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  1. Max Q is the point a rocket reaches the peak atmospheric resistance and the most force is exerted on it during launch. (Imagine stepping on a coke can, the foot being the atmosphere and the can being the rocket).
  2. ZooNamedGames

    Lets talk about the new update.....

    Whelp. There goes my Mercury style Mk1 pod replicas. What the hell is the new cockpit intending to be? A cockpit or a pod? It doesn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen fly.
  3. ZooNamedGames

    KSP Weather

    Clouds can be added, they just won't be realistic. See EVE.
  4. ZooNamedGames

    KSP Weekly: The Moon Race

    The new suits are great, but can we fix the issue of the corner of eyes not meeting with the face and in turn, allow players to see inside the eyeball? Anyone can see this with any crew capsule with side by side seating like the mk1-2 cabin.
  5. ZooNamedGames

    The Hubble Space Telescope is now in "Safe Mode"

    My idea was to launch two missions; the first would carry all the hardware and tools to repair HST (unmanned), then launch a second mission with CST-100/Dragon V2/Orion (which is the only one to fly to space to this point mind you). From there, the crew would EVA (even if it just meant opening the hatch and getting out) and doing the work. Though Hubble's issue is bad news, it appears it can still operate, albeit at reduced effectiveness. So we could wait a few years to see these new crew vehicles tested and proven capable of handling crew. In my mind, I would use a F9 for the cargo mission, and Orion for the crew, as Orion is intended to go to the moon, and this could act as a stepping stone for Orion. Orion being launched (again) on the Delta IV Heavy. Last I heard, Orion and it's SM was ready, just waiting for SLS which is always being pushed back. According to NASA's Performance Chart, The Delta IV Heavy would barely not be able to lift Orion and it's SM. So I would launch them seperately and attach them together in orbit and then let it fly to Hubble with it's crew and rendezvous with HST where it would be greeted by the cargo vehicle already waiting for the crew. So 3 launches. Still not terrible.
  6. ZooNamedGames

