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  1. I believe RSS ships with a Custom Asteroids config that works automatically if this mod is installed.
  2. But isn't that sort of thing already represented by the initial failure rate spike (which you seem to have kept)? My understanding is that TestFlight intended the ignition failure mechanic to specifically represent igniters, and that that assumption is incorporated into other mod rules (e.g., sensitivity to dynamic pressure). Please do reconsider; I think having ignition failures apply to some engines, but not others, adds a lot of meaningful choice to spacecraft design.
  3. First of all, many thanks for taking over this! It was a welcome surprise for my return to KSP, especially since I didn't have time to sit down and learn the differences between TF1 and TF2. However, I'm not sure I understand all your design decisions. In particular, can I ask why you added ignition failures to all the monopropellant, nuclear, and electric engines? It's a bit confusing, given that these engine types don't have igniters (and IRL one of the few advantages monopropellant rockets have over bipropellant is that they will burn so long as fuel is flowing). The change also has some significant gameplay consequences, since it's harder to perform precision maneuvers with an engine that has a flat chance of failure every time it's bumped up to nonzero throttle.
  4. Sorry, I have documentation of the config options (which badly needs some reorganization), but nothing step-by-step. As for your specific question, it would be difficult. The current system doesn't support multi-part asteroids (it's been a feature request for a while now, but I have no idea where to even begin). If you wanted to create a specific asteroid swarm, you could create a group for it with very narrow tolerances on all six orbital elements (and no variation at all in semimajor axis, to keep them from drifting out of formation). If you want to create dense swarms with the orbit of each individual swarm being randomized, however, I don't see a way to do that.
  5. Trojans and main belt asteroids are in the Basic Asteroids pack. It sounds like you downloaded Custom Asteroids as a zip file; Basic Asteroids is in the Standard Setup folder of the zip. Installation works the same way as for the OPM packs. As for too many comets, I'm not sure what to say. You should only see 4-5 comets a year, and only roughly 1 at a time if you leave them untracked. Can you send me the log as described in this post (I'm fine with you messaging a link instead of putting it here in the thread)? Hopefully it will reveal what's going on.
  6. I'm not sure I follow. There is indeed no "download" button. The links in the OP go directly to the files; they can then be saved to disk using your browser's "Save Page As" (or similarly named) command. If instead you navigated to the Custom-Asteroids-Extras releases, the links under "Assets" should save to disk instead of opening the files in your browser. Please let me know if either option works for you.
  7. Sorry for the slow reply. There are several asteroid packs for OPM, all of which are available from either GitHub (see the original post for links) or CKAN (search for mods with "Custom Asteroids" in their name). For the GitHub downloads, you get a single .cfg (text) file that needs to go somewhere within your <KSP install>/GameData directory. The traditional location is GameData/CustomAsteroids/config, but you can also create your own folder and put them there. For the CKAN downloads, CKAN will install them in GameData/CustomAsteroids/config. KSP will automatically load the files next time it starts (assuming you have Custom Asteroids already installed). As for which asteroid packs work with OPM: Stockalike and Basic Asteroids are included with the non-CKAN installs of Custom Asteroids (on CKAN, they can be requested separately), and work just fine with OPM. These cover the solar system at Jool's orbit and inward. Note that the Trans-Jool pack included with Custom Asteroids does not play well with OPM, and I recommend removing that file from GameData/CustomAsteroids/config if you have it. Trans-Neidon provides OPM-ified versions of the centaurs, the Kuiper Belt, and the scattered disk. It also tweaks comets (from Stockalike) a bit to better fit the expanded solar system. OPM-Reconfig is a Custom Asteroids remake of the Kopernicus asteroid config shipped with OPM, which adds moonlets around all four giant planets. Whether this is useful for you depends on your Kopernicus settings (search this page for "UseKopernicusAsteroidSystem"); if you're already getting these objects from Kopernicus, then I don't recommend getting more from Custom Asteroids. I hope that helps. If not, please let me know; I promise to respond faster next time.
  8. Assuming you have ModuleManager installed (if you use any mods, you probably do), you can create a script like the following and put it somewhere in your KSP/GameData/ directory (e.g., GameData/Matteoksp/magicboulder.cfg): @PART[PotatoRoid]:FINAL { @MODULE[ModuleAsteroid] { %secondaryRate = 0.05 } } @PART[PotatoComet]:FINAL { @MODULE[ModuleComet] { %secondaryRate = 0.05 } } This will change both asteroids and comets to whatever probability you give.
  9. I generally support this change. Does the "no distributions in CRP" policy apply only to planetary resources, or will the asteroid resource config also be removed? Custom Asteroids is currently "stompy" with that one, and this seems like a good opportunity to clean it up. On the other hand, because of the way PartModules are handled during save game loading, ModuleAsteroidResource and ModuleCometResource are nowhere near as conflict-friendly as resource nodes, so a centralized config may be the lesser evil.
  10. Not at all. Custom Asteroids offers more features than Kopernicus's asteroid system (the latter tries to be fairly stockalike), so it's quite possible to use Kopernicus for planets but Custom Asteroids for asteroids. I play that way myself (with OPM). Kopernicus now has a flag that lets you use Custom Asteroids exclusively; there was a discussion on this thread about it in January/February. Actually, I should mention the flag in the disclaimer, so thank you for bringing it to my attention.
  11. In the VAB, once you've placed an engine, you can (IIRC) get a brief summary by mousing over it, and more detail by middle-clicking.
  12. It sounds like you're trying to run Custom Asteroids 1.9, which (like anything comet-related) is only compatible with KSP 1.10 and later. If you install Custom Asteroids 1.8 (links available in original post) you should not have any problems.
  13. Custom Asteroids itself should work with any Kopernicus-based solar system, but I don't know of any asteroid packs for Beyond Home . If a planet mod doesn't include Custom Asteroids support, you'll have to write your own (see the discussion with @Wolves_Hero last page).
  14. Sorry, I couldn't understand that. If you're asking how to control the sizes of asteroids, you want something like, for example: ASTEROIDGROUP { // Other properties go here sizes { key = 1.5 C key = 3 D key = 2 E } } to give a 3:6:4 ratio of C, D, and E asteroids, but no A or B. If you're saying that size A asteroids look huge when they shouldn't, that sounds like a bug. If so, can you provide more information, following the "How to get support" guidelines? The log file and a list of other mods installed are the most important parts.
  15. Not quite. Comets are provided by Stockalike.cfg, and from your description above it sounds like you want that instead of Basic Asteroids.cfg (Basic Asteroids creates an asteroid belt between Duna and Jool, something stock does not do). If you substitute Stockalike in your description above then yes, that should be the behavior you get.
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