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  1. Does Parallax actually use grabPass? It doesn't seem to me like it needs to copy the screen for anything.
  2. That's an issue with thick mie scattering which is rather low priority for me so I haven't gotten around to it. To fix just edit the atmo to have less mie scattering, open the GUI->Laythe->atmo tab-> mie -> thicken with value 0.8 multiple times until it goes away then save. This will make sunsets/sunrises less nice and the atmo less foggy though, adjust to taste.
  3. When you first reapply the clouds the scatterer integration gets lost and that's what you're seeing, until you change scenes and it resets. Just tweak the associated cloud scattering colors in scatterer or disable the scatterer-eve integration for duna if you prefer that look. Refer to the scatterer wiki for those settings. Yeah they will need to be reconfigured, and some work is needed for best results, if you just drop in the existing clouds textures as they are you will be disappointed with the results. Lights integration can be done though not an important feature to me, maybe later on I could add it, in which case you'd just have to install the engine lighting mod and they'd automatically apply on the clouds. Likely will only support point lights due to technical limitations (no spotlights).
  4. If I remember correctly this info is only available at launch sites and not on the whole planet. But yeah apart from that there are several other obstacles with using KWP data, but also the data itself is difficult to generate and good luck with generating it for custom planets and non earth-like ones.
  5. Ah I see. That is indeed a lot of work, perhaps investigating why the mapdecal isn't working would be more time-efficient.
  6. Linx provided ways around this in the parallax thread, the easier option is a map you can paint in parallax to tell it where not to spawn scatters, the other one was to modify KK to add a mapdecal.
  7. I'm gonna say it TAA is the only true AA. Try looking at swaying Parallax grass with 8xMSAA, SMAA or FXAA, see how much it shimmers, then compare with TAA and you'll understand what I mean.
  8. Could work with dynamic maps but there's no such thing in kwp at the moment, see here There is only some data around launch sites.
  9. You still need a certain resolution map for best results, and although a single 4096 texture is enough for stock sized planets, RSS-scale will probably need higher res maps. Though even with very low res maps you won't see pixelated clouds, instead the distribution will look somewhat uniform. You still need textures for map view but those don't have to be 64k Yeah it will work It's still there Sadly no, this is just how dim the game's lighting is by default, that adding the overcast layer on top completes the illusion.
  10. They are based on texture maps and configs. It can't do contrails but I plan to test making volumetric smoke/plumes with the system at some point, may try it then.
  11. They will, at first they will reuse the current cloud shadow system until I can rework it. Also plan to have volumetric clouds receive shadows from at least one other layer, to have those sweet high altitude clouds casting shadows on the lower ones. Will share some images soon.
  12. Couple of test shots: Timewarp is your friend, you can easily go from this To this I don't remember seeing a setting like this for city lights, maybe edit the texture.
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