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  1. If you had nobody on board when launching and Kerbals suddenly appeared - that's not USI-LS. They probably went tourist (which IS USI-LS) because their initial state was not logged because of whatever made them magically appear post-launch.
  2. Could have also ran out of habitation. Swapping to tourists means you ran out of something. As @linuxgurugamer said, best bet is the USILS thread
  3. I tend to use CTT so I end up needing excess science. If you feel the balance is off feel free to patch to your preferences.
  4. I actually do all of that with 100% WOLF. And I've been saying for years people need to not try making all-in-one bases as their first go to.
  5. Except you don't. You can easily set up a whole resource network on the mun (or anywhere really) with zero need for life support, with multiple feeder routes from different biomes to a centralized base.
  6. It leverages the stock resource system, so it's determined by a seed which is used to determine stock resource levels, which we then extrapolate into WOLF values.
  7. Disappointing. Since despite the fact that when this first came up, in the interest of harmony we removed all opinionated resource definitions from CRP, looks like Rational Resources still plays poorly in a shared sandbox and is screwing with things it should not. In theory, all you have to do is just delete Rational Resources, and that will allow the stock resource system to work as designed.
  8. I'd remove Rational Resources and see if your problem vanishes. If so.. there's your answer.
  9. In theory, just add a planetary resource config (there should be some examples like Kerbin you can borrow from). Planetary overrides Global.
  10. This is a bug with stock. I recall there are some workaround mods to sort it.
  11. Yep - NDA for KSP2 is still very much there All good!
  12. I assume @dlrk means the other game I noted that @DoktorKrogg and I are working on in the release post earlier in the thread, in which case no NDAs (yet!). Short version - 3X (Explore/Expand/Exploit - no Exterminating!) with adorable robots and other shenanigans. I've been doing some modeling streams and there's a ton of work going on in the background
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