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  1. This should fix the blue atmo on ships in orbit, just replace the shaders from latest version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1b3P27snp629reVFDgy_3El16LzACI0Il/view?usp=sharing Ask in CKAN thread. I removed 0.0824 for being buggy. Download 0.0825b and combine it with the fix above.
  2. Sorry guys I'm on vacation and can't look into any issues currently, but I will list some of the recurring issues I saw mentioned: 1) Flickering textures with TU: Dakitess and TU guys provided a good lead 2) Atmos are xbox hueg: Don't know, I configured stock kerbin to be ~70km iirc, you may just be using a config that hasn't uodated for the new version 3) Blue atmo on ship in orbit:: old bug that seems to have come back with the new version 4) MSAA: MSAA with new scatterer will causes blac k lines, and peojector mode has been removed from the newest version (check the changelog for why), there is TAA in scatterer you can use or SMAA 5) Ttansparent flags: haven't looked into it. Make flag non transparent as a temp fix maybe? 6) Clumped ocean: No obvious leads in the logs although the issue appears sincw a version changed. Haven't looked into it further.
  3. Did you play with cloudColorMultiplier, cloudScatteringMultiplier and cloudSkyIrradianceMultiplier in scatterer? Did you try just slapping Kerbin's default atmo on your planet and see if it works?
  4. That just kills the integration of scatterer in eve shaders Already been reported https://github.com/LGhassen/Scatterer/issues/140 Can't be fully backwards compatible in this case, there has been some big changes and that's how it is. I honestly suggest you just try to fix them yourself, I'm sure it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes of fiddling with the in-game UI to fix them, likely just have to make the atmos taller or thinner, or just increase the color mutlipliers on the clouds. Or just start from another working config and copy over the color of the old config.
  5. Yes. I just saw that you edited your previous post as well, will go check it out. Edited: yeah it's not working. Just looked at the log file. Is there a reason you're running OpenGL? It appears you're on windows. You'll easily get double the performance on Dx11.
  6. Hmm that's weird, the difference is really miniscule. In my game the SMAA looks very similar to 2x the game's AA (old screenshot below) Don't know what else to suggest, have you tried setting the scatterer SMAA on high?
  7. If you can make a comparison around KSC during the day, I find it shows aliasing the clearest. Also if you can try disabling scatterer's SMAA and enabling the one from TUFX
  8. I can't really tell from the image, but it looks also blurry, like it's using the wrong resolution or something. Can you make a side by side comparison with it on/off? And also did you maybe resize the window mid flight or something that may have caused a resolution change?
  9. Thanks. So yeah the thing about the depth buffer mode (what enables a big speedup since a few versions back) and the new blending is that they are both incompatible with MSAA (the stock AA) so scatterer disables it on scene changes. If you re-enable it after scene changes you will indeed see that it causes aliasing around objects and around the horizon so it's no bueno. Thr only alternatives left are SMAA and TAA. SMAA works well enough for me at 1440p that I consider it viable, TAA looks better in motion and I personally play with it if I can keep fps above 30, but when fps drops it causes trails and I haven't looked into it. Another option may be to use FXAA through TUFX. These are just the normal limitations of these rendering methods. For the shimmering I will see if I can reproduce it next time Yep
  10. Not required, well I guess it's a bug then. If you can just add an issue here (you can just link/copy the forum post since it has all the details): https://github.com/LGhassen/Scatterer/issues
  11. The volumetric light at the front of the craft. On rewatch I realize that it's not flickering, it's just blinking slowly but on time warp it blinks fast and looks like flickering, so forget what I said Can't think of anything I changed that would cause this, and since I don't get this with stock, I suggest you remove some mods until you find the culprit interaction. Also maybe mess with the scatterer shadow settings? Try the scatterer very high preset?
  12. Hmm that's weird. The fact that the waterfall light beam is also flickering makes me think this issue is external to scatterer. Can you try this without physics range extender? Do you have other crafts with the physics loaded nearby (this causes the floating point origin to be moved to be halfway between the loaded crafts iirc)?
  13. Yep 1.12 only due to a new unity feature. In theory it's possible for older versions but I don't see much point spending time on it since 1.12 is the "final" ksp version.
  14. Aaaand it's fixed. Barely released and already fixing issues lol @Delay you should now see this at noon @SiCaRiO31 you should see this
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