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  1. Okay, today i have a question.. How is the Magnetohydrodynamic Electric Generator supposed to work? Is it supposed to be a brayton cycle thermal generator, charged particle generator, or do both? As it is its apparently using the charged particle power as an input, but then runs the thermal generator code on that - the output power is dependent on the wasteheat builtup and the efficiency goes down quickly. I tried to use it with the stellerator fusion reactor, stuck 90GW worth of radiators on it and the efficiency barely scratches 30% Doesnt appear to be useful in its current state - but perhaps i'm doing something wrong again..
  2. You cant. The all-in-one refinery only processes interstellar specific resources. You can add the ability by rewriting the config file for the ISRU though. Or you use engines that use interstellar fuels.
  3. Dont think so, but this does indeed appear to be a problem with FAR. I dont think its something FAR needs to fix though, as it only affects this particular part. So it has to be something about that part thats odd?
  4. Tweakscaling the direct cycle nuclear turbojet engine causes some funny stuff... The hitbox? dragbox? is larger than the actual engine, which causes problems when you try to attach RCS blocks to or near the engines - they'll act like they are inside an object and wont fire. What the larger engine looks like: What KSP and FAR think the object looks like:
  5. Oh sure, its not really an issue. You just look at it and instinctively go "what.. ?" Perhaps a few words on it in the part description... Not the first time kerbal engineers have invented physics-bending hardware.
  6. Right - wouldnt the maximum pressure possible be limited by the vessel holding the resource, and therefore make the whole distinction between different resources moot? If you can store your gas at 100 bar, you'll store it at 100 bar, no matter the gas. I know that technically when using up a gaseous resource the volume should stay the same but the pressure should drop, but you cant really represent that in KSP either. Thinking about it, i wonder if it is even necessary to have the distinction between liquid and gaseous resources. Just call it "hydrogen" or "ammonia" and be done with it. That'd make everyones lives a lot easier i think. The users AND yours.
  7. That doesnt make an awful lot of sense to me. A liter is a liter, regardless of what resource. If you fill a 100 liter baloon with xenon gas its gonna be heavier than 100 liters of hydrogen, thats true, but the volume is going to be the same. Density is determined in the resources config file. So what gives? Dont get me wrong, i like interstellar, i appreciate all your work - but if you ask me, you are unnecessarily overcomplicating things here. I regularly scratch my head at interstellar and ask myself whether something is a bug or a feature...
  8. Whats up with those numbers? The fuel "units" in KSP are volumetric, so it should be the same for all resources on the same part?
  9. The power rating of the tri-alpha fusion reactor needs to be revised. It can never reach the max. power it is rated with. The maximum power thats displayed in the editor description would only be achievable with a fuel mode that has a NormalisedReactionRate of 1, and none of the aneutronic fusion modes available on the tri alpha have that.
  10. Did you mean to disable silicates processing in the ISRUs? I'll take the liberty to answer that.. Yes. It was replaced by spodumene processing. Spodumene is a lithium rich ore and is the correct process to extract lithium, while silicates dont usually contain lithium. At least not in large enough quantities to justify making it the main source of lithium. If that somehow messed up some ongoing savegame of yours, you can re-enable it by opening the file <KSP_INSTALL_DIR>\GameData\WarpPlugin\Parts\Utility\ISRU\ISRU.cfg and un-commenting the lines 346 to 418 (just remove the leading // )
  11. May i ask what the point of deltaTime = (deltaTime >= 1.0 ? deltaTime : 1.0); in UniversalCrustExtractor, line 757, is? I know what it does, but i found it irritating enough that the resource extraction rate wouldnt change at low timewarp levels that i started digging around in the code again.
  12. I'm a bit baffled again.. I'm working on the fuel swapping in InterstellarFissionMSRGC again. I found a way to force update the GUI and added handling of symmetry counterparts, but for some reason, any resource i delete gets added back when the vessel is launched. Even when i remove all the code and just do a part.Resources.clear(); the resources get removed in the editor, but are back at vessel launch. I tried this with a couple of different interstellar parts that hold resources, and all of them regain their original resource configs on vessel launch. Any ideas?
  13. Ah yes, that helped. I began implementing it by checking for the debug flag in the OnStart() functions.
  14. I had a look at implementing a debug config option to hide the context menu fields, but short of putting the KSPFields inside a bunch of #if clauses, i have no idea how to do it. And i dont think that would be the proper way.
  15. It looks to me like theres some incompatibility between interstellar and simple construction. When i use the ore tanks that have been set to "rocketparts" with IFS, the rocketparts in the tank arent touched. The UI loads up the amount of rocketparts in my tanks when construction is started, "consumes" that number, but does not actually remove any parts from the tanks. I did some digging around in the sourcecode and was quite baffled by this - everything seems to work fine - so just for the heck of it i grabbed the hexcan from full extraplanetary launchpads thats not touched by IFS, and sure enough, that's working as expected. A bit more testing confirmed: This error occurs only with the three stock ore tanks. Furthermore, the SC ore tank patch conflicts with interstellar, which uses the ore tanks for some interstellar specific resources. Any ideas how to resolve this?