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  1. There was a suggestion about adding Hold Horizon to the SAS on here. I think, as far as "auto-pilot" goes, this is fairly equivalent to the already stock Hold Prograde and what not. ...and yes, these things should be stock, but they probably won't be. My hope died a long time ago.
  2. True. Though, at this point, fixing your reputation may be just as valuable as the bug squashing. It's really a catch 22.
  3. Not necessarily true. Not everyone on the team is a bug squasher.
  4. how long of you been playing ksp?

    December 30th, 2012. The world did not end that year. That is the year the world began.
  5. KSP Weekly: Under the surface of Titan

    Which means they'll probably be locked behind a building upgrade or something.
  6. You can place a collection of files into the GameData folder and make the game better.
  7. The Good Old Days

    That's unfortunate.
  8. The Good Old Days

    There's a pinned topic for this very thing. Enjoy the nostalgia.
  9. Don't be silly. Released products don't have beta features.
  10. KSP Weekly: Under the surface of Titan

    They did it once all ready. Why not go for a second time.
  11. Should I buy KSP Enhanced Edition?

    It's more a matter of Windows needing more and more with each version, but yeah, I'd recommend 4gb at minimum for anything these days. How much does stock KSP actually use? I haven't played stock in some time.
  12. KSP Weekly: Starman to Ceres

    Mountain? You think to small, my friend!
  13. KSP Weekly: Starman to Ceres

    There are also methods to notify yourself when others tweet about you.
  14. KSP Weekly: Starman to Ceres

    Don't discredit the publicity potential of Krstof_D.