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  1. 1 hour ago, JamesonKerbal said:

    New problem I'm trying to solve: when I deploy a 3.5m WOLF Terminal on a cradle, it enters a state of being perpetually crashing. I can't switch to the KSC scene and the pause menu's buttons are all orange (ie: "you'll revert to the most recent save game"). If I manage to switch to another vehicle, the terminal will end up disappearing when I change scenes because it's "crashing" and the game reaps it (since there was apparently no debris from a 0m/s collision with the ground from 0m altitude).

    Any idea what might cause this?


    Zero, sorry.  Rebuild the craft maybe?

    57 minutes ago, Noctua said:

    Nice does this work with RO in 1.8.1?


    Unknown, maybe someone else has done this with RO?

  2. 1 hour ago, JamesonKerbal said:

    Would I just do something like this to make sure that Gypsum occurs in some abundance in Midlands on Minmus? Here I've set MinAbundance and MaxAbundance to 5 and variance to 0 on the assumption that this will provide exactly the same abundance of Gypsum in Midlands every game. I'll just try this now and see, I guess.

    	ResourceName = Gypsum
    	ResourceType = 0
    	PlanetName = Minmus
    	BiomeName = Midlands
    		PresenceChance = 100
    		MinAbundance = 5
    		MaxAbundance = 5
    		Variance = 0
    		Dispersal = 3

    edit: seems to work for me. Min/Max Abundance looks to be a 0-100 percentage, with the catch that altering the BIOME_RESOURCE after a WOLF Biome has been surveyed will not alter the WOLF Biome. The file has to be in the Gamedata folder, doesn't work in the save game folder, which means it applies to all games not just the WOLF Tutorial.

    Yep - that all looks correct to me.

  3. Just now, JamesonKerbal said:

    I have no idea what this means. Is this as simple as providing a file with the tutorial ships and saying "put this file in your save game folder"?

    It's as simple as putting a config file in your gamedata folder. Community Resource Pack's current (not bleeding edge) release includes resources that do this.
  4. 19 minutes ago, Red Dwarf said:

    Is it possible to transplant conversion modules from one part to another? I want to move the fertilizer production away from the ISRUs and into the SSPX Aquaculture lab, to give it some functionality outside of being a resource recycler.

    Sure, ModuleManager is your friend.

  5. 7 hours ago, JamesonKerbal said:

    second: is the WOLF resource abundance completely random on Minmus biomes or can I write a walkthrough with an expectation of at least certain resources being available in, say, Midlands?

    Your WOLF resources are going to have the same ratios as resources for extraction, so a standard resource scan will reveal these.   Which also means the distributions are based on your game seed.   If you always want resources somewhere, the best way to do that is with a .cfg file and a biome override and leverage how stock works.  I would not recommend Rational Resources.

  6. 3 hours ago, g_BonE said:

    quick question on WOLF or logistics in general. I have two mods, Blueshift and KrakenScience which both add new resources namely Graviolium and KrakenJuice. What woulds be needed in terms of a MM patch or otherwise to add those resources to MKS to be able to use its logistics, especially WOLF - in essence to be able to tranport them from depot to depot?

    Can all be done via module manager configs - but remember you'll need a way to get something *into* WOLF - either a harvester or converter of some kind.

  7. 1 hour ago, Malcymalc said:


    Thank you both for your very quick replies - the mod is now installed and seems to be working fine. As a supplementary question does the package include appropriate contracts for testing / research? I'll be playing in career mode and usually need cash at some point (due to my propensity to fail to achieve successful missions  first - or third - time around).

    Nothing specific for this is added or removed - I've had no issues using the stuff as-is for stock contracts though.

  8. 5 minutes ago, Kerbals_of_Steel said:

    I discovered something about the new WOLF containers while building up a heavy lift SSTO. Check out the mass and part numbers in the engineering report:



    Notice the dramatic difference in capacity by swapping down to the smaller containers. Even when stacked to the same volume and dimensions, the larger containers are only about 40% as efficient as the smaller ones:


    That is rather odd, since it's usually more efficient to ship a single large container rather than a whole slew of smaller ones.  Similarly with the crew containers, an equivalent volume of 1.25m Crew containers has either 8 Luxury berths or 16 Economy class seats, compared to 3 and 6 for the 2.5m version. In that case, though, the increased capacity is balanced by a dramatic increase in mass. The 2.5m Crew container is 4.5 tons, and the cluster of 1.25m parts 24 tons.

    I think the Crew containers are pretty well balanced due to the mass differential, but the dramatic difference between the Cargo containers (which isn't just limited to the 1.25 and 2.5m versions), is certainly a bit unusual. Is there a deeper reason for the capacity progression I'm not seeing? When used for MKS, the containers are balanced in a pretty intuitive manner. One 1.25m container holds 2000 units of metals, the 2.5m container is 8 times the size and holds 16,000 units, ect.

    Anyhow, not sure if it's a bug or a feature, but it caught my attention.



    hmm... they should be volume scaled - likely a config goof.

  9. 31 minutes ago, kcs123 said:

    I'm curious, what should be "new repo" ? As much as I'm aware, RoverDude have only one github account (I can be wrong with that, though). Or is it some kind of project renaming issue ?

    All things USI are now in the UmbraSpaceIndustries repo not my personal one (anything in my personal repo is a fork off of the official ones).

  10. 4 minutes ago, AtomicTech said:

    I have both of them installed and MKS works fine but USI-LS isn't behaving.

    When I enter range of a recycler (In this case the Greenhouse with 4 Recyclers on my Munar Gateway), It spews out some error text that I can't remember. This also happens when I start building a craft and I choose the Salamander first.

    KSP version, and what version of the mods?  Also let me know what that error is.

  11. 6 minutes ago, jamqdlaty said:

    Another unrelated question. There is a "SciencePack" inside of  "ExpPack". It includes a lot of science parts. Are they balanced in any way? So far I avoided using these, because it feels like cheating. Currently I literally have more of  these parts available than stock science experiments parts.  Does it do anything besides making science easier, letting me unlock stuff faster? Do you maybe have some recommended  science % value to set in difficulty when using the mod? How much science does it provide compared to stock?

    They are science parts.  They are balanced against stock.  Just that there are more of them.  Great if you use CTT and need more science experiments.

  12. 19 minutes ago, JamesonKerbal said:

    My understanding is that this limitation of the resources and activity system in KSP was one of the primary motivators for development of WOLF in the first place:

    1. Any sufficiently complex production line is going to require hundreds of parts (solar panels, nuclear reactors, radiators, landing legs or other suspension, resource bins, kerbals) meaning that loading the scene will take a long time and kraken attacks become more likely over time (load a scene, suddenly half your production facility launches itself into space because one of the parts clipped into the ground by one millimetre)
    2. As per above you need to load the production facility into physics range at some point to ensure that "produced" resources are actually produced, stored into resource bins, and available for later parts of the production chain to consume
    3. As you get more bases deployed in more places your entire game is simply loading production facility after production facility just to have the resources available to build your comfortably sized flying cities


    Yep.  the downside is it puts you outside of the stock chain (which is temporally coupled).  the plus is that it's really really good for giant multi-body and multi-installation chains.  And with hoppers as the faucet, it dovetails pretty well.

  13. 4 hours ago, Nicky21 said:

    I am trying to snap two ships together using Konstruction Ports (Jr). On the original ship i had no Konstruction port, so I sent up a couple in a second ship there with the plan of using the new ksp konstruction system to place one of the ports on teh original ship then docking and welding them.

    I have previously done this using KIS without much issues. However i find that using the stock eva construction system i cant move the konstruction ports. I can move solar panels adn other stuff around just fine, but the ports are untoucheable.

    Am I missing something ?

    Likely need to set them up as a cargo part with the stock system for EVA construction to work.


  14. 25 minutes ago, PavelKCZ said:

    Ehm yes.


    But why ???? :)


    In ship transfer of everything seems so logical...


    But anyway, the station is working now .

    Of course, I forgot to attach the thermal radiator, but it is a minor problem which I know how to solve next time. :)

    Because you have to have all of the ingredients available to do a recipe.


  15. 16 minutes ago, PavelKCZ said:

    Thx for the answer.

    But I have another question :)

    How I can make MaterialKits from ore ? According to the MKS Guide

    there should be a part called  KF-250 Fabricatorfor this, but I am not able to find it anywhere. The smallest module that can fabric MaterialKits seems to be a Ranger Inflatable Workshop, but this module can only make them from Metals, Chemicals and Polymers. Am I missing something ?

    Also, for the fabrication of Specialised parts there is no smaller module for fabrication. Only the big Tundra Assembly Plant together with Tundra Industrial Refinery (for Refined Exotics) :(

    I am trying to figure out the smallest possible instalation which can mine resources and produce Machinery for the colony.

    It's part of Konstruction, but likely still in pre-release.  And nope - specialized parts require space.  Early on,  it's really better to just drop off a box of machinery.

  16. 2 hours ago, Parmenio said:

    I'm curious how some of you other kerbalers are handling a WOLF terminal on Kerbin....are you just rolling one out next to the launchpad? Have Kerbals walk out to the terminal when sending the little ones to another terminal?

    I like having a terminal right off of the runway since I tend to not use it a lot late career anyway.

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