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  1. halowraith1

    [WIP] German WWII rockets including never built absurdities

    cool, what sort of altitude do the smaller rockets get to? still, maybe it could do with a few 'tech level upgrades' for RO like the A4 and A10 engines for better efficiency and higher thrust.
  2. halowraith1

    The user below me...

    had? still have it and craving pizza atm. TUBM has met someone famous (or sort of)
  3. halowraith1

    [WIP] German WWII rockets including never built absurdities

    what made you go to the black/white peenemunde scheme for the v2? also in the current release the a6 ramjet is too weak to propel the complete craft for an extended period of time. is this intended?
  4. a fully original 262 may make its first flight at the end of the year/early 2019, so the timing for an early jet age update is on point.
  5. no plans for energia/buran and UR-700?
  6. added a couple extra mods which made the game crash, removed them, and the game still doesn't work. about to pull my hair out. ksp.log http://www.mediafire.com/file/1ga56rp9k9o1oov/KSP.log/file
  7. halowraith1

    part squashed in game

    brilliant. more problems; part attachment nodes are not working. it's be great if somebody made a start-to-finish tutorial that treated the viewers like children; i seriously have no idea what i'm doing and tons of the documentation is outdated. it's one thing after the other.
  8. halowraith1

    part squashed in game

    i sort of fixed it by exporting the model from blender as .obj rather than .fbx
  9. halowraith1

    part squashed in game

    changed the values of both the gameobject and the model, none of which changed anything.
  10. halowraith1

    part squashed in game

    gameobject parent is 1 on all axes. the model is different with: X: 11.58033 Y: 11.58033 Z: 1.988597
  11. recently made a jet engine, which looks fine in unity but is ruined in game. on a side note, you can see i'm making a BMW-003. early jets like these had slow throttle response and high fuel consumption. how would i properly modify these attributes in the config file, as well as thrust curves? i also used the j20 juno config as a base if that helps. also, the engine is facing the wrong way and the attachment point doesn't line up.
  12. halowraith1

    how do i add a new jet engine?

    cheers lads
  13. I can make a somewhat decent model in blender, but when it comes to importing it into unity, giving it attachment points and editing the config file i am completely bummed. i need halp pls
  14. will there be a jet engine line like with props? like: early (ww2) --> mid cold war --> modern