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  1. Because that's not the one overriding it, look in a different folder, if you have a visual pack installed look there
  2. You have to make it brighter if you want it to be brighter than the sun, refer to this page for settings https://github.com/LGhassen/Scatterer/wiki/SunflaresConfig#syntax-version-2
  3. I also found those isolated puffs very effective as clouds often present like that on sunny days, definitely going to try and have a balance of different types for the release. It's not ready for an experimental build or release yet however, so just have patience ^^
  4. Likely not worth the performance hit Edited: Just flew by one and it looked cursed maybe for a later version though
  5. Short answer is: I'm doing this in stages, I'm trying to nail the shading and technical aspects before the artistic aspects. The system I've got in place allows to configure and place various types of clouds but I haven't really focused on configs yet.
  6. Last couple of images for tonight, this time with a thicker atmosphere. Does this help them blend in better (ignore the weird shapes)? I think the localized fog/mist setting I showed a few pages back would make for a pretty convincing rain if placed under a big cloud, darkened and given a downwards speed. I think I may add an option to either randomize or set periods for density that way the rain can be configured to come and go, we'll see.
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