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  1. Try the "experimentalAtmoScale" option in the scatterer UI. Make sure you don't have a ModuleManager patch that's overriding it or something. This seems to be happening on macs atm and the "alternate SQRT" option doesn't fix it. No known fix for now. Ask @V8jester
  2. @Galileo whitecaps work fine, what problem are you having? I have no idea what you're saying.
  3. I remember them working fine but I'll check. Was it working fine in previous versions?
  4. Refraction will be disabled anyway around 200m altitude and there will be no more hit. However I should also add that the more clouds you have the more impact you'll see from refraction for technical reasons. Can you try a different renderer? What are you running right now? Opengl?
  5. People complaining that they changed some settings and lost their changes on scene change, that's it.
  6. I don't know what this but I don't do lightning flashes.
  7. Flip the alternate sqrt switch in the main menu settings.
  8. I just uploaded the new version for 1.2.2 and 1.3, enjoy.
  9. I've been thinking about it since I added water refraction, it's a bit more complicated but totally feasible (although I still have a few things to investigate before I can tell what the performance hit will be like)
  10. I made a quick fix for the 1.3 "flying tiles" bug, can you guys test it out?!WMpHRTqT!1olc5ZunXlyeRwJoBVFkJLhClTzFPbgxlKD-9Z0cSV4 I haven't really tested well so can you guys report if it indeed fixes the issue and doesn't introduce any new ones? Also if there isn't worse performance and more stutters compared to previous version. You can't at the moment.
  11. Try to do the same thing as in RSS, set the transform name to Kerbin ie celestialBodyName = Talia transformName = Kerbin in the planetsList file
  12. I know someone that will be happy @Galileo