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  1. klgraham1013

    So what is Serenity?

    They just announced a new update for console.
  2. I find your post to be both factual and reasonable.
  3. klgraham1013

    So what is Serenity?

    ...and there goes our hopes and dreams. You're probably right. @SQUAD this is what happens when you're default position is silence. You destroy hopes and dreams. Think of the children, Squad. Think of the children.
  4. klgraham1013

    Full controller support for PC?

    They can't even get joysticks working on linux... On Windows, you can use your controller, but like basically every other game with controller support, in KSP you have to map it out in the settings.
  5. Woah. If you make a bug report, I will definitely up vote it.
  6. klgraham1013

    Opportunity Easter Egg on Duna, please

    Ah, the good old days. The more you know.
  7. klgraham1013

    Opportunity Easter Egg on Duna, please

    I question the scale of some of the easter eggs in this game...
  8. Indeed. I think this thread is a prime example that, especially with this community, most of us are not complaining just to complain. We want KSP to be the best it can be. That is all.
  9. I'd rather they update the variant system to handle all options.
  10. Most people under value how much value they actually do place on visuals and sound. When visuals and sound are consistent and well done, they can almost become invisible. When they're bad, such as mistimed foot steps or spikes and drops in volume, or a poorly rendered blue genie, they become extremely noticeable to the viewer. I'd even argue that inconsistent visuals give a (sometimes unconscious) sense of...amateur quality to a product. The whole "graphics don't matter" mantra has never flown very far with me. Sometimes I wish I was better at expressing these types of things...
  11. klgraham1013

    Opportunity Easter Egg on Duna, please

    I just want more rover parts....
  12. klgraham1013

    First person with EVA'd kerbals

    Yes. It would be cool.
  13. klgraham1013


    I was on 1.0.4 until 1.3.1. I look forward to the day when KSP1 is finally finished. I just like having finished things. Exactly. I still have versions and mod collections dating back to 0.24.2, but I won't be sharing because I try to not do illegal things.