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  1. Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately, the resource display is a problem on the stock side. While I'm also annoyed by the lack of a good asteroid prospecting option, I'm not sure I want to try to add my own display on top of the stock module, especially since Community Resource Pack (which had varied asteroid resources before I did) doesn't feel the need to do so. Yes, an asteroid drill will mine everything at once. There's an explanation of the exact mechanics on the Squad bugtracker.
  2. Custom Asteroids 1.8.0 is now available for KSP 1.4 through 1.9. This release is not compatible with KSP 1.10. I'm working on integrating with the new comets system, but I probably won't be able to maintain compatibility with KSP 1.9 and earlier once I do that, so I wanted to get these fixes out first. Thank you for your patience! New Features Asteroid groups can now have custom size distributions. They are still limited to the asteroid sizes provided by the stock game. Bug Fixes Loading a KSP game in which many years have passed no longer causes Custom Asteroids to "churn" through redundant asteroids. Resource drills now work when Custom Asteroids is installed but Community Resource Pack is not. Asteroid configs consisting entirely of limited-number or conditionally-spawned asteroids no longer emit error messages. Asteroid configs consisting entirely of limited-number or conditionally-spawned asteroids no longer cause the fixed-rate spawner to get stuck in a zero-asteroid state.
  3. If you mean the Sentinel telescope, Custom Asteroids doesn't support it at all at the moment (i.e., if you launch the telescope it should still work, but it won't use any CA features). I did try to integrate it into the mod, but it proved a bit too difficult for me. I will still try to fix the bugs that have been reported here, but I can't promise when I'll be able to release a new version, sorry.
  4. OPM still has official FF support, but it's not included in the CKAN download (or as a separate pack, last I checked). You can download the ribbons manually from
  5. @kubi, thanks for the bug reports. I don't have a better workaround for the too-strict spawn limit. The error messages are harmless (the spawning logic was written before it made sense to have no asteroids spawning on purpose); they will go away if you add an asteroid group that does not have limits, or you can suppress them outright by setting ErrorsOnScreen = False in the settings file. As for pseudo-Lagrange points, the trick is to set the asteroids' mean longitude based on that of the body they're co-orbiting with. You can look at the Trojan asteroids in Basic Asteroids.cfg for an example. In that file I gave the asteroids big spreads in inclination and mean anomaly to imitate the fairly dispersed Trojan groups in our own solar system, but this is by no means part of the technique.
  6. If this is what I think it is, then it's not caused by long time warping per se, but by having a late in-game date. My past attempts to fix it ended up making things worse (it involves weird interactions with KSP's setup order and Unity's random number generator), but now that somebody else is running into the problem I'll give it another shot.
  7. There's also a way to do this through the GUI. In the main FF window, click "Config", then pick "Revocation of ribbons enabled". There will now be a "Revocation" button next to the "Award Ribbon" button. Be careful, as revoking a leveled ribbon (e.g., G forces or flight experience) will revoke all versions of the ribbon. If you need more control, you'll have to go through the save file.
  8. While I agree with the other posters that it won't crash your KSP game, I do think there is one thing to watch out for. Based on some experiments I did back in the 1.1 days, KSP's resource distributions are generated, in order, from a random seed (as @DStaal said). However, if you change which resources are or are not associated with a given planet (and installing CRP does change this), then you change the number of draws from the random number generator. This means that the resource distributions "downstream" of any planets that have gained/lost resources may be completely different. That's a problem if your save game already has some ISRU bases set up, but not otherwise.
  9. Sorry, but can you give a little more detail? I just tried a fresh install with those versions and everything worked (or rather, didn't work ) just fine.
  10. In case anybody's interested, I recently published some TestFlight configs I've been tinkering with for Stock KSP and some Stock-alike mods I play with. They're available from GitHub and CKAN. The config pack includes a config-simplification system based on the one used by Realism Overhaul's TF configs, so in principle it should be easy to add configs for more mods. Now for the disclaimer: these configs are in beta at the moment. I'm basically testing them by using them in my career game and seeing how they work out, so there are likely lots of balance issues, especially for jet engines and the higher-tech rockets. Use at your own risk, no warranty express or implied, etc.
  11. I've just posted a minor update to Custom Asteroids. As usual, it's available from SpaceDock, Curse, Github, or CKAN. New Features Asteroid groups can now have limits on the number of asteroids that spawn at once. Bug Fixes Solar day (<planet>.psol in configs) is now correctly calculated for bodies other than Kerbin.
  12. I think it's possible to alter an asteroid's (or other vessel's) orbit color. But it would be a bit out of scope for Custom Asteroids, and, like @Drew Kerman, I'm a bit confused about the motivation. Do you specifically want to be able to see large numbers of asteroids and spacecraft at the same time, without filters?
  13. I'm pretty sure the record ribbons are awarded for getting a KWFRKS milestone. If so, then once you get anybody into orbit you won't get any more (except for the 2500 m/s one).
  14. It's been around since version 1.4; there's a nice writeup on it. I'm not sure you actually need to use the new naming system to reproduce the bug I described, it just guarantees that it will happen.
  15. In the VAB, right-click on the station's command pod, choose "Configure Vessel Naming", and move the priority slider to the right. This ensures that any spacecraft attached to the station don't rename it.