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  1. This is such an elegant way of displaying delta v. I really wish more mods would integrate themselves into the UI more. I know that's probably easier said than done.
  2. Welcome back.
  3. Having Texture Replacer and Final Frontier really gives Kerbals individuality, and makes them more than just rocket fodder. I've wanted something like this is stock for so long, but, alas, we probably wont see it until KSP2. If at all.
  4. Praise be to all that is good and righteous.
  5. Just be glad they're actually trying to fix it. I think we've all bought that one game during a Steam Sale that inevitably doesn't work on Windows 10, if it ever worked at all.
  6. Surely, copying one folder is easier than copy several.
  7. Thanks for the info!
  8. You'd figure releasing these as wallpapers would be a cheap and reasonable means of marketing the game, and in no way hurt potential profits. That said, I'm not surprised in the slightest we have to resort to screen capture and Photoshop. Keeping things unnecessarily behind lock and key is what companies do.
  9. Haven't heard anything. Maybe the fairing bug is under NDA.
  10. Not just you.
  11. You're ruining their expertly planned marketing stratagem.
  12. Now let's not start that again. People have fun in different ways. You know that. Anyway. Recently it's been 10x, but as most of my time has been in 6.4, I selected that.
  13. I've actually found that larger planets certainly do look more epic from low orbit. I quite enjoy it.
  14. Awesome stuff. I've tried making mods before, but my lack of skill in areas kept me from finishing. A texture pack: Now that I might actually be able to do to a mediocre extent. I'll mess around with it today. See what I can do.
  15. ...but this is the sub-forum for Suggestions and Development Discussion of the stock game. Of course there's a mod for it. There always is.