    Space shuttle and iss

    As shown above, the docking port was behind the cockpit and also acted as an airlock for crew transfers. It was hollow, allowing crews to pass through. Much like the Apollo era docking ports which allowed crews to pass from the CSM to the LM. Though not clearly labeled, directly below the 'Mid Deck' label, is a split round shape, which is the airlock for the docking port in the cargo bay. They would open it when docked, then enter it, and go up (in reference to the shuttle's floor) into the ISS/Mir (seeing as those were it's only dockable destinations).
  7. [The Derelict Mine] Now that my eyes had again adjusted to the darkness, I pass my headlamp over the large empty space in front of me and see a series of wooden buildings, and metal machines. It didn't take me long to realize, that this was the heart of the mine. Large hoppers and empty furnaces occupy the immense area. The room appeared to be several miles in diameter and nearly a mile high. The cave had several side paths branching off, with all the paths collapsed, with the exception of one path on the far side. I look down to where the edge of path I came from, and see that it's a 100 foot drop from the edge of the tunnel to the cave floor. So I start looking for a way to descent, and notice there's a narrow metal rail, leaning against the tunnel edge. I follow the metal beam to it's end point, which is on the cave floor,and is tightly wedged in between several rocks. I grab the beam, and try to compress it as best as I can, to see how strong the beam is. The beam remained solid, even as I apply my best strength. So I take a deep breath, before grappling the beam, and beginning my descent. I slowly slide myself down the metal rail, moving with extreme caution as I do not want to cause the rail to slide and fall. Just a minute into the crawl, I hear the beam crack and pop, sounds that scare me, but do not frighten me as much as how shortly after, I feel the beam shift and begin to slide underneath me. My blood turns ice cold as I hold onto the beam firmly. I wait as the beam settles, with the only sounds I can hear being the sound of the beams cracking echoing throughout the cave, and the sound of my heart throbbing intensely in my chest. After several minutes of waiting, I finally have the courage to continue. I continuing sliding along, when I am about halfway down, I lean too far forward, and my headlamp falls off of me, and drops to the cave floor below. The lamp survives the fall miraculously, but I am now left in the dark, suspended 50 feet above the floor in a black abyss, only broken by a single streak of light from below me. I continue to slowly descend, relying completely on the feeling of the rail, to lead myself down. After many minutes of sliding, I manage to make it to the bottom. On the cave floor, my only indication of bearings, is the narrow beam of light from my headlamp in front of me. I begin walking forward slowly through the dark, making sure to not trip over anything that may be on the cave floor in the seemingly infinite darkness around me. Every step I make, echoes throughout the cave, seemingly going on forever as it travels through the tunnels. A few steps after heading towards the headlamp, I end up bumping my foot into something. I slide my foot along it, and can tell it's a large wooden plank strewn across my path. So I step carefully over it, only to step on another small plank which had me loose my balance, before I manage to recover, and continue onwards. I take a few more steps and encounter another foreign object in my path again. I try to feel what it is, but I cannot tell. I bend over to feel it with my hands, but all I can tell, is that it's metal. So I carefully step beyond it, and it's only a few steps further that I encounter yet another object. I never go more than 5 steps without encountering another object in my path, but eventually, I manage to reach my headlamp and as I don it and look behind me in my path, I see just how cluttered with junk was. Large rock piles, shovels, buckets and wood beams are strewn everywhere. The object I couldn't identify was apparently a large pipe that's been crushed. Now with the aid of my headlamp, I begin heading towards the structures occupying the cave system. As I do, I begin investigating each structure. The first one I come to, appears to have collapsed on itself, but among the wreckage I can identify the crushed remnants of a furnace, and a workshop table. Through the fallen roof pieces and timber beams, I can see an occasional tool buried underneath, but have too much debris covering them for me to consider trying to get them. So I move onto another structure, inside of which, appears to be similar to the last. I continue past it and make my way to towards the center of the cave. The next building I pass, has a large metal hopper outside of it. As I get closer, I see that it has a large hole in it's side, and is entirely empty. From the hole, I can see a large pile of stones have fallen out and crushed the adjacent structure completely. I try to examine the rocks, but none seem wholly different from another, or show any significance. So I continue on. Closer to the center, the proximity of buildings to each other has increased immensely, and some are still standing, however, after peering inside, I see that most are either completely empty, are standing with a collapsed roof, or have nothing of interest inside. What did peak my interest, was the large metal structure I could spot in the core. It was at least 3 stories tall, and had no exterior and largely resembled a metal cube. I was curious what it could be, and why it was positioned to be in the center of this community. I point the beam of my headlamp directly into the open doorway into the structure, but all I can see is shifting shadows and an ever changing shape. The room seemed to have no discernible shape for the longest time, as the room kept shifting and changing as I looked. I can't tell if I'm tired, or if my eyes are playing tricks on me in the darkness. Once I reach the entrance the structure, I peer inside, and see several large machines, and contraptions lining every wall and some extending to the ceiling of this three story structure. I see lots of gears, springs, chains and screws, but what they serve in this massive machine I cannot tell. However, as I scan across the room, I spot a series of documents strewn across the floor amongst other useless junk like test tubes, old broken abacuses and measured weights. I collect the book, and dust the cover, to see that it's a journal belonging to a Mr. Vernon Kerman. I open the cover and begin flipping through the pages of the journal, and just inside of the cover, is an envelope addressed to a Maximus Kerman, whoever that is. I attempt to carefully open the envelope, but end up tearing the top off by accident. I stick the torn top part in between some of the pages at the end of the journal, and then take out the letter inside. "Dear Maximus Kerman I am proud to report, that our operations in the mines has after long last, been proven. Our quest to find the famed mineral ore has finally been found! At approximately 5 kilometers in depth, we have finally found an ore vain large enough to process. Our locating of the ore vain could not have been more opportune, as I had also finally completed my refinery here in the depths of the mine. Creating this refinery took the large part of the year since I last wrote to you. A maddening array of filters, compressors, fiery furnaces and baffles work in distinct order to convert this ore into a more useful material. Sadly, we couldn't manage to create anything of use, however, after an accident by one of the miners proved, the liquid by product of our reactions works as a fantastic fuel! It's possible we could use this elsewhere." I stop and look around the room again, and things start to make sense to me. This room, must have been one of the earliest attempts at an ore refinery, where the first traces of liquid fuel was created. I flip through the first few pages, and see that the journal outlines all the details about the refinery. What each part is, and how each specific part is to be tuned so that the whole machine functions to create fuel. I'm just amazed by the amazing ingenuity it must have took Vernon Kerman to get this working, and I keep having to catch myself from just staring at everything in wonder. Though, I notice something in front of me when I made another distracted peak away from the journal. In the center of the room is a large lever. Intrigued as to what it could do, I step over to it, and pull it. But I end up accidentally snapping it off by mistake. With the sound making an interesting twang sound which echoed throughout the cave and connecting tunnel systems. As it got further away, the sound got deeper and deeper in pitch. Despite no longer being functional for the machine, I see that the broken end of the lever is extremely sharp. Potentially even sharp enough that I could use it in the future. So I store it away with the rest of my gear, and begin to move on. As I do so, the town gets less and less sparse, as the refinery was located in the center of the town. Occasionally a unique or new building appears, but inside is always the same empty shell, occasionally with a collapsed roof. As I make my way onwards, I finally reach the far end, and can see that like the tunnel I came from, that the tunnel I'm wanting to reach, is elevated at least 100 feet off the ground. At least this tunnel still has a ramp reaching up to it. This however, did not make me feel any better, as I could tell that the wood was rotted through and in absolutely terrible condition. I step forward and lean on the ramp's edge to test it, and although I hear an upsetting amount of creaking, popping and cracking, the ramp, remains largely solid. I feel a lump in the bottom of my stomach as I begin to hate the idea of ascending this ramp, however, I take a deep breath and move on as I know I have to. So, I take my first steps up the ramp and slowly beginning to move towards the top. With every step, the ramp makes a whole new array of popping and cracking. A few dozen steps up the ramp, and my next step punches through a hole in the ramp and sends my leg shooting down through the ramp. I panic and immediately jump out of the hole and end up diving forward shattering the boards I land on, however they did not break apart. So I carefully roll myself onto the boards next to me. Moving carefully, I manage to make it, and in doing so, stop to calm myself. I notice just how fast my heart is pacing and just how hard I'm panting. So I take several moments, so just focus on my breathing, and I try to tune out all of the disconcerting sounds the ramp is making. Eventually, I get the nerve to continue. I stand myself up, carefully and begin to scan the ground carefully before taking any steps further. I keep a continuous scan of the ground around me to make sure that where I step next is strong enough to support me, and occasionally I test boards to see if they can hold me, and when they can't, I detour around them carefully. A tedious process, but after what surely must've been a nearly hour half climb, I finally reach the top of the ramp. By the end of the climb, my whole body was shaking, not only from being tired of focusing on every step and every move I make, but from being stressed from the continuous sounds of the ramp. A huge wave of relief poured over me as I made my first step back onto solid ground when I reached the tunnel edge. I slam myself against the edge of the tunnel wall, and just take several moments to breath. Relax after that harrowing ordeal. I reach into my pack to get a water, but as I begin to shuffle through my bag, I notice that things begin to gradually grow darker. Looking around, it didn't take me long to realize that my head lamp was finally running out of power. Out of desperation, I begin to beat the lamp with my fist, but it wasn't long after that it went completely dead, and I was left completely alone, in an infinite sea of darkness.
  8. For those curious, I am still working on this, and in fact, I am half way done as of tonight. I intend to release this by Monday (fingers crossed). Biggest delay has been homework amongst other issues, but I am closer than ever to releasing part XI. I intend to keep hard at work to see this part through to the end, and I am so glad so many of you are interested in this, and more importantly are wanting more! I intend to keep to your promises and get this done! Time for Jabe to revive her adventure!
  9. ZooNamedGames

