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  1. You have GU configs in there. As far as I know that's not compatible with avp
  2. I don't get what's the issue, can you make a full bug report as instructed in the OP?
  3. This is off-topic guys so please take this elsewhere. Yeah, wave interactions are a new feature. You can disable it from the KSC options menu, or lower the wind speed fom kerbin's ocean config (in the scatterer folder). For scatterer there shouldn't be a difference on the performance you get anywhere. I'm guessing you have EVE and the default BoulderCo with it's 4 layers of clouds on eve? File is not public
  4. It sounds like you hit the refresh rate cap without godrays, at which point the GPU proceeds to "idle" for the remaining 10%, but once you enable godrays the GPU tops out and you're unable to hit the refresh rate. That's just it, the GPU is doing a bit more work. I'm not seeing exactly why you are reporting this? Anyway, I always say that if you're not hitting 100% GPU usage you overpaid. CPU wise it's true that's only 30% but that's actually close to topping out because KSP doesn't use more than 2 cores, and that's on Directx11.
  5. Yes, graphical features use GPU. Your GPU will hit 100% as long as you don't hit your refresh rate/framerate cap or your game doesn't hit a CPU bottleneck. Also that graph is not really useful without associated framerates or CPU usage.
  6. Thank you guys Hmm well now that I think about it that sounds about normal with those mods. All I can suggest is lowering the settings for both Scatterer and Parallax a bit, and switch to EVE-Redux if you are using EVE, also lower the settings for the stock reflection probe. If I remember correctly, BH uses the previous version of Parallax, which has improved in performance since, and the next version of Scatterer will give a performance bump as well (see above post).
  7. So, I’ve been working on some performance and rendering improvements. If you remember earlier versions of Scatterer, they used used the depth buffer to apply the main scattering effect. This was a big source of issues, low depth-precision, no anti-aliasing support, depth artifacts etc… Let me just jog your memory with this one image: A few versions back I switched to using a “projector” and got rid of the depth buffer. It’s essentially just a way to re-render all opaque objects in the scene with a different shader, in this case, the scattering shader. This fixes aliasing and depth
  8. You can't disable one and keep the other, unless you want parts to stop casting regular shadows too, besides parts don't really add much performance hit to the godrays, the bulk of the hit comes from the shadows and the godrays covering 50km distance. And godrays are somewhat less expensive than the ocean. Anyway, I'm a bit skeptical about your performance figures, you claim that scatterer takes the performance from 70 fps to 25 on a GTX 1060 3gb. I had the exact same card (in fact I still have it, but a friend lent me his old 1080 which I'm using for now) and it ran much better. What res
  9. These are godrays and the shadow of the planet can appear that way due to the way shadowmaps work. You can just disable godrays if this bothers you.
  10. You can make a bug report too, I haven't yet decided what to do with those other parts though, so I haven't updated the source yet.
  11. Your log says: [Scatterer][Debug] Ocean config not found for: Kerbin Your install is messed up, ocean config is missing or overridden/deleted by another mod. You just have to remove Duna from planetsList, check here: https://github.com/LGhassen/Scatterer/wiki/PlanetsConfig#planets-list
  12. Indeed, that was just the first compatible version, but all since support it, updating it now.
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