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  1. Look in your game settings (same place you do your easy/normal/hard and custom settings). It is a new section there.,
  2. Yes, this is a feature of MKS and yes it is configurable under your Kolonization settings. There's even options for changing how rescue Kerbals work.
  3. Sorry, would not do any hard coding for external mod support. So it's a bit more involved and in any case would likely have to be done as a hook for other mods to use. Also, I would argue if one were a colonist that were born on Duna, that would be your home world. Not every colonist should magically be non-homesick even when sent to another planet. Home is still home
  4. Ahh.. yeah, nothing like that exists in the mod to support that at this time. The only home world is Kerbin (or whatever the home world is defined by the planet pack). If you want to see LS stats for a vessel open the green icon up in the VAB.
  5. I'd need to dig around, given that the KSPedia was a PR and not one I made. USI-LS's panel on it's own should be pretty solid given MKS parts use USI-LS modules. These won't count stuff like supplies, etc. - I usually just assume fertilizer is worth 10x it's value in supplies to get a decent ballpark.
  6. hmm, at a loss then to be honest if you're on a clean install?
  7. My best suggestion would be to copy your KSP folder to a new location in it's entirety. Then copy out all of your mod folders (other than Squad, CRP, CCK, Firespitter, USI, and USI Tools). Make sure you now see the parts. Then slowly add your mods back in one by one till we find the culprit at which point we can see what we need to sort.
  8. Homesickness even in Kerbin Orbit is by design. The way to get rid of it is: 1. Be in the lower atmosphere (I believe the default is like 25km or so). i.e. be home 2. Have enough hab to remove the effect (add enough and the helper in the VAB flips to 'unlimited').
  9. For airbags, I've gotten in the habit of replacing them after I mess with the inflate/deflate in the VAB.
  10. Usual caveats that these are CRP resources, not MKS resources - meaning, other mods may make use of them, so you might be breaking things.
  11. FYI I've retooled these for the next release of this mod.
  12. You mean CRP resources btw - for other curators, feel free to do PRs for stuff you do not want drainable.