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  1. Starstrider42

    [1.4.x] Custom Asteroids 1.5.0 - May 29

    Since nobody's complained, I've updated the mod's compatibility info for KSP-AVC, CKAN, etc.
  2. Starstrider42

    [1.4.x] Custom Asteroids 1.5.0 - May 29

    @shoe7ess and @Mathrilord, I finally got a chance to test Custom Asteroids with KSP 1.4 and it appears to work fine (with the three stock configs, at least). Can you still reproduce your failures? I still need to do a bit of investigation to make sure nothing's broken in more subtle ways, but so far I'm inclined to mark CA 1.5 as compatible with KSP 1.4.
  3. Starstrider42

    [1.4.x] Custom Asteroids 1.5.0 - May 29

    Ok, then that is strange. Can you file a bug report on GitHub, or should I do it? There's already a feature request for allowing asteroid groups to have a cap on how many asteroids they can have (although TBH I'm not sure when I'll be able to do more modding). Making asteroids permanent would be quite a bit trickier, since that means meddling with how KSP manages untracked asteroids. I'm surprised to hear that Kopernicus can do it; I'll take a look when I can.
  4. Starstrider42

    [1.4.x] Custom Asteroids 1.5.0 - May 29

    I've seen randomization problems before, but those took the form of the first asteroid in every game being the same. I haven't seen what you're describing. I don't use a specific seed for the orbits, but both KSP's name generation and my orbit generation use the KSP random number stream, so it's not surprising that they're correlated. As for why you're seeing repetition, my best guess is that some other mod might be periodically resetting the game's seed. Is that a possibility? While I don't object to people making their own configs, please do not give them names starting with "CustomAsteroids_" (as noted in the comment). Also, with the settings you've described there will be 40-50 asteroids around on average; is that intentional?
  5. Starstrider42

    [1.2] Real Solar System v12.0 Dec 8

    Hi, About two years ago I tried to give the RSS Custom Asteroids config an overhaul, and got most of the way through it when @NathanKell told me that RSS was about to drop Custom Asteroids support in favor of the Kopernicus asteroid system. It appears that this hasn't happened, and modern RSS still uses the old config. Can someone from the KSP-RO group please give me an update on the status and plans for Custom Asteroids vs. Kopernicus asteroids support? Would I annoy people if I made a pull request to update/modernize the config file?
  6. Starstrider42

    [1.4.x] Custom Asteroids 1.5.0 - May 29

    You're trying to use a Gaussian distribution, which can't use the min and max parameters. See the documentation (which I'll admit is not as clear/well-organized as it could be, rewriting it is on the to-do list). Also, this kind of tweaking is not a good way to do a tilted solar system. See next reply. I suspect there's some problematic ModuleManager interactions (since the RSS config acts on the assumption that there's exactly one non-RSS asteroid config installed and it should be modified rather than replaced). You're better off debugging by trying to look at ModuleManager.ConfigCache. As for the broader problem: the RSS config is quite old and broken. In addition to the aforementioned assumptions about what other mods the player has installed, it has a lot of hacks (like constraining LAN) to get around the lack of tilted solar system support in Custom Asteroids 1.2 and earlier. I tried to fix the RSS config a while back, but they told me that they were going to stop supporting Custom Asteroids altogether so I needn't bother. I'll have a word with them and see if anything's changed.
  7. Starstrider42

    [1.4.x] Custom Asteroids 1.5.0 - May 29

    JupiterGreeks cfg (from RSS CustomAsteroids.cfg ) That is very strange. I'll have to take a look. Is this in KSP 1.3.1? Edit: also, this looks to be the old RSS config, which tries to use an MM patch instead of just making its own config. So can you tell me how many other asteroid files you have installed?
  8. It's the same model. TestFlight doesn't know about mods like StageRecovery, and it wouldn't make sense anyway -- the reasoning behind that rule is that parts you've built and flown many times before should have any bugs, manufacturing defects, etc. worked out, so they're actually higher quality than the "same" part when it was first introduced.
  9. Starstrider42

    [1.4.x] Custom Asteroids 1.5.0 - May 29

    Yes, you can use them all, assuming you don't have any mods that add or move planets. CKAN should prevent you from installing an incompatible asteroid pack, though I'll admit that feature's been a bit flaky lately. "Stockalike" has Kerbin-intercepting asteroids and Drestroids, "Inner" has other near-Kerbin asteroids, main belt asteroids, and Jool trojans, and "Outer" has a Kuiper belt and related groups.
  10. Starstrider42

    [1.4.x] Custom Asteroids 1.5.0 - May 29

    In that case, I recommend keeping Stockalike.cfg and Basic Asteroids.cfg, rather than the CKAN names for those. Last I checked, the OPM config includes *only* moonlets and ring particles, nothing interplanetary.
  11. Starstrider42

    [1.4.x] Custom Asteroids 1.5.0 - May 29

    Yes, you're looking in the correct place. It sounds like you're installing from CKAN; did you include any asteroid packs other than OPM? I'd recommend "stockalike config" and "inner stock system data"; even then it will take a few in-game days for asteroids to show up (the default spawning behavior is different from stock).
  12. Starstrider42

    Addon Localization Home

    Thanks DMagic for organizing this! I have a follow-up question to some of the early discussion about where to put localization tags and what to call them. What's the best way to localize config files that ship separately from the mod itself, given that some files may be provided by a third party and the main mod won't know about them? Should config-writers put a file in Localization/ for each standalone config (or set of configs), or would it be better to include the tags at the top/bottom of the config file that uses them?
  13. Starstrider42

    [1.4.x] Custom Asteroids 1.5.0 - May 29

    Version 1.5.0 of Custom Asteroids is out, and is mostly compatible with KSP 1.3 (but see last paragraph). Get it from SpaceDock, Github, or CKAN. Curse release has to wait until they add KSP 1.3 to their version list. In addition to KSP 1.3 compatibility, this version updates asteroid resources to reflect the latest Community Resource Pack, and has some long-overdue cleanup of various issues. I didn't get a chance to add unique asteroids, sorry. This version has one known issue: Custom Asteroids does not know about the Sentinel telescope, so satellites will spawn stock asteroids in whichever orbit is appropriate. I want Custom Asteroids to work for Sentinel asteroids as well, of course, but I'll need some time to think about what to do and how to do it. P.S. This version of Custom Asteroids doesn't have localization support for e.g. science text yet, and I've only tested it on the English version of KSP. My main worry is that since asteroid configs look up planets by name, they might break on other versions. If you're using a non-English KSP, please let me know if this is a problem!
  14. So it's a bug, not a feature, then. I'll report it.
  15. Hmm... after some experimenting, it looks like the R&D button only works if the part config has a TestFlightCore module and a TestFlightInterop module, in that order. Is that supposed to happen? The ordering requirement seems a bit weird.