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  1. While I agree with the other posters that it won't crash your KSP game, I do think there is one thing to watch out for. Based on some experiments I did back in the 1.1 days, KSP's resource distributions are generated, in order, from a random seed (as @DStaal said). However, if you change which resources are or are not associated with a given planet (and installing CRP does change this), then you change the number of draws from the random number generator. This means that the resource distributions "downstream" of any planets that have gained/lost resources may be completely different. That's a problem if your save game already has some ISRU bases set up, but not otherwise.
  2. Sorry, but can you give a little more detail? I just tried a fresh install with those versions and everything worked (or rather, didn't work ) just fine.
  3. In case anybody's interested, I recently published some TestFlight configs I've been tinkering with for Stock KSP and some Stock-alike mods I play with. They're available from GitHub and CKAN. The config pack includes a config-simplification system based on the one used by Realism Overhaul's TF configs, so in principle it should be easy to add configs for more mods. Now for the disclaimer: these configs are in beta at the moment. I'm basically testing them by using them in my career game and seeing how they work out, so there are likely lots of balance issues, especially for jet engines and the higher-tech rockets. Use at your own risk, no warranty express or implied, etc.
  4. I've just posted a minor update to Custom Asteroids. As usual, it's available from SpaceDock, Curse, Github, or CKAN. New Features Asteroid groups can now have limits on the number of asteroids that spawn at once. Bug Fixes Solar day (<planet>.psol in configs) is now correctly calculated for bodies other than Kerbin.
  5. I think it's possible to alter an asteroid's (or other vessel's) orbit color. But it would be a bit out of scope for Custom Asteroids, and, like @Drew Kerman, I'm a bit confused about the motivation. Do you specifically want to be able to see large numbers of asteroids and spacecraft at the same time, without filters?
  6. I'm pretty sure the record ribbons are awarded for getting a KWFRKS milestone. If so, then once you get anybody into orbit you won't get any more (except for the 2500 m/s one).
  7. It's been around since version 1.4; there's a nice writeup on it. I'm not sure you actually need to use the new naming system to reproduce the bug I described, it just guarantees that it will happen.
  8. In the VAB, right-click on the station's command pod, choose "Configure Vessel Naming", and move the priority slider to the right. This ensures that any spacecraft attached to the station don't rename it.
  9. I found a bug where astronauts can get assigned endurance ribbons they shouldn't have. I can reproduce it with KSP 1.6.1/FF 1.5.3, as well as older versions: Create a space station with a high-priority name, and launch it into orbit. Time warp at least 80 Kerbin days into the future. Launch a manned spacecraft into orbit and dock with the station. Send an astronaut on EVA, then have them return to the station+spacecraft. The astronaut will now have the 80-day mission ribbon, despite having spent much less time than that in space. A fix would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Custom Asteroids 1.6.0 is now out. This version is mostly bug fixes, but it does add localization support (only tested on English KSP, sorry). You can get it from SpaceDock, Curse, Github, or CKAN. Apologies for again dropping off the radar. I've recently committed to working on KSP modding for at least one day a week, and I'm also switching to a more adaptive workflow to keep me from getting hung up on cool-but-difficult issues (most recently, Sentinel support). I hope these changes will let me update more frequently and respond to feedback faster. Unfortunately, that means that updates in the near future will likely be bug fixes and "small" improvements, and major CA limitations like not working with Sentinel or un-cometary comets will be around for a while. On the other hand, if any modders on this thread want to try tackling outstanding issues, I'd appreciate the help.
  11. Yes, it does. Sorry for not updating the compatibility info sooner!
  12. Since nobody's complained, I've updated the mod's compatibility info for KSP-AVC, CKAN, etc.
  13. @shoe7ess and @Mathrilord, I finally got a chance to test Custom Asteroids with KSP 1.4 and it appears to work fine (with the three stock configs, at least). Can you still reproduce your failures? I still need to do a bit of investigation to make sure nothing's broken in more subtle ways, but so far I'm inclined to mark CA 1.5 as compatible with KSP 1.4.
  14. Ok, then that is strange. Can you file a bug report on GitHub, or should I do it? There's already a feature request for allowing asteroid groups to have a cap on how many asteroids they can have (although TBH I'm not sure when I'll be able to do more modding). Making asteroids permanent would be quite a bit trickier, since that means meddling with how KSP manages untracked asteroids. I'm surprised to hear that Kopernicus can do it; I'll take a look when I can.
  15. I've seen randomization problems before, but those took the form of the first asteroid in every game being the same. I haven't seen what you're describing. I don't use a specific seed for the orbits, but both KSP's name generation and my orbit generation use the KSP random number stream, so it's not surprising that they're correlated. As for why you're seeing repetition, my best guess is that some other mod might be periodically resetting the game's seed. Is that a possibility? While I don't object to people making their own configs, please do not give them names starting with "CustomAsteroids_" (as noted in the comment). Also, with the settings you've described there will be 40-50 asteroids around on average; is that intentional?