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  1. Some modders are more skilled than others, but I give them all an A+ for heart.
  2. @blackheart612 Missing textures : Short Tail Connector A , Short Tail Connector B , Small Nose Cone B , Small Nose Cone Stubby
  3. Solution: Don't make random side quests your primary gameplay loop. The entire thing needs a rebuild and I sincerely hope Star Theory isn't bringing any of it over for nostalgia's sake.
  4. Thanks. The new stock version is good, but I think the UI of this might still be preferable. Any way to have this replace the stock toolbar button, or have the stock button active this? Thanks for the hard work either way.
  5. I think the only one in the community who actually has a right to call dibs on such a thing is LinuxGuruGamer.
  6. Squad isn't exactly known for their QA chops.
  7. If there was something about the long standing community and thousands upon billions of hours modders have put into the game, there's not many other games that can compete.
  8. Not really a great business model having an IP compete against itself. Hopefully Simple Rockets 2 can be the proper competition for KSP2. Competition KSP1 never had, which a lack of, I feel, lead to some of the lack luster features such as career mode.
  9. There ya go. Maybe a colonization mod like MKS as well.
  10. They read my forum posts and decided against hiring me.
  11. Ah. That's your Steam play time. I only speak English. So, it didn't register on first glance.
  12. @micha I didn't stay on 1.3.1 for so long because of a save or because of mods. I stayed because of new bugs that came with new versions. Squad has developed this reputation for a reason. I just hope KSP doesn't suffer a buggy end because of it...and that Squad has the foresight to focus on bug killing as the final update approaches. Welcome to the update roller coaster.
  13. The same reason it's nice to have dedicated manned rover parts. If you're fine building rovers out of panels, that's fine. As with building rockets or planes, I prefer actual rover parts akin to the Buffalo, Feline Utility, or Malemute rover packs.