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  1. Max said somewhere when it was announced (a very rough date) Lemmi see if i can find it. - Sam - - - Updated - - - Found something, a few other sites say similar, no idea where they got it from though. Click me for source "The team at Squad is hoping to have KSP availably by the third quarter of this year." Sooooooooooo, they might be a bit late, I presume they cant do anything until U5 update is done.
  2. I suspect the A10X may be possible for 50 parts if apple continue to improve there IPC and clock speeds the way they have recently. - Sam
  3. Not sure if this necro was deliberate due to back to future day or unintentional... - Sam
  4. Personally i would love this side of the contracts to be thought about. But, while were at it, why not allow rockets to be built for 'company x'? - Sam
  5. Not sure we need two new legs, but one bigger one is defiantly needed. - Sam
  6. Thanks for clarifying that Kasper. - Sam
  7. Surely not through steam, not everyone has it. - Sam Edit Just hiding my idiocy with tiny text.
  8. While the models aren't easy to get at directly, there is a mod to export them to blender. (Not sure it works 100% in 1.0.x) You can then probably take the models from blender and do as you wish. No idea about copyright issues though. - Sam -Edit- Here's the link:right here
  9. I seem to remember max saying something when it was announced. Let me see if i can find anything. - Sam Edit: Found some info, there is more about if you look hard TL;DR "The team at Squad is hoping to have KSP availably by the third quarter of this year." No idea how accurate that is now though.
  10. I can see it when my game breaks (x64 hack 4 the win ) - Sam
  11. 0.90, 1.0.x has slowed down. I suspect it's due to the new aero & heat calcs. Though i don't remember FAR making it as slow (in 0.90) as it can be now(1.0.x). Hopefully Unity 5 will do something and then the devs could perhaps find some more time for general optimisation, though it sounds as if they are doing quite a bit for 1.1 - Sam
  12. Personally I would spwan them from the flag pole, close enough to go to swimming in the pool! @RedIronCrown. Gas Planet Ptwo - Sam
  13. Forgive me for my impatience blackrack, but those waves! Oh those glorious waves! Don't suppose you have a rough idea of when I might get my mittens on them Thanks, Sam
  14. Could this poll be off as members of the forum could be a slightly different set of users than the average player who just uses steam? Sam
  15. What did you guys make of the dev note Tuesday's bit on this, I think they meant that they don't know yet? Sam
  16. Doctor Who is love, Doctor Who is life. I actually quite enjoyed that episode. - Sam
  17. Yep, keep your win 7 disks around people. Oh, and a take that optical drive out the trash, you will need that when MS turn openly evil...... - Sam
  18. Let me guess DDR2 instead of DDR3? I know your feels - Sam
  19. Surely, MS can look to see who installed before that date and only make the licence genuine for those who had installed before that date? - Sam
  20. If your not adverse to a little part clipping, i tend to use the m2 cockpit, then stick the mk1 inline inside with clipping, looks the part, not sure it your doing a mk1 plane though. - Sam
  21. Really weird double post. Opps - - - Updated - - - Yeh Rads are a good shout - - - Updated - - - http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/content/346 heres the change log^
  22. TOOT TOOT, all-aboard the hype train for 1.1
  23. Anyone with faster internet managed to get the patch, care to share what it is? - Sam
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