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  1. It also confirms that Harv doesn't even have a partial ownership of Kerbals, otherwise he would have been informed. It's sad he seems to have lost all rights to his creation. Though, that was probably a misstep early in the process, far before he knew what KSP and Kerbals would become.
  2. I consider this one of the biggist missteps in KSP's original design that was never addressed. One of the most visible challenges of manned space flight completely nonexistent in a game that purports to teach about real space flight.
  3. Hey! Look! You answered your own question! About 2010 I think.
  4. Incorrect. Correct. Squad hasn't been a marketing company for a long time as I understand it.
  5. Holy cow. You're totally right. I'm going to sue EA for all the Maddens and FIFAs this instant. Fraud is fraud and we have rights!
  6. Squad's been working on KSP1 for 8 years and they just recently starting replacing placeholders. Though, I agree, I think KSP2 will release basically complete.
  7. In before the inevitable "Yes, but what about the terrain width?" ... ... In case anyone's seriously wondering that...the terrain width is the same.
  8. I said that so many times, and there were plenty who disagreed. It seemed so obvious to me.
  9. They thought this thread was dead too. They were wrong.
  10. Everyone knows the official forum is actually Reddit.
  11. It's a genre. A genre with very few games, but a genre none the less. Simple Rockets isn't a copy of Kerbal Space Program, and KSP2 isn't a copy of SR2.
  12. DRM free or bust. GOG or bust. We deserve to own the products we buy. Not rent them.
  13. If you're old enough, you could always find some menial job opportunities and make some money. Do kids still mow lawns these days? I feel like working before your 20 is so last decade. Maybe I'm wrong. *goes to sit on his porch and reminisce about the good ol days*