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  1. Incompatible. Kerbalism overrides the stock converters and drops some necessary functionality. The patch is to remove Kerbalism. Your game options settings.
  2. We've found serious weirdness with Kopernicus in the past on an upgraded install. If you have that, delete your settings file and see if it fixes it.
  3. Thank you!
  4. Let me poke around then Tho as noted, a save makes that considerably easier
  5. Rock is either discarded, or used by other USI mods.
  6. Because they changed their API
  7. If you can get me a save that repros it I can take a look.
  8. @Spacenoob - show me a pic, odds are you have 'em placed wrong
  9. I thought KAS had an option to turn flow on?
  10. @Markus Barak - start by making sure warehousing is turned on
  11. You can always use the latest MM - the next release batch will include a newer MM. And looks like some files snuck back in...
  12. Kerbalism breaks MKS mechanics. Always had. Will it load? sure. Will MKS actually work? No. Now do your steps in reverse... add GPP last And yeah... look at your log file on the link above.
  13. First problem. MKS is absolutely not compatible with Kerbalism. Second... a MM error just results in an unloaded patch. Your princess is in another castle on this one.
  14. I would need a lot more details. Like... the error? Sorry, but your support request is incredibly vague.
  15. Best bet is to start with the MM thread and learn that first.