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  1. In the VAB, once you've placed an engine, you can (IIRC) get a brief summary by mousing over it, and more detail by middle-clicking.
  2. It sounds like you're trying to run Custom Asteroids 1.9, which (like anything comet-related) is only compatible with KSP 1.10 and later. If you install Custom Asteroids 1.8 (links available in original post) you should not have any problems.
  3. Custom Asteroids itself should work with any Kopernicus-based solar system, but I don't know of any asteroid packs for Beyond Home . If a planet mod doesn't include Custom Asteroids support, you'll have to write your own (see the discussion with @Wolves_Hero last page).
  4. Sorry, I couldn't understand that. If you're asking how to control the sizes of asteroids, you want something like, for example: ASTEROIDGROUP { // Other properties go here sizes { key = 1.5 C key = 3 D key = 2 E } } to give a 3:6:4 ratio of C, D, and E asteroids, but no A or B. If you're saying that size A asteroids look huge when they shouldn't, that sounds like a bug. If so, can you provide more information, following the "How to get support" guidelines? The log file and a list of other mods installed are the most important parts.
  5. Not quite. Comets are provided by Stockalike.cfg, and from your description above it sounds like you want that instead of Basic Asteroids.cfg (Basic Asteroids creates an asteroid belt between Duna and Jool, something stock does not do). If you substitute Stockalike in your description above then yes, that should be the behavior you get.
  6. That's a complicated question because there's multiple options on either side, so bear with me. Though you're at least in little danger of getting "stray" objects no matter what you do. I should start by pointing out that there are actually two stock asteroid systems: the basic one that produces Kerbin intercept asteroids, Drestroids, and most comets, and the one associated with the Sentinel telescope. Depending on how you set the new Kopernicus switch: if UseKopernicusAsteroidSystem = true, you will have neither the basic nor the Sentinel spawner. If you also have Custom Asteroids
  7. Honestly I have mixed feelings about Kopernicus turning comet control over to Custom Asteroids entirely; I said a few words about why on the Kopernicus Unified branch. I'm all in favor of the asteroid generator flag you propose, though, since previously avoiding conflicts between the two mods has involved some awkward MM deletions, and having a sanctioned solution would be much better. Custom Asteroids defines its asteroids/comets in text files in the KSP directory. The default files in GameData/CustomAsteroids/config are all designed for the stock system, so for a total conversion mod
  8. Since @Black-Two- was kind enough to mention me I suppose I should chime in, though I am biased (in multiple directions ). Kopernicus and Custom Asteroids have been competitors/rivals since 2015, in part because the two mods have taken different approaches to asteroid handling: Kopernicus was, when last I checked, fairly close to stock asteroids, while Custom Asteroids tried to overrule the stock behavior wherever it could. Some players preferred one approach, some the other. But there's also been some synergy: @Thomas P. wrote a much better asteroid spawner than my original design, and C
  9. Thanks for your interest! Yes asteroids (more precisely, any part whose model is generated by ModuleAsteroid) cannot be made larger than size E. I don't know of a way around it, but I've requested support for larger asteroids as Squad#27069. If you have a Squad bugtracker account, feel free to upvote it. With the current code it is possible to create an asteroid that uses the comet model, but does not have CometVessel (the vessel module that adds support for orbit types and visual effects): simply use ModuleManager to clone PotatoComet into a part with a different name, and you'll get the
  10. Thank you everyone for waiting! Custom Asteroids 1.9 is now available for KSP 1.10 and later. This version adds support for custom comets and makes some long-overdue tweaks to the stock asteroid packs. Unfortunately, I don't have a good way to patch old-style "comets" from existing save games (especially ones you've already visited); they'll still be asteroids. New Features Asteroid groups can now create comets that behave according to stock rules (e.g., orbit-dependent science classes). Changes The CaCometActive part and cometSample experiment are now deprecated; use Potato
  11. Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately, the resource display is a problem on the stock side. While I'm also annoyed by the lack of a good asteroid prospecting option, I'm not sure I want to try to add my own display on top of the stock module, especially since Community Resource Pack (which had varied asteroid resources before I did) doesn't feel the need to do so. Yes, an asteroid drill will mine everything at once. There's an explanation of the exact mechanics on the Squad bugtracker.
  12. Custom Asteroids 1.8.0 is now available for KSP 1.4 through 1.9. This release is not compatible with KSP 1.10. I'm working on integrating with the new comets system, but I probably won't be able to maintain compatibility with KSP 1.9 and earlier once I do that, so I wanted to get these fixes out first. Thank you for your patience! New Features Asteroid groups can now have custom size distributions. They are still limited to the asteroid sizes provided by the stock game. Bug Fixes Loading a KSP game in which many years have passed no longer causes Custom Asteroids to "churn"
  13. If you mean the Sentinel telescope, Custom Asteroids doesn't support it at all at the moment (i.e., if you launch the telescope it should still work, but it won't use any CA features). I did try to integrate it into the mod, but it proved a bit too difficult for me. I will still try to fix the bugs that have been reported here, but I can't promise when I'll be able to release a new version, sorry.
  14. OPM still has official FF support, but it's not included in the CKAN download (or as a separate pack, last I checked). You can download the ribbons manually from https://github.com/Poodmund/Outer-Planets-Mod/.
  15. @kubi, thanks for the bug reports. I don't have a better workaround for the too-strict spawn limit. The error messages are harmless (the spawning logic was written before it made sense to have no asteroids spawning on purpose); they will go away if you add an asteroid group that does not have limits, or you can suppress them outright by setting ErrorsOnScreen = False in the settings file. As for pseudo-Lagrange points, the trick is to set the asteroids' mean longitude based on that of the body they're co-orbiting with. You can look at the Trojan asteroids in Basic Asteroids.cfg for an exa
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