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  1. Yep, because the eclipse is just a multiplicative filter which darkens what's behind it. It doesn't integrate with the lighting system which means it has no notion of ambient or directional light, it doesn't darken the light component, it darkens the surface after it has been rendered.
  2. Disable "disable ambient light in scatterer"
  3. Would anyone be bothered if godrays are disabled for a few releases in favor of: -fixing horizon black lines/general aliasing around scattering effect -fixing scattering effects being incorrect on camera mods (raster prop, telescopes etc) My understanding is that most people don't really like the current godrays implementation anyway since it's buggy, has gaps in the rays, and often looks too harsh from the wrong angle. Godrays can then be put back in a future release when compatibility with the new features is added. Agree/disagree? Please check the OP on how to report an issue correctly, this doesn't really tell me much. Sorry, I'm not really sure what's going on. It does seem like the GPU is not keeping up, but I always thought the physics and the rendering would run on separate threads, it baffles that a drop in performance should slow down in-game time and not just lower framerate while keeping in-game time running correctly. Btw, if you're willing to wait, next release will improve GPU performance a bit, I will release some numbers in the next few weeks.
  4. I think your game is switching between windowed and full screen repeatedly, or if it's fullscreen it's switching from foreground to background back and forth. Try to force either directx11 or glcore, try to change your video settings, try switching to windowed, try closing any programs like fraps or anything that might be jumping up and down/not minimizing correctly, try a video driver update etc...
  5. I will look into making the necessary fixes to the project so that it compiles out of the box for visual studio.
  6. Well, I haven't updated to visual studio, I still use the old monodevelop, didn't feel any need to move away from it, so there might be something different in how it writes the .csproj file. From what I can see it seems you have all the right references, try deleting the csproj file and pretend you're creating a new project then add all the existing files and references.
  7. This sounds like you didn't set up the references to KSP's dlls
  8. It's working fine on 1.6 as far as I know. I'm working on it, though I'm not targetting a 1.6 release or anything like that, just working on some features and when I'll be happy with them I'll make a release.
  9. From the space center scene, press the scatterer icon, in the menu that appears disable "disable scaled space ambient light",.
  10. It's there: Try importing it manually
  11. There is no AtmosphereUtils.dll in scatterer.
  12. You'll need to compile it from the source on github. Note: you may have issues with the dev version as it's not really intended for use, so you're pretty much on your own. Configs for the dev branch can be found here:
  13. Can you link the full log somewhere? Which version of the mod is this?
  14. Hmm, nothing seems unusual, can you do tests with resolutions 1920x1080 and 3840*x1080? Both with and without ocean shaders?
  15. There is no comparison between stock KSP and KSP with scatterer performance-wise. There is no comparison with Doom as well, it's an apples to oranges comparison. You seem to be equating a certain level of visuals with "demanding", which is not how things work in practice.