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  1. Is your drill too low, i.e. is the drillhead colliding with the ground? Beyond that - use ground tethering. It's tied to all MKS modules.
  2. Obvious question. Are you using recyclers?
  3. Most of supplies are water - for drinking, hygeine, etc. If you're scaling everything up, feel free to alter values accordingly. They were designed for a six hour Kerbal day. Also... use recyclers. Or your life is going to be REALLY hard.
  4. It just means that it assumes that 1 fertilizer will eventually become 10 supplies. This is informational only for use in the VAB to help people do some of the math we've normally just done in our heads. If there are no supplies... the crew starves. No change on that front.
  5. hmm.... looks like the SpaceDock API is being finnicky again
  6. Thanks This is essentially the replacement for the old kolony statistics screen that I deprecated. Hopefully this one is a bit easier to work with Should be I expect a few other bug fixes snuck in this update.
  7. heh, yeah I need to update my curse auto-upload scripts. I expect that version is fairly out of date.
  8. NEW RELEASE IS UP! 0.52.2 - 2017.08.15 --------------- Dependency Updates (including updating Ground Construction) Mechanics can now swap converters (not just engineers) Better Weight Distribution mechanics (thanks Dboi88!) Restore class name as default display title in the VAB for converters Fixed some potential nullref spam Fixed an issue where Karibou legs started as deployed A new Kolony Inventory screen that will help you get a better handle on net colony production values
  9. NEW RELEASE IS UP! 0.6.2 - 2017.08.15 --------------- Dependency Updates Fixed CalculateVesselHabMultiplier when unmanned More detailed description for Hab, LS extender, and recycler 'Back of the envelope' extended hab and life support numbers based on Colony Supplies / Fertilizer. These stats assume the use of the standard USI balance figures and adequate converter capacity. Removed hard-coded time values
  10. NEW RELEASE IS UP! 0.7.2 - 2017.08.15 --------------- Dependency Updates Localization Updates New KSPI Resources
  11. I'd agree. I operate under the assumption that folks are the curators for the things they.. well... curate.
  12. Noted on GitHub - please do all PRs against DEVELOP. Thanks
  13. To change curation, just send a PR and add another section. And yeah, if it was added under KSPI, odds are good that @FreeThinker added (tho easy enough to verify on Github). Now, if the definition ends up being different... then I expect some folks need to chat.
  14. We've been reading different KSP Weeklies then