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  1. But seriously... I wish I had spare time on my hands, as I would happily put money where my mouth is with pull-requests, but the ramp-up required, and subtle delta between C# and languages I have some facility (plus the hurdle of learning Squad's core APIs) in makes the hurdle too high to clear just at present.  Though if taniwha's departure turns into EL being abandoned (if he's not into continuing as a modder, I mean), then I might have to roll up my sleeves and remember my C#.  

    As I mentioned on the EL thread, if you have good pointers to setting up an environment for mod development, that'd be a great head-start - I find coding isn't the hardest bit, it's getting all the environment set up with all the implicit knowledge and local tweaks that ends up being the big break, along with API familiarity.  I exist either in Google's codebase or in open-source java-land, and those are both substantially different than a mono+git+make+whatever setup. 

    1. RoverDude


      Just load up Visual Studio community (or better if you can get it).  There's no special stuff needed beyond that, other than the debugging tools (for which you want Unity 5.4.0), and there are instructions for that on the plugin dev forum (Sarbian's sticky post).

    2. subitan


      On a mac, so I don't think VS is an option, is it?  I'll dig around, and look for Sarbian's post.  Thanks.

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