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  1. Best way is to get enough hab that it goes infinite, since home is always the biggest hab you have encountered. Or, wait till the next USI LS version with cryotanks and freeze them.
  2. Configurable containers is not part of this mod
  3. Scaling of EC consumption in timewarp for unpacked vessels is a stock thing since USI LS is basically a stock resource converter. This is to prevent battery overrun in a single tick at high warp.
  4. No, there is no depletion. If something is doing depletion it's not stock or something I wrote
  5. Yeah you need to use USI tanks for all of that to work, stock tanks don't connect to logistics.
  6. There's a custom Konstruction category added. This prevents them from appearing in two places and cluttering your toolbox.
  7. Some are distance limited, so 150m is a lot better.
  8. A lot of the MKS stuff will work disconnected as long as you have some local storage (I recommend enough for a full Kerbal day of outpot).
  9. Yeah - tbh unless someone from the community wants to make a patch, this part will be deprecated.
  10. They *should* just work like KAS pipes - but not sure of the state of the community patch since some of the KIS/KAS stuff changed.
  11. I'm thinking best bet is to build that ship or a part equivalent thereof bit by bit till you get the crash. Start with the Atlas parts and anything USI.
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