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  1. Could try a dock/undock on an alternate port and see if that aids in rerooting, and I thought there was a trick one could do with KAS buried in the thread somewhere
  2. If someone wants to maintain something separate for TweakScale compatibility that's not bundled (i.e. no longer something I have to worry about) then I am 100% behind that
  3. I take pull requests. Any support for Tweakscale is provided as-is based on that, since I don't use it, and offer zero official support for it. About the only support I would ever offer would be to delete the Tweakscale patch if it caused me headaches in this thread.
  4. Very likely it would cause some grief unless IFS is aware of the Firespitter modules (and given IFS was a derivative work, I'd put that responsibility for any defensive coding right there). So yes, the magic question would be why IFS, and whether whatever is bundling it has alternate configs for Firespitter.
  5. FYI PBS is parts, no core DLLs that make Kolonization work. The issue with MKS in 1.10x is, as noted, a single config file that has to be removed. Beyond that, lots of folks not having similar issues - there's likely something else in what you have that's causing a compatibility issue.
  6. Sorry, that does not jive. Your best bet is a clean install because it sounds like you broke something along the way.
  7. Yeah once you are in mod land beyond the ones I support, I can't really provide any guidance. I do provide specific formula guidelines, but if you are not remaining 100% mass neutral, then there's a bad config in a non-USI mod somewhere.
  8. How many Kerbals? Because those formulas have not changed in ages, and the whole operation is mass neutral, so if your supplies and mulch are full then you must have a bunch of remaining fertilizer somewhere. And I assume only USI parts involved correct?
  9. hmmmm... Got no easy answers, if you can revert the save and show me the pre-undock stats that would be good. Other things: 1. Make sure Hab is turned ON for the parts. It is off by default. 2. Make sure you have no EC issues. 3. EVA/Board the kerbals - that can sometimes help clear the vessel cache USI-LS uses.
  10. Not sure off the top of my head if it's something we can mess with via the configs or not (it's one of the stock modules).
  11. All good - sorry for the delays, juggling a lot of Kerbal work
  12. There are other bits that go in those nodes that are in the next release
  13. Hello! if you have small mods I can localize them... just tell me... in principle, if it has not been done yet, I can also localize USI / MKS, but it will take... a couple of months with my pace of work... so... just tell me!