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  1. I still can't believe they haven't fixed this, I literally gave them the fix on a silver plate, all they have to do is copy 5 lines of code, I explained why it happens and everything, they could have someone fix it in 10 minutes.
  2. It looks like you have the cubemap configured at low-resolution, or something else looks off, best to make a video.
  3. You say you didn't get the portal effect, does that mean you can't see anything or you can't see to the other side? If it's the latter, you need a wormhole on the target as well. if it's the former, gravity looks too low. Start with a high gravity value if in doubt, you can edit it in-game directly after to tweak. Check the examples here: Also you don't need these params if you don't use accretion disk (although they won't cause interference): useRadialTextureMapping, accretionDiskNormal, accretionDiskInnerRadius, accretionDiskOuterRadius, accretionDiskRotationSpeed and accretionDiskTexturePath
  4. Ah yes, the nullref spam is a known issue with Kopernicus (was reported a few days back), I haven't looked at it yet, but I suspect it won't be difficult to fix, will probably be fixed for the next version.
  5. This apparently has to do with the order in which .DLLs are loaded, as seen in: For now you can try his temporary solution (rename EVEManager.dll to +EVEManager.dll) or maybe play with filenames until it loads that .dll first. For next time I will try to do the correct solution @linuxgurugamer gives of explicitely defining dependencies.
  6. It can't load EVEManager, I would think that your .dlls are corrupted somehow, have you tried reinstalling a fresh copy?
  7. I'm pretty sure that we had this fixed, I'll have to retest this with my build, and with RSS as well.
  8. I had integrated your changes + BIOZ changes a few weeks back. Right now I only see a new fix for clouds disappearing at altitude? I thought we had already fixed it with this commit
  9. If it says Laythe on Kerbin, the config was changed via moduleManager (I have to check why it says Laythe btw). Just check the configs in AVP
  10. The clouds appearing slightly grey at night might be a limitation of how I'm doing the rendering that appears with low-alpha clouds when not enough of them are stacking. However you are sure that the issue with the mun, and clouds on top of the aircraft appear with just EVE+scatterer? No AVP, no Kopernicus, no other mods?
  11. That would be astronomer's, you should be able to find the configs inside somewhere. Alternatively, the scatterer UI will tell you which config file is used for which planet (somewhere in the bottom of the UI there is a field). It looks like you have the wrong star configured as the sun for the planet. In your planetList file there should be a field "mainSunCelestialBody", change that to point to the correct star.
  12. Sorry but I really couldn't make sense of your report or understand what's going on from your screenshots, apart from the mun appearing on the craft. Is it possible to make a more detailed report, and preferably accompany every issue with it's own screenshot, if possible well lit screenshots during the day. I don't really understand "clouds being lit from below at midnight" or "solved the depth buffer issue", what depth buffer issue? Also, look in your log for nullref spams, it ahs been reported that this is glitchy with Kopernicus and I haven't looked into it yet.
  13. This doesn't look like the stock config at all, it looks like you have SVE or something installed, in which case they override the config, that's why your changes produce the same result. So yeah, tweak your actual configs, or use just the stock ones.
  14. What config are you using? I fixed this a long time ago for the stock scatterer configs. As a general rule, if you're wondering if a bug was fixed or not, use the latest scatterer with it's stock configs. To fix it yourself just adjust the settings in this line in the UI Or these settings in the atmo config file directly: specR = 80 specG = 72 specB = 65 shininess = 75 Note: Depending on your config you might need to use different values. 2nd Note: Things might look slightly different in the main menu for some reason, if an issue only appears in main menu it is low priority for me.