    Advertising For Roleplays

    No RPing Here! I am wanting to get back into running roleplaying games, and as such I’m offering the 2 types of games I’ve got for people to join. RPGs: The Legend of Zelda (typical DnD style with a Zelda style take on the storyline) Ghostbusters (comical modern RPG, very unique system) If you want to join, click the game you want to join, to join the Discord. All the roleplay is done through Discord. Thanks for looking! Please no RP here!
  10. ZooNamedGames

    Stratolaunch Problems

    Expanding on the earlier comments, we can't tell what's wrong as you haven't actually told us anything. You keep saying your car is broken and won't start, but when we try to ask for details, you keep saying "it won't start", which isn't helping to clear up the problem. So we're left at making vague guesses as to how to resolve the situation. My suggestion is to enable advanced tweakables and utilize autostruts and see if that solves your problem. Along with changing what the root part is and see if that fixes anything. What would help us is if you would go to Imgur.com and (make an account if you lack one), and then upload ingame screenshots of the kraken in particular. You can take screenshots ingame by hitting F1, and find them under screenshots in your KSP directory (assuming you bought KSP through Steam, you can access the KSP directory by going to your games library, right clicking KSP, selecting properties, local files tab, and selecting view local files. There you will see a folder labeled screenshots, which contains all of your screenshots. Upload those images to Imgur and share the uploaded images by pasting the link to them here, and then we can help you.
  11. I began writing last night and intend on continuing tonight. By Tuesday night at the latest, it should be finished.
  12. Well then. I know what I’m working on this weekend. Two requests for Part XI.
  13. ZooNamedGames

    Original Parts As 'Classic Style' DLC

    That would make two as I already mentioned that mods exist. See my first hyperlink. If Squad continues their current course it would no longer be in the product at all. Mods however can die and take all backwards compatibility for crafts with them. Not to mention they have no guarantee of being compatible version to version. Squad however, with a paid product- would be obligated to maintain a working product.
  14. For those who aren't aware, Squad has been remodeling the older parts in KSP. The biggest change thus far being the complete replacement of the 2.5m parts. Some like it. I however am attached to this classic appearance of the parts and would like to at least have them available for us to use in future versions. Personally, I would like to just have them as an alternative texture now that a feature has been implemented, but if Squad/T2 is so hard for cash, I'd even pay for a DLC that would guarantee that these parts would (in some part) remain in the game. Including the original 2.5m parts as well. Another DLC (or contained as an option) could offer the original parts from 0.7.3 if players so desired as well. Mods like In With The New And Old show that there is at least some demand for keeping the originals. Spoiler belows, shows a list of what parts are being overhauled for an example of how much is changing. @Spartwo has already made a post about ensuring compatibility of these parts in future versions so I'll leave that to him. But feel free to let me know what you think.
  15. ZooNamedGames


    Trophy doesn't mean much when I've got a stack of 40 of em.