollo 14 as Commander. Only thanks to an experimental (at the time) surgery to drain the excess fluid from the inner ear. That said, as to 9, I'm uncertain. From what I know, it was pretty concrete. However I admit to not being as certain as I could be and will spend some time looking into this.