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  1. Is this the only mod installed? Because CRP is just stock config files.
  2. Yes, it gets reset each launch (or more accurately, it gets cleaned up if it sees the Kerbals are no longer in flight). So as long as you do a layover in orbit, etc. at a very roomy vessel you will get a good home timer.
  3. The KIS patch is in, also a lot of the converter issues are sorted where some things still used the older USI module format. Plus recompilation.
  4. Whoops! My updates are all done via a bunch of Python, the rub being that sometimes new versions of KSP are out before the sites update their dropdown lists so I have to do these manually.
  5. If I did that, people would run out of things to complain about
  6. Yep! Past 50 years and you won the habitation lottery Also in case you guys did not notice, everything is 1.7.x now.
  7. hmmm not at this time, would likely be a code change (at which point I'd just tie to the scale slider used for the main GUI).
  8. Yep, everything works in 1.7.x tho I am bundling updates for all of the mods to include recent patches, etc. including KAS.
  9. Hi Bob, any chance you could get the AVC files in your mods updated to show they are compatible with KSP 1.7.*?

    There's a bunch of mods using Community Category Kit or Community Resource Pack, for eg, as dependencies that CKAN is marking as incompatible due to the incompatible dependencies.

    1. RoverDude


      Yep, being worked currently :)

  10. This one will be a patch mostly to get the KAS stuff in, with wolf pre release to follow.
  11. There's a patch in the MKS develop branch that should sort this. Compiling stuff for release by the weekend.
  12. The reality is that most folks do not want to babysit and interact with their Kerbals that often. And in the long haul, hab is a lot less critical than supplies.
  13. That is literally how it is designed to work :). You are rewarded for changing up the Kerbal situation, and as noted, you always have to start with something that gives you a decent home timer since that remains your upper limit. And better make sure your transit vehicle has a decent have timer of it's own.
  14. Just to circle back, the design is as intended. The canonical example would be a manned landing to Duna. The main vessel would probably have a lot of hab (resulting in a large home hab value, being your upper limit). But when you go into a lander or EVA, you have a much smaller timer, so while your overall timer may be measured in years, you can't kick someone to sleep in the rover for months at a time. So while the EVA will reset your short term timer (this is to encourage more interaction), it will do nothing for your long term timer. Happy to tinker with any weird edge cases, but conceptually I am pretty happy with where it is.