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  1. Huh, that's good to hear. @R-T-B what are these lighting fixes? Do you modify anything in the main menu scene relating to scale or the position/direction of the light?
  2. So simply put, main menu is on a different scale than both localSpace and scaledSpace. If I remember correctly it uses the same coordinates as localSpace but a completely diffetent scale. Somewhere the wrong scale information is being set for the cloud shader resulting in wrong calculated position and the funky behaviour that you see. I'll try to look into it for next update.
  3. I'm really not going to look into this if it happens only when cheating a craft into orbit.
  4. Start by posting your computer specs and resolution, and defining "extremely laggy" with a framerate number
  5. You sure about this? Show the planet in map view log file That looks weird though you're sure that's not the shadow of minmus?
  6. Not a massive rewrite, I already do it for Scatterer's caustics, they're integrated in the shadow system, I just have to take some time to do it.
  7. Alright, well to answer your previous question It can be made to work from anywhere, but there's two points there to think about: 1) Deciding at which distance to disable it, as having all eclipses being calculated for every planet is overkill, disabling in scaledSpace is kind of a simple way around this. 2) I was under the impression the game already disables the light when you are in the shadow of the planet even in scaledSpace, is this not the case? It doesn't look same as EVE eclipses as it disables the main light but the ambient light remains, in fact the problem with EV
  8. Can you post a before/after comparison? I have never seen eclipses applying to craft in scaledSpace before but I may have just missed them.
  9. Ah yeah, that's no longer the case so I will change it. What exactly does "indexing it as an adoption" mean?
  10. Just replace the "EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements" folder. This uses the same configs as regular EVE so you don't need to replace those.
  11. Hey guys, so if you've been following the scatterer thread, you know that I've recently found some solutions for depth precision issues: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/103963-wip19x-110x-111x-scatterer-atmospheric-scattering-v00723-31122020/&do=findComment&comment=3908432 It's now time to use the same solution in EVE-Redux. In the last release cloud shadows suffer from some precision issues in the distance, which you can see in the weird patterns in this image: You can also see that they're no longer visible in the distance, this was my current wor
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