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  1. Landing gears also gets sounds
  2. Chatterer! Also KIS and Kerbal Planetary Base System are becoming mandatory for me
  3. Seems there's something wrong with a savegame. I can't see anymore the button in Space Center and celestial bodies are already been unlocked when with previous version I've discovered only half of them. Only tried an existing savegame for now.
  4. Strange things happening... I've tried to remove StockBugFixModules (the last I've installed) and I get no more drop of frame rate, so I thought to have discovered the guilty but I've reinstalled it to be sure 100% and now the situation is the same. No more flare under vessels or plane or anomal drop of fps. I'm happy but I didn't understand what's happened. I can't reproduce the issue anymore...
  5. I don't get any error message I use these mods: ActiveTextureManagement AsteroidDay AtomicAge AviationLights EVE old with AVG pack Chatterer CollisionFX CommunityTechTree DistantObject DockingPortSoundFX EngineLight Raster prop monitor KAS KIS 6seats mk3 cockpit Mechjeb final frontier PersistentRotation PlanetaryBaseSystem PlanetShine PortraitStats RCSBuildAid RcsSounds RemoteTech ResearchBodies SCANsat SoundtrackEditor StageRecovery StockBugFixModules TextureReplacer Kerbal Alarm clock VesselView WheelSounds Modulemanager 2.6.8 How can I produce a log? I'm not good at modding...
  6. Do someone knows how to import old combined landing legs from 0.2.1 for example?
  7. Worderful! Thank's! Hope this mod will be another "essential" for KSP!
  8. Hi, I'm experiencing some extremely lagging episodes, when i liftoff with a new vessel I get a flare in the ground. It happens even on launch pad When I start the engines I get an extremely poor fps and when I move the camera in another position, to not watch the flare, I get a normal fps. The problem is that vessels sometimes drop another flare sometimes, during flight. I've tried to remove vessel flare rendering and disable any options but no succes. For now the solution is to remove Distant Object entirely.
  9. Hi Athlonic, do you think is possible to create a support for Antenna Rage mod?