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  1. Aware of it, will sort it in the next patch
  2. Less broken and more visually odd. I'll have to take a look.
  3. You can get Kolony rewards from orbit, but get more if you are on a planet.
  4. As @DoktorKrogg noted, I've pulled GC from the bundle. If CKAN nabbed it, delete GroundConstruction and you will be fine.
  5. 1.8.x versions of all USI stuff as well as Firespitter are up.
  6. FYI, 1.8.x compat versions are all up
  7. FYI I just finished updating Firespitter. Code is checked in but need to make the official release.
  8. No point in switching given I maintain firespitter ;). But as noted before, I am halfway around the world.
  9. Good deal. FYI, I'll be out of country for the next week and a half with limited forum access
  10. Supplies are more of a USILS concern vs MKS. For the rest, as long as you're ok running two resource chains, though it may get odd if a mod tries to patch for both. So mix at your own risk Tbh I think the effort of refueling makes short transport routes is self balancing, so I am ok with it. My opinion may change once I do some missions from Eve ;). In which case I agree with @DoktorKrogg's assessment and options.