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  1. I've been playing around with Making History and I've noticed a recurring (and glaringly big) issue with the new command pods- none of them have windows you can double click-look out of- and although a minor compliant with most of the new pods, the Munar Excursion Module* . Which, is needless to say is designed to emulate the design of the Apollo Lunar Module. Which creates a bit of a dilemma. The Lunar Module was designed with the explicit intention of both crew members standing. This is done so not only ditch the weight of seats, but also cut the need for such large windows. So by having larger windows, the crew would need to stand near them, to get the best view, but instead you're stuck, in a seat, with a tiny window that only allows for an upward POV from the seat. So effectively your stuck with a trait of the original design for the L.E.M. (there is difference between the L.E.M. and the LM that I'll get to later) but in the LM. By standing next to the window, you get a better POV. One significantly better for landing as you can actually see what's below you, rather than just the horizon. So I suggest everyone at Squad take a moment to watch this segment of the TV miniseries, from the Earth To The Moon and ponder what it has to say. So the initial (and likely the much easier option) is to just add a double click point like from the normal stock pods. However I do propose an alternative, that is a bit more arduous, but also more accurate to the vehicle they are depicting. I suggest that Squad create a static 3D model of a standing Kerbal, and just fit the head of a sitting Kerbal to that, with their arms and lower body hidden away in the control panels and as a result, out of view. Allowing for a standing Kerbal with a moving head, but without having to redesign how command pods function entirely. The Kerbal's body would be part of the pods geometry rather than an animated figure. The second command slot can be an empty suit if a second crew member is not present. The crew wouldn't move much so having static figures would work fine with the default heads plugged into them. Of course the easier option is to just add a double click zoom in. For the * see the spoiler below.
  2. ZooNamedGames

    How to Safely Download Shareware Games?

    Most AV I’ve used have that problem but seeing as I have it active, my only question is how effective is it?
  3. ZooNamedGames

    How to Safely Download Shareware Games?

    Some of the games I’m after a slightly newer (indie games of the early 2010s, late 2000s) and I doubt that some of those games would run well on such old hardware.
  4. ZooNamedGames

    How to Safely Download Shareware Games?

    How’s Norton 360? A lot of the games I’m after are stored on a website called “Softonic”, any information or experience with it? I may be too young to have lived it, but I certainly do live in the past. 6 1/2” floppy disks that are actually floppy! I’ve heard of these virtual OSs, but I’m not quite certain how to go about getting one set up.
  5. ZooNamedGames

    How to Safely Download Shareware Games?

    I’ve gotten into a mood where I want to play some old shareware games, but to do so, will obviously mean downloading from less reputable locations. So my question is, what can I do to protect my computer as best as possible from the threat of malware/viruses and the like, when downloading from these locations? One recurring suggestion is to just have a separate hard drive that’s entirely disconnected when not in use so malware and other baddies can’t transfer to my normal hard drive. But I’m hoping there’s less excessive solutions that can be as effective. Thank you and have a nice day.
  6. ZooNamedGames

    [1.4.+ BETA] Kerbal Wind Tunnel

    I'll have to definitely give this a shot. From what I'm seeing currently, this is absolutely what I was looking for; which is providing static data for the vehicle. The only suggestion, I can provide (without testing the mod) is adding the lift/drag markers that can be seen in flight, but have each show for when each surface is activated (so you can see the L/D when static in the SPH/VAB). But once it becomes available, I'd love to see how it works.
  7. ZooNamedGames

    Build Fly Dream - Community Edition

    That video was just too heavy for this early in the morning... you just flashed the last 5 years of my life in an instant, the best and the worst.
  8. ZooNamedGames

    "Recover Vessel" KSP Survival Story [Part X: "Into The Depths"]

    I've made some corrections to the previous section. Which provided a great way to fix my typos and get my head back into the story. Expect more tomorrow!
  9. ZooNamedGames

    "Recover Vessel" KSP Survival Story [Part X: "Into The Depths"]

    What a dark and smelly old place this is! Oh wait, it's because I left it in a cave and promised to release content nearly half a year ago! I should probably get around to fixing that and I think that's in the cards. I'm going to start typing tonight so even if I don't have enough to type, I should still have something stored for the next time I type.
  10. ZooNamedGames

    Working for SQUAD? :-)

    ——— I’m going to finish with two statements and move on as I’m not eager to get tied into a debate that mostly comes down to opinion on the industry. First, I don’t own any current generation game consoles and the majority of my games are pre-2010, and I have no intention of changing that because personally when I buy a game, I want to buy a game, not a development project where I report a bug and cross my fingers and hope the developers fix it in the next patch. When I bought games as a kid I was paying money expecting a complete and stable product. If I would’ve received the kind of mess that is “acceptable” in the industry today, I would’ve returned those games for my money back. Secondly, this is an opinion. One that I’ve seen shared before. People complaining about expecting a stable game and not this mess of broken physics, crashes and lag spikes that render the game literally unplayable (and therefore, a $30-$40 purchase, effectively equal to throwing your money in the trash can). However what is the most important factor here is this is an opinion. To each of us is our own thoughts and mine, does not approve and can promise not a dollar to any major game developer beyond Squad.
  11. ZooNamedGames

    Working for SQUAD? :-)

    And those who don’t want to QnA for Squad, complain and demand a money back for a broken product and I sympathize with them. It may be common, but so is Ubisoft’s track record of releasing broken unstable products. And not everyone agrees with that mindset. Some people just want to buy a game and want it to work. Not stop and report to the developers all their problems.
  12. ZooNamedGames

    Say Hello to The Rep Grand Group! [07/19/16 UPDATE!]

    I’ve seriously considered it! And frankly I haven’t had much to do on the forums (although I do need to get back to Recover Vessel), so it may be a fun task to take up.
  13. ZooNamedGames

    Say Hello to The Rep Grand Group! [07/19/16 UPDATE!]

    Well I’ve been repeatedly told by @Endersmens that he’s got something in the works but it keeps falling back to silence. Besides at this point the thread would be like 2,000 members long. Maddening notion to maintain and replace.
  14. ZooNamedGames

    Working for SQUAD? :-)

    Well I guess that’s true. With my only comment being that I’ll go in with a realist mindset, and a positive response to Squad.
  15. ZooNamedGames

    Working for SQUAD? :-)

    But KSP isn’t Windows 10, installed on over 10,000,000 Computers world wide. It’s a new practice for video games as I can buy a range of console games that aren’t broken in their off the shelf